10 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

Your wedding is one of the most-photographed days of your life, and you don’t want to ruin it at any cost, right?

After buying the wedding outfit of your dreams, it is time to address your beauty routine.

We are sure, by now, you have read and consulted the best makeup artists, best beauty therapies and treatments, but there are certainly some (beauty) mistakes that you need to avoid before your wedding day.

And, to make sure your day goes smooth and fantastic, we have listed these 10 common beauty mistakes you don’t want to make before your special day.

1. Trying A New Skincare Product A Week Before Your Wedding

The days leading up to your wedding isn’t the best time to experiment with your skin, especially if you have super sensitive skin. You don’t know if that product can cause you any reaction to your skin or not.

In case you want to experiment with a new product, try it a couple of months before your wedding date and make sure you are safe and away from any skin allergies and reactions.

2. Not Booking Your Makeup Artist Until Last Minute

Once your wedding date is finalized, make sure you research and finalize the best makeup artist within your budget and book it to avoid any risk of the artist’s unavailability.

3. Getting Your First-Ever Bikini Wax Just Before The Wedding

If you are getting your first bikini wax, it’s recommended to get it at least 3 months before the wedding and next one a week before the wedding because the first time could be a little painful and result in discomfort and irritation.

It becomes less painful every time you go for the waxing.

4. Getting Your Facials Done Right Before The Wedding

You must get your facial at least 5 days before the wedding day to get a glowing skin.

5. Don’t Pop Those Pimples

If you want flawless skin, DO NOT (I repeat) Do not pop those pimples. It can result in swollen skin, and won’t look good in your wedding photos.

6. Not Drinking Enough Water

We have often heard that we should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day, but it’s recommended to double your water intake at least a month prior to your D-day to get clear and glowing skin.

7. Not Having Your Hair And Makeup Trials

Just like we try an outfit before buying it, it’s important to go for makeup or hair trial before your special day. You need to understand that your makeup and hair can make or break your bridal look, and you clearly do not want your makeup artist to disappoint you on your most special day.

Hairstyle: Manie Sandhu

Makeup: Shahid Naar

8. Watch What You Eat

Avoid going on diets, but focus on a healthier lifestyle and more frequent running/jogging to lose weight to get a beautiful and flawless skin.

9. Don’t Go For A New Haircut

Don’t experiment with your hair just before the wedding day. What if your hair gets too short, or you don’t like your new hairstyle? To avoid this situation, it’s recommended to get a haircut either a month in advance or after the wedding so there’s no risk involved.

10. Do Not Wash Your Hair On The Day Of Your Wedding

Instead, wash it a day before your wedding to give a better texture for hairstyles to hold onto.

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

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