9 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Brides To Be

By Sonali Vij .

Well, as far as I can remember whenever I would turn to my mom for any skin/beauty woe whether it be dryness or irritable skin- she would invariably advise me to use coconut oil!!! This magic oil truly has a plethora of benefits to offer and is why it must make it to our bride’s pre-wedding skincare routine.

As a new bride myself, I know that we do tremendous research on the products to use for that glowing and healthy skin and do not mind spending that extra buck to ensure the same. But sometimes the most beneficial products are either home-made or are found at home and coconut oil, in particular, is easily found in every Indian home.

There are no surprises why so many skincare brands have their exclusive Coconut Range for its benefits are far and wide. Remember the hot-seller Coconut and Almond Shampoo at Boots which sells off like hot buns? 

However, it is important that you invest in quality coconut oil for your skin and hair care before your wedding. I purchased my share during a recent trip to Bali but do your homework nicely and keep them well-stocked in your bathrooms as they also have a relatively long shelf life. I have also read on a few websites that claim on using unrefined coconut oil (often called virgin coconut oil), which is purer and contains fewer additives. And organic coconut oil is considered to be the purest one to buy.  

 Here are the Benefits of Coconut oil for your face and hair. 

1. Strengthens Eyelashes

We all know the importance of good lashes as they truly add to the gorgeous eye-makeup we get done! While artificial lashes are a thing, several blogs claim that coconut oil helps to strengthen the lashes and enhances their growth. Though it’s generally safe, you should still be careful not to let coconut oil get into your eyes.

2. Thicker and Fuller Brows

Whether it is the beauty bloggers or even our brides to be, all seem to be obsessed with thick brows and worry no more as coconut oil comes to your rescue in this regard too! You can massage just a drop of oil into your brows and leave it for a couple of hours before thoroughly washing them out.

3. Make-up Removal

While closer to the D-day you may want to let your skin breathe well and apply minimal to no make for the jaw-dropping transformation during your festivities. But for all the dinners you have to attend and dazzle at, bless your skin with this harmless make-up remover, i.e., put a few drops of virgin coconut oil on a cotton pad and wipe your face with it before dozing-off! In fact, this is really beneficial for all those with dry skin as unlike many other make-up removers- it does great good to the skin by moisturizing it rather well.

Makeup: Rashi Sehgal

4. Exfoliate

Coconut oil and brown sugar make for an effective scrub that shall leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Many suggest using them in a ratio of 2:1 of Sugar to Coconut Oil while others go for equal quantities! Use this scrub over your hands and feet post which rinse and dry! The scrub shall help exfoliate the dead skin off!

Photo: Naman Verma

5. Nail care

Well, nails can’t be ignored by the brides for they are definitely going to make it to your ring ceremony pictures! Regular application of coconut oil keeps the cuticles healthy and hydrated! 

6.  Hair Care

Love your locks a little too much? Then listen up! If you are looking to pamper them well despite the frizz, then again it is time to turn to coconut oil. You could take a small quantity of coconut oil in your hands and run through particularly frizzy hair! Doing this on a regular basis would be a great hair care ritual!

Also, being packed with vitamins and saturated fat, coconut oil is an amazing natural hair conditioner. 

7. Shave the new way

Well, got a quick call to be ready in no time and you feel the need to shave? Then instead of using anything else, resort to coconut oil and razor off the unwanted hair! Try it to feel the difference!

8. Highlighting the Cheek Bones

You must have tried it all to contour the cheekbones ever so perfectly, now try coconut oil! Dab a little bit of coconut oil along the fullest part of your cheeks to create an angular effect. The oil even lightens cheeks like a highlighter! 

9. Lightens Spot

Having sleepless nights stressing over some dark spots on your body?  Try out the regular application of coconut oil, we reckon that the natural vitamins in coconut oil have intense healing properties for skin and shall help counter this woe!

Lastly, we have read lots on how coconut oil helps in teeth whitening but well since we have not tried that as yet- we leave that to you to discuss with your dentist, please!

Pro Tip

1. Apply coconut oil to your face before sleeping and as a natural detox, coconut oil shall ensure you are glowing the next morning! Include it in your night-time skincare ritual and also control acne break-outs!

2. Coconut has strong anti-microbial properties so it is wise to test coconut oil on a small section of your skin first, especially if you have acne-prone skin.  Discontinue usage in case there is any discomfort.

 3. Do not at any cost include anything new to your skincare very close to the wedding as you wouldn’t know how your skin would react to the product.


Published By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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Sonali Vij

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