12 Ideas to Make your Intimate Wedding Special

By Sonali Vij .

Well, point taken that it is not going to be a big fat Indian wedding but who said that intimate weddings need to be boring, dull or drab? Now, that you have accepted the situation and are ready to take the plunge – how about ensuring that it will still be just like the wedding you had always dreamt of with enough personalization, simple and sweet gestures, and the most memorable experience for one and all?

Here are a few ideas to ensure your D-day is ever so beautiful.

1. Decide on a theme

Yes, this is equally important for an intimate ceremony too. Based on the location you choose in your home; you can decide on the theme. For instance, if the celebrations are happening in your lawn, then the whole theme can be that of a garden wedding or if you have a spacious room available, then you can have a formal theme with your limited guests seated for a sit-down meal and so on. Also, decide on the colour palette and depending on the time of the day, compliment the decor with lights, candles, and flowers.

2. Personalized Table Cards

Well, let your D-day be all about both of you! Fun cards can be put along with floral centerpieces and candles talking about your journey as a couple! You could even have a wall dedicated to all your pictures from birth to now

3. Décor

There are few elements that are an absolute must- a walkway for the couple, a floral backdrop, and lots of mirrors. You can even make use of buntings on the food tables and when talking about the bar- I’d say take out all your coloured glassware!

4. First Dance and Personalized Song List

No matter what be the scale of the wedding- the couple’s first dance is a must! You could also delegate a close friend or cousin to play all your favourite numbers. Take this a notch higher by requesting the limited guests to also send you their favourite songs in advance!

5. Personalized Menu

How about having a good mix of couples favourite dishes for all to enjoy! Intimate weddings have their own advantages and charm so why not make the most of it?

6. Colour Coordination

While the bride and groom can surely have their outfits well-coordinated, why should close friends and families be left behind? You could opt for a colour theme for all or have the bride’s side in a specific colour and the groom’s side in another.

7. Wedding Favours

Such times call for the most thoughtful yet simple favours and they could be given out with personalized thank you notes.

8. Bride and Groom Bucket List

Yes, most certainly you can have a guest book for guests to pen down their wishes for you but how about also having each of them provide a “bucket list” idea. It shall give you umpteen ideas as you get set to take a new journey together!

9. Seating Style

This one shall truly depend on the final number of guests. But in case the number of guests is really limited to just family, a long table with everyone eating together works the best!

10. Games

Whether it is the shoe game for the couple or life-size jenga in the lawn or our Bollywood style antakshari- please say YES to some of the other games!

11. Speeches

It would be so beautiful, emotional, and memorable to have your loved ones say a thing or two about you two! And don’t forget to cut the much talked about wedding cake (could be baked by a relative also) or raising a toast!

12. Essentials

Customized masks, sanitizers, well-spaced seating, and so on are extremely essential and while you have all the fun- just remain wise and make sure all safety norms are followed!

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Edited & Published by Neha Garg Ahuja

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