10 Wedding Ideas for a Small, Intimate Affair During COVID

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

Whenever we are thinking of a wedding, generally the thought process is ‘the bigger, the better’ but that’s not always the case.

While we know how fun and exciting it is to have all your loved ones or invite every single person you know, but there’s also beauty in getting married in an intimate ceremony with your nearest and dearest ones in attendance.

Plus, a small, intimate wedding does have its pros, apart from being a budget-friendly option, you can also personalize your event, and do things you could not have thought about with a large number of gathering.

For those of you thinking to host a small, intimate wedding during COVID, here are some ideas for you to make your wedding a fun and memorable day.

After all, marriage is celebrating the love between you two with the people you truly care about.

1. Go for a Home Wedding

We love the sentiment of having an intimate affair in a place that is meaningful to the couple.

Instead of getting married at a hotel or garden, get married at the comfort of your home, where you have cherished all your memories.

2. Or Get Married at a Place of Worship

What better than hosting an intimate wedding with just 50 guests or lesser at a religious place?

Post the wedding ceremony, you can host a dinner or lunch at your home.

3. Make Invitations More Personal

Now that your guest list is cut short, how about personalizing your invitations?

Send your dearest guests a DIY plantable wedding invitation card along with some eco-friendly gifts like saplings.

4. Personalize Your Event

A small guest count gives you the opportunity to create an event surrounding the two of you and gives you plenty of time to spend with your friends and family to have an intimate social interaction.

Create an event that will make your wedding feel like, your wedding


5. Create An Intimate Seating Arrangement

If you can, host everyone at one big table for your dinner. It makes the event feel like a truly intimate gathering and everyone can connect with each other. 

6. Ask For Wedding Planning Help

In place of wedding gifts, ask around and see if you have a talented photographer, an enthusiastic baker, a music lover, or a decorator in the family who can help you plan your wedding.

All of this definitely adds to the personalization level and give them a memorable experience.

7. Ask People To Attend The Ceremony Virtually

We know how much it breaks your heart to celebrate the best day of your life without having your loved ones on your side. But how about asking them to be a part of the celebrations virtually?

We see a lot of couples deciding to get married during the pandemic and having their family and friends join them virtually over a zoom video call or other platforms has just made the day more beautiful.

8. Make Your Own Playlist

Rather than having a musician, it’s best to compile a playlist with your and your partner’s favorite songs in it.

9. Host A Movie Night

Instead of having an after-party, host a movie night for all your near and dear ones. Let the celebrations continue with wine, snacks, and more fun!

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PS: This is really doable, especially with a small number of guest list.

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