10 Things Indian Couples Do On Their Honeymoon

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

Honeymoon is something that almost every ‘newly-wedded’ couple looks forward to after a memorable, yet, stressful wedding week.

It’s the time you spend with your partner in the bedroom (mostly), at the beaches and mountains. And while it certainly will be wonderful and great, it will be filled with surprises, and moments filled with love.

Here’s the inside scoop on what Indian couples do on their honeymoon 😛

1. Let the world know they are going on a honeymoon

And that too saat samandar paar!


2. Do not get out of their fancy room and unwind. 

You know what I mean, right? 😀


3. Show off their chooras/bangles

The newly married couple never leave a chance to show off that they are ‘just married’. And if not anything, then at least the choora, faded mehendi and that manglasutra (and sometimes the red sindoor too) is a proof!


4. Pack and get Indian food to your honeymoon

You can carry theplas, maggi, khakras, biscuits, etc.



5. Multiplying the money into the Indian currency every time before spending

Only Indians can do this, right?


6. Video calling their families (both the families) at least twice a day… 

and giving an update where they went and what all they did (okay, not EVERYTHING!)


7. Taking a zillion photos and sharing all of them together on social media.

Including the kiss-selfie!


8. Book a couples massage

This is definitely a great way to get a little cozy and relax after your week-long wedding madness.


9. Take a two-wheeler (if it’s available) and explore the areas nearby.

It’s super fun (and saves money too)

10. Last, but not least

You can’t stop talking about how beautiful that place was and what fun you two had.


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