15+ Fun & Quirky Bridal Poses You Must Save For Your Wedding Album

By Divya Arora .

Gone are the days when bridal portraits just meant poised and sophisticated pictures of yours captured throughout your wedding. Of course, the essence of those elegant and graceful photos is undeniable and they are a must have part of your wedding album but, these are modern and unconventional times. And, your wedding album should be as fun and peppy as you really are.

As much as those classic all time bridal photos are a must, some fun and unique bridal poses are kinda mandatory too. These fun bridal photos lend a distinctively spirited vibe to the entire album which is incomparable.

So while you’re bookmarking all the various bridal poses for your wedding, screenshot these quirky photo ideas along with for they’d surely have your wedding album bursting with a life of its own.

1. The hep drinking shots!

2. Now that’s something new for a bridal portrait.

3. When phone is your priority no matter what!

4. Photos with your fur-balls are not just fun but super adorable too. 

5. Now that’s unique!

Image: Prune

6. Bridal photoshoot ideas for all the ‘swagger wali dulhans’!

Image: Colomono

Image: Shutterdown

7. Do that veil shot with a bit more fun maybe?

8. And how about being that chiller mehndi bride?

9. The pro tip to nail a quirky bridal shot is to be simply your own fun self!

10. For when food is bae and you’d wish to rather marry it!

11. Play with flowers for happiness galore.

12. That joyous jump in the air that it’s finally happening!

13. Incorporate some uber cool props in your bridal photoshoot for some quirk.

14. A few more happy and fun bridal photos for you.

15. And when you’re finally done and tired but your photographer says, “one more”.

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