15 Types Of Kalire Designs For Your Wedding Day

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

Kalira ceremony is a traditional Punjabi wedding ceremony that takes place on the day of your wedding. In this, your relatives tie the Kaliras to your wrist as a sign of good luck and best wishes for your married life. These Kalires originally used to be made of dry coconuts, but with time we have noticed a shift from the traditional kaliras to the floral, colorful and even pearls (though traditional kalires are my favorite).

To help you a little with your wedding planning, we have listed different types of Kaliras that every bride should know about!

1. Kaliras With Ghungroo

2. Kaliras With Beads and Pearls

3. Kaliras Made of Fresh Flowers

4. Sea Shell Kaliras

Image: Naman Verma

5. Pom Pom Kaliras

6. Over The Top Kaliras

7. Peacock Kaliras

8. Kaliras With A Doli

9. Kaliras With Hanging Coconuts

10. Traditional Kaliras

11. Kaliras With Hanging Parrots

12. Kaliras With Your Love Story

13. Kaliras With Butterflies

14. Kaliras With Tassels

Image: Pinterest

15. Kaliras With Colorful-Artificial Flowers

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