9 Prettiest Pearl Accessory Styles For A Tasteful Bridal Hairdo

By Divya Arora .

Bridal hairstyles aren’t simply about twisting and moulding the hair strands into their gorgeous selves but, how they’re accessorized further is what makes them a stunning vision. With umpteen ways of dolling up your hair using charming blooms, glam hairclips and tiaras or unconventional accessories, one way that remains a classic even after all these years is the use of pearls.
For their timelessness and ethereal beauty, pearls gleam up everybody’s eyes and deck up your hairstyles like no other. Right from simplistic pearl pins and statement clips to tiaras and strings, they can be infused into your bridal hairstyles in ways more than one. And so, if you’re on a lookout for some exquisite pearl accessories for your hairstyles then skim through this blog that’s inspiration galore!

Single pearl stud pins stuck throughout the hairstyle is a highly preferred way especially, for open or half-tied hairstyles or buns.

Beautifully bunched pearls pin is another stunning take on stud pins that’s a favorite amongst both brides and hairstylists.

Accessory: Floristaa

A recent fad amongst brides, pearl strings decking up the braids and ponytails extravagantly looks super chic and contemporary.

A fancy braided bridal hairstyle decorated with a huge all pearl hairpiece and dainty little pearl branches!

We are in love with pearl tiara bands that are perfect for that adorable princessy look. Be it a minimal one or heavy one, there’s a tiara for every bride out there!

Hair: Reba Khan

Oh these whimsical waves!

Glam hairclips with pearls in different shapes, sizes, and hues!

We love how multiple dainty branched pearls amp up this bun so elegantly.

Accessory: Floristaa

Pearl accessories enveloping the entire bun never goes out of style.

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