12 Mistakes you MUST Avoid for Easy & Blissful Wedding Shopping

By Divya Arora .

As much of an exciting and thrilling task, your wedding and trousseau shopping is, it is an equally nerve-racking and a tough one to calmly keep up with. There are many things that you need to take care of when you step out for your wedding shopping.

Now, you might find a lot of advice and all the do’s of wedding shopping (which are innumerable) all over the Internet. However, the list of all the “don’ts of wedding shopping” is small and damn easy to adhere to!

Because we understand that the struggle of shopping for your wedding is real, we curated this quick little guide of all the mistakes that you must avoid making for a hassle-free and easy-peasy shopping time.

Take notes right away, follow-through, and believe us, you’ll be good to go!

1. Not categorizing & delegating responsibilities

While preparing your shopping list try and categorize and further tabulate every item into different categories like outfits, jewellery, favours, accessories, and what all is to be rented. Not doing that and instead of having everything mentioned in a haywire manner will only create confusion. Further, make sure to delegate the shopping responsibilities among your family and friends. You surely don’t want to do everything by yourself and end up exhausted without really enjoying this phase of your life. Being a bride-to-be, you deserve that chiller time the most!

2. Not setting an approximate budget

Finalizing an approximate budget for even the tiniest of elements of your wedding is a must. So before you pick up your list and just go out there shopping things, make sure how much you want to spend on each and every thing.

3. Not having a handy checklist & set timeline

When you prepare your shopping list don’t forget to assign a set ‘completion deadline’ to all the tasks. Try to finish those tasks within that set time frame and keep ticking them off the checklist.

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4. Not keeping yourself hydrated

Water is no less than a holy drink for our body. So make sure to always carry water from home when out shopping and keep sipping up on dem juices, coconut water, and refreshing drinks every now and then.

5. Skipping meals

Now, while shopping, you might get stuck in a store for hours trying outfits & jewellery or running from one store to another. And boy if you’re short of time and trying to get everything done as quickly as possible, it is highly likely you might not get enough time to eat, leaving your stomach growling for hours. Starving yourselves like that is a bad idea. To avoid that, simply carry a pack of trail mixes, dry fruits, or granola bars in your bag every time you all step out. Munch on it until you finally get the time to eat your food peacefully.

6. Stepping out in uncomfortable clothes & shoes

Obvious but often forgotten, heading out for your wedding shopping or any shopping in uneasy clothes and shoes is a big no-no! Make sure to wear clothes that are more comfy and less of a hassle to take off every now and then while trying outfits. Also, wear flats or shoes so that you don’t get tired quickly. Heels or shoes that bite are only going to make things worse for you.

7. Not doing your research well

Thorough research of the latest fads, trends that you should give a miss, and the markets and shops you should head to, would save you from a lot of trouble. Know what’s ‘in’, figure out what might suit you and your wedding the best and then go make your choices easily.

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8. Impulsively buying

Avoid buying anything and everything that brightens up your eyes. Think through all of your purchases well before you buy them to avoid regretting it later on.

9. Taking too many people along

This is a mistake that you really shouldn’t be making brideys! Choose your people wisely and take only a select few along with you whose choices and suggestions you really think you can vouch for. Taking a lot of people with you will only leave you clueless and confused because more people means more advice, likes, and dislikes.

10. Shopping for your lehenga too early

Believe it or not but, there is a timeline to bridal lehenga shopping and a lot many brides swear by. If you end up buying your lehenga way too early, it is highly possible that because of ever-changing trends you might end up unhappy with your purchase later on. So make sure that you start looking for your bridal lehenga around 5 months before your wedding. Finalize your lehenga within three months so that there’s ample time left for its making and further alterations.

11. Not wearing apt clothes for jewellery shopping

Always make sure that whenever you head out for your bridal jewellery shopping you are wearing a basic round neck t-shirt (preferably the color of your lehenga). This will give you a lot of space around your neck area to see how the jewellery looks and fits. Collar t-shirts and shirts are without any doubt going to leave you struggling and fidgeting.

12. Forgetting the importance of right lingerie

A lot of women tend to ignore this aspect while instead they should be paying a focused attention to it. The right kind of lingerie underneath your bridal outfits literally works wonders further enhancing your outfit’s look and the way it stays on you. Do not undermine it ladies!

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