9 Things a Bride Can Do To De-stress Herself From Wedding Planning

By Divya Arora .

While we understand how stressful and tiresome the entire wedding planning journey is, we also can’t ignore how essential it is for everybody involved to ease up and relax too, more so, if you’re the bride-to-be.

That being said, wedding planning comes with its own share of ups and downs and of course, there’s going to be a lot of stuff that’s gonna leave you all stressed and anxious. But, being a bride-to-be, letting it take a toll on you without you getting to enjoy the fun and excitement of it all isn’t what you should be doing.

Because we want you to make the most of this phase of your life and live it to the fullest without all that stress bugging you, we decided to come up with this blog. In here, we’ve listed a few fun and relaxing things and activities that a bride-to-be can indulge in to de-stress herself from the wedding planning. These are surely going to free you of the extra load and instead fill you up with joy and contentment.

1. Delegate

We understand how much you want to take care of every single task all by yourself but, know that delegating the responsibilities among your friends and family is a must. Trust them for the work that you’ve given them and stop stressing about it.

2. Join yoga classes or meditate

Yoga or meditation helps to calm your nerves and relaxes your mind. It is, in fact, the first step to a stress free living which says a lot about why you should be practicing it amidst your wedding planning. It’s going to keep you rejuvenated, feeling calm, and of course active. Not to forget how it is one of the most important fitness tips for brides and everybody in general.

3. Take a vacation

Take a break from all that planning and head to a quick getaway. Be it with your family, your friends, your hubby-to-be or a solo adventure trip, unwinding away from all the bustling preparations would help you loads.

4. Join a hobby class or a skilled course

For a quick and regular breather, how about joining a crash course or a hobby class? If there’s something you’re really passionate about or would like to take up as a hobby then, this phase surely is the right time. Be it dancing, music, art & craft, cooking, baking etc., jump into it right away and let your creativity flow!

5. Pamper yourself

Treat yourself with regular spa sessions or late night bubble baths with aromatic candles all around. They are unquestionably going to be those much needed ‘refreshing and calming’ breaks.

6. Bond with your love

Now while even he must be caught up in all the wedding preparations and would need to de-stress too, how about you two do it together?! Meeting often, going on dates or simply staying in watching movies, there’s so much you can do to spend that quality time with him leaving all that stress and tensions at a bay along with.

7. Some chiller time with your squad

Those ‘wine & whine’ therapy sessions with your best friends always work and they’re most definitely going to be a lot helpful. Those and of course, chill brunch scenes or night party scenes, time spent with your homies is surely going to help you loosen up and just enjoy!

8. Have a mood uplifting playlist

Music, as we all know, has the power to change our moods and for how strongly it affects us isn’t unknown. So curate a playlist with all the songs that you love and would make you feel good. Listen to it whenever you’re on the go or doing tedious tasks or for whenever you’re feeling low and tired.

Image: Rimi Sen

9. Spend time with yourself

And most importantly, once in a while, get on a digital detox and spend some time with just yourself. Switch off your TV, phone, laptop, and everything and do whatever you want to. Be it reading, having a talk with yourself or even doing nothing and simply sleeping for hours, do what’s gonna make you relaxed and less stressed.

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