8 Fun & Upbeat Ways For Brides to Enjoy Their Time Getting Ready

By Divya Arora .

If you’re a bride-to-be whizzing through your wedding planning journey RN, we’re sure all that nervousness and excitement and all those jitters and anxiety pangs aren’t unknown to you. And we’re also sure that all that emotional blend is only going to heighten up the further you near your D-day especially, when you finally get down to getting ready!

There’d be people around you getting things done, loved ones frolicking about in excitement, photographers trying to get those perfect getting ready shots and then there’d be you amidst all of this—overwhelmed, melancholic, anxious, and stressed all at once.

But if you give in to all this, you really wouldn’t be able to make the most of this time of your life that’s only going to last for a while. And getting ready is an impeccable aspect of your d-day that you really need to enjoy to the core for it’ll set the mood for your entire ceremony.

Hence, we’ve curated a list of all the things you can do to enjoy while you’re getting ready and keep all that stress at bay.

1. Have a good playlist

The kind of music you have playing while you’re getting ready literally affects your mood and the vibe. Which is why it is essential that you have a great mix ready of some feel good, celebratory, party, and calming songs that are sure to keep your mood all peppy and spirited.

2. The getting ready space

The room or the place you’re getting ready at plays a huge role in making that time easy and joyous for you. Getting ready in a cramped room can get chaotic. Instead the room should be spacious with abundant natural light. A room with ample lighting and fresh air is rejuvenating and is going to have positive effects on your mood.

3. Have fun with your squad

Your bride gang is your savior, be it for taking care of inconveniences or for being just there for you by your side. So while they’re around you getting ready and taking care of you, make sure to get clicked and celebrate this moment with them. Get a photoshoot done in your cutesy robes along with fun props, dance around, eat and drink together and basically have a blast!

4. Sip some wine or coffee & eat

To begin with, keep yourself hydrated and don’t forget to drink water. Also, indulge yourselves in the goodness of some wine or coffee along with your favorite snacks and desserts. You know how good food can actually tends to elevate our moods, right?

5. Compatibility with vendors

The rapport and the bond that you share with your vendors is important. For how you understand their working style and for how they understand what you want matters a lot. There would be times when your homies would be busy and you might be left alone with your vendors, be it your photographers or your makeup artists. Make sure they’re friendly and easy to work with so that you and them can enjoy your time working together to give you the wedding of your dreams.

Makeup: Natasha Moor

6. Soothing fragrances

Now, we’re all aware of the calming and relaxing effects that aromatic fragrances have on us. So, have some scented candles or fragrance diffusers amp up your environs and enhance your overall mood.

7. Have fun while getting clicked

While your photographer would be busy taking some classic shots of you don’t forget to loosen up and go all fun and crazy. Be it with your bridesmaids, your family or your bridal portraits, posing quirky and just being your fun self is unquestionably a mood changer.

8. Have your outfit, accessories & kits ready

To avoid end moment panic, keep your outfits, jewellery, shoes, and emergency kits ready the night before the wedding day. You won’t keep freaking out till the last moment about forgetting something or the other.

Image: Zohaib Ali

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