13 Cheerful & Striking Decor Setups For Your Mehndi Ceremony

By Divya Arora .

For as joyous and high-spirited a Mehndi ceremony is, its decor should only be equally dynamic and full of life. Basically, a decor that further energizes the lively vibe of the ceremony making it one cheerful and unforgettable affair for everyone.

With that said, now that the wedding season is nearing and you would have started bookmarking innumerable decor ideas, we thought to brim you up with the latest and freshest of mehndi decorations. Right from a subdued & relaxed mehendi setup to crazily vivid & zestful decor with a jolt of colors, we’ve got it all covered for you right here.

So start saving and taking notes already!

1. A colorful and fresh summery setup

With a colorful glasshouse couple seating, rejuvenating hues, flamingos, boho tassels, and vibrant open air seating areas, this mehndi setup is quite a fresh and warm idea.

Decor: Altair

Decor; Altair

Decor: Altair

2. The chic and artful pop

This mehndi decor was curated using pastel green drapes, ornamented clear acrylic chairs, and terracotta pots with assorted florals and we’re loving the boho-chic vibes of this setup. Also, you can incorporate this backdrop for your home ceremonies too.

Decor: Atisuto

Decor: Atisuto

3. A contemporary-rustic mix

Subtle and different hues painted trunks and kettles, gota and tissue strings, dreamcatchers and foliage and florals marked this entire mehendi decoration.

4. A colorful indoor mehndi setup

While a breathtaking tunnel entrance done in cherry blossoms welcomed the guests with extravagance, the colorful indoors done with multi-hued drapes, bunting-like ceiling, and colorful elements spoke perfectly of how a mehendi ceremony should be.

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

5. Deck up your home

If your home boasts of a space enough for your home mehndi ceremony then, this type of a classic home decor might be the one you’d be looking for.

6. Go all unconventional

Unique is in and so is this mehndi decor done using offbeat hues of lavender, sky blue, yellow, and lime green. Right from the seating lounges, to the feather chandeliers and edgy centerpieces, everything about this mehendi setup idea is so eyeball grabbing and merry.

7. A modern Rajasthani setup

Enhance a classic Rajasthani mehendi setup with modernity by incorporating pastel hues, comfy lower seatings, and other fun elements.

8. For an intimate home ceremony

Your mehendi decor needn’t be all grand and OTT. A simple decked up jhula in a corner would do wonders too.

9. Going all traditional and artsy

This mehndi decor is curated using the classic yellow and green hues with hints of pinks and purples. Amping up the traditionally done jhula seating were the Ikat and tassel dreamcatchers hung with marigold garlands and a printed dance floor.

10. A Bohemian-cum-pastel affair

This mehendi decor by the pool is for keeps for a perfect chill and relaxed ceremony. Elements like drapes and seatings in subdued hues, rustic lanterns, rustic teepees, and other fun pieces were knit together for this theme.

11. Bright, colored, and everything pop!

Go for a riot of electric colors and incorporate elements like, cabanas, pompom strings, flower tokris, floral garlands, colorful buntings, offbeat centrepieces, kitschy cushions etc.

Decor: Altair

Decor: Altair

Decor: Altair

12. A beguiling gota affair

This hilltop mehndi decor set up with a jhula heavily decked up with florals and foliage surely is the highlight. But what steals the show are those gota trees and pandals with fairy lights and cascading gota strings.

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

13. The timelessness of marigolds

Marigold decor is one of the most sought after ones for a mehendi ceremony. Be it the bridal seating, the photo booth, backdrops or simplistic decked up elements, you can never go wrong with a marigold decor infused with other floral and greens.

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