12 Tips to Help Busy Brides With a Hassle-Free Wedding Planning

By Divya Arora .

Planning a wedding is a difficult, demanding, and time-consuming task. And boy if you’re not just a working but a super busy bride too, juggling between your work and all that planning is only gonna get further tiring. Tackling all those shopping trips, all that extra workload (cuz you’d be taking leaves soon), and your parlour sessions is tedious, exhausting, and less enjoyable than it should be.

However, if you take care of certain “dos and don’ts” right from the beginning, you surely can ease it all up making the entire wedding journey more pleasant and easy-going. And, we’ve got exactly those tips listed here for you today.

So if you’re a bride-to-be ready to embark upon your journey, hold up, go through this list, take notes, and plan accordingly.

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1. Hire a planner

While we understand how you would love to curate your wedding all by yourself along with your loved ones but, being a busy bride it might end up adding more stress than fun and love. Consider hiring professionals or wedding planners because they are experts who know ins and outs of everything. They would plan you a wedding of your dreams and take care of getting even the tiniest of things done on time.

2. Journal-Timeline-Checklist

If you anyhow want to plan your own wedding, this is the first and foremost step to it. Purchase a wedding planning journal so that you have everything listed in one place. Prepare a timeline of what all needs to be done and in how much time. Prepare a calendar, jot down vendor contacts and appointments and A-Z of your wedding to stay ahead and keep ticking off all that gets finally done. Use this time to calmly and thoughtfully plan the entire journey with the help of your allies.

3. Delegate duties & roles

Understand that you cannot do every single task on your own for there’s way too much to be done. Once you’re sure of the kind of wedding and all the other elements you want, choose who’s going to do what and delegate the tasks to them. Right from your friends and family to your cousins and relatives, bring in everybody and assign them tasks and responsibilities and only stay updated about it all instead of doing everything by yourself.

4. Use work offs wisely

Plan every work (weekend) off ahead instead of doing it on the day itself. Be it going shopping, having parlour sessions, vendor appointments, venue or markets recce, etc., all the tasks that need to be done by you should be planned for your off days.

5. Do not skip your beauty regimen

No matter how busy you are, make time for your parlour sessions, pre-bridal sessions or any home beauty regimen that you’ve decided to follow. What truly makes a bride look beautiful is her natural bridal glow and in fact, amidst so much stress and work, you need to pay special attention to yourself.

6. Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated won’t only work wonders for your skin and body but also maintain your energy levels so that you don’t tire away quickly because of lack of water. Also, as a healthy option, keep sipping on fresh juices, lemonades, and coconut water instead of aerated drinks.

7. Eat Healthy

While you’ll be constantly working and shuffling in between all the wedding planning, you might end up eating too much unhealthy food or literally binge eating desserts. That’s what stress makes us do and we all know that. While eating junk and desserts sometimes is all acceptable, making them a stress buster isn’t. Also, it won’t be a great idea to skip your meals while you’re too occupied with stuff to even eat. Therefore, always carry some healthy snacks in your bag like makhanas, trail mixes, dry fruits, granola bars, oatmeal biscuits or diet chips.

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8. Make time for loved ones

While it’s a mix of both stress and fun, wedding planning should be more enjoyable than taxing. Do not miss out on spending quality time with your family and friends. Be it enjoying doing the tasks together, going out for dinners, or even simply taking time out to chit-chat, your life is certainly going to change soon so make the most of this time. Also, don’t forget to take spend some time with your to-be as well.

9. Timeline of leaves

The last few days of your wedding planning journey are going to demand all your time and attention. From running for outfit trials and making sure everything is sorted to taking care of guests who have started flowing in, there’s going to be too much to do. And of course, it would be high time you start taking as much rest as possible. So take those leaves 15-20 days prior so that you have ample time to check up on all the things and relax yourself up too.

10. Take out some alone time

Also, amidst all that wedding planning, workload, and hangouts, don’t forget to spend some time with yourself too. Be it pampering yourself with a spa session, a bubble bath, working out or simply shutting out the world and spending some time in your own mind and heart, do what calms and de-stresses you.

11. Don’t mess with your sleep

No matter how much work you’ve got to do and how many things you’ve got up your sleeve to stress about, compromising on your sleep is a BIG NO-NO. At the end of the day, make sure to have a quick shower, shut off the world and sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Use some aromatic candles around or a few drops of essential oils on your pillow and sheets at night while you sleep for a super relaxing one.

12. Rejuvenation

While we understand your busy schedules, if possible take a quick vacation in the midst of this all with your man, your family, your friends or even alone. Or if it fits into your routine and planning, join a yoga class or some hobby class that can work as a stress buster for you. Figure out what makes you happy and take time out to do it.

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