12 Fancy & Most Unique Floral Bouquet Alternatives for Bridesmaids

By Divya Arora .

Bridesmaids walking their BFF bride down the aisle holding her phoolon ki chaadar or a pretty flower bouquet isn’t an uncommon thing to spot at weddings. However, bridesmaids entering with a quirky and different bouquet alternative rather surely is. Well, being your harbingers of everything new and unique, what we’ve fetched for you today is undoubtedly going to glimmer up your eyes and tickle your experimental bone.

We’re ideating all you bridesmaids today with all the new and interesting bouquet alternatives that you should be holding instead of those flowers. These will not only elevate your best friend’s bridal entry game but also make up for an edgy and fascinating wedding element. In fact, these would also make up for a pretty fancy wedding bouquet alternative for brides.

It’s time you ditch ’em flowers and pickup these head-turners ladies!

1. Big hanging candle lamps adorned with flowers is the perfect option for that touch of warmth and opulence.

2. Divya’s bridesmaids carried olive trees potted in gold votive jars making for an out of the box bridesmaid bouquet idea.

3. Heavily decked up floral hoops are quite an edgy take on the basic floral wedding bouquets.

Accessory: Afloral

4. Have you thought about adorable furballs for that matter?

5. These round brass jars with lots of foliage inside would make up for quite a chic and rustic alternative bouquet idea.

Image: Eventario

6. These half moon floral ornamented hoops are so dreamy and apt for minimalist brides and bridesmaids.

Accessory: Plume & Furrow

7. Open candle holders like these have our hearts. Period.

Accessory: IndyFASO

8. Simplistic diyas filled with rose petals and a small battery-lit candle in the centre works well too.

9. Open terrariums laden with fresh and plush flowers for a contemporary setting.

10. If you don’t want to go OTT then, such small decorated candle holders are perfect for you!

11. How about holding simply a flower petal and diya thaali instead of the floral bouquets for those traditional feels?

12. Small and colorful moroccan lamps are so gonna amp up the vibe with their uniqueness.

Source: Pinterest

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