#SushiKaParatha: Romantic Green Ceremony Followed By A Jungle Wedding On Honeymoon

Pratha & Sushant


We all remember watching rom-coms where two friends quite casually decide to spend a lot of their time together only to realize soon that “this is it” and they end up together forever for the rest of their lives! Well, seems like this happens not just in reel but, in real lives too! (restores our hope, tbh)

A modern fairytale that began on a casual note and turned into a happily ever after, Pratha & Sushant’s story is a classic tale of how sometimes you find love in your best friend. The best, isn’t it? And that isn’t just the only thing that strikes a chord with our hearts. What further made us go all head over heels was the fact that their’s was an Eco-friendly wedding that not only saw sustainable wedding decor ideas but, breathtakingly exquisite ones!

For how the duo went all thoughtful on even the minutest detail, this green wedding is sure to inspire you in unparalleled ways for your own soiree.

Take notes lovelies ‘cuz, this is how it’s done!

About The Couple

Their Tale

The two met each other at Amazon Prime India when Sushant had to interview to hire her as a photographer. After working on several projects together for three years, the two started casually dating only a year before. The two hit off as great friends because of their drive for wanting to do newer things. “Me & Sushant are a couple that can be mistaken to be siblings if spotted by an unknown, and as ridiculous as it sounds, it’s actually that fun! We’re always up to doing some crime or the other together or getting on an unknown adventure”, says the bride.

The Proposal

Pratha & Sushant were best of friends who did everything together, worked together, and even helped each other find a better half by playing cupid for each other. “Soon physically things happened between us and we decided to just leave it there until one day when we were in Singapore on a work trip. Sushant walked in while I was watching cricket & said “I think we make great roommates.” I nodded and said “sure we do” and he went and cleaned the left over glasses from the night, then walks back to me and says “maybe we should be roommates for
life?” and that was it. It was my proposal, in the middle of a world cup match, with literally no drama. Exactly how I wanted.”

The Details

Wedding Planning & Details

The #sushikaparatha wedding was a bewitchingly green and an Eco-friendly soiree planned and designed brilliantly! With an aim to curate a wedding that restricts the use of plastic & other unsustainable materials, emits the least amount of carbon footprints, and sees minimum wastage, the couple started planning everything from the scratch with their family & friends. And of course, briefed their caterers and designers and other vendors on the same.

Shyam Decorators made use of the natural environs along with reusable fabrics, lush foliage, and fairy lights for the decor.

The frames captured quintessentially by Gaatha are a virtual vision to behold oozing with truest of emotions.


House Warming

The soiree officially commenced on a religious note with a grah shaanti puja at the duo’s new home. While Pratha looked resplendent in a red & rust saree teamed up with traditional jewels, Sushant opted for a simplistic look in a cream kurta pyjama set paired with a nehru jacket.

Haldi Ceremony

The grah shaanti puja was then followed by a fun haldi ceremony for which Pratha changed into a pretty pink suit and accentuated her look with gorgeous florals.

The Mehndi

The subsequent mehndi ceremony was equally effervescent and a riot of joyous and fun vibes. While Pratha looked super pretty in a light pink suit complemented with dainty floral jewels, her pooches unquestionably stole the show!

The Sangeet

Hosted at Gallops, Mahalaxmi, the sangeet was an evening brimming with grooving feet, peppy performances, and merry celebrations. Crystal strings, chandeliers, fairy lights, & flowers elevated the lush greens making up for an enchanting ambience.

Sushant for the evening wore a beige kurta pyjama teamed up with a floral nehru jacket looking all crisp. Pratha, wanting to go easy breezy to be able to frolic about in, slipped into an edgy Label: Anushree ensemble in happy colors. A pink Banarasi skirt with a hand embroidered bustier and an Ikkat cape, her outfit looked splendid complemented by the dainty matha-patti and haath phools.

While Chandni left her hair open in wavy tresses, Nilofer gave her a flushed look with a soft pop of pink on the eyelids.

The Pheras

The duo chose MCA Club, Mumbai for their pheras that even has a manure making machine which was used to produce manure from the remains after the celebration. An extravagant foliage mandap stood on the lawns with it’s roof festooned with miniature bulbs, nests, twigs & branches, crystal strings, and a gleaming chandelier. Traditional matkas and antique vessels further accentuated the setup that was nothing less than a masterpiece!

Pratha's Look

One thing that Pratha was absolutely sure about for her look was that she wanted to wear a red saree. And she didn’t find the perfect one until only ten days were left for her wedding. She donned a beauteous piece by Sabyasachi which she teamed up with a lightweight veil over her head.

An elaborate choker neckpiece with matching earrings and a matha-patti along with a dainty nath made up for her flamboyant baubles that made her look like a true royal beauty! While Nilofer gave her a crimson lip and bold eyes along with a tiny green bindi, Chandni too went classic on Pratha’s hair and gave her a neat gajra accessorized bun.

Sushant's Look

For how all his dapper outfits were made to order by Toral Narang, Sushant was bound to look all handsome on his D-day! He opted for a timeless look and donned a crisp Ivory bandhgala that he paired up with a cream colored safa that added just the right dash of a color to elevate his outfit.

The Bedazzling Cocktail

Hosted at Taj, Santacruz, it was time for a jazzed up party to end the revelries on a happening note. With heartfelt speeches, lots of booze, and dancing like there’s no tomorrow, the celebration was surely a bomb!

While Sushant wore a crisp grey suit, Pratha slipped into a ravishing pastel grey gown. With her hair tied up in a tousled bun along with bold eyes, a classic red lip and statement earrings, she looked spectacular. She later changed into a comfy & casual white “bride” t-shirt and a gold sequence skirt to be able to enjoy this time of her life to the fullest.

Mayan Jungle Wedding

Pratha always dreamt of a jungle wedding with her 10 favs and she got to live her dream while on her honeymoon in Mexico. Surrounded by deers and tons of birds amidst a forest in Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico, the couple exchanged vows as per the traditional Mayan ceremony. They later went snorkelling in a private cenote to celebrate their wedding.

Tips From The Bride

  • It’s a wedding and the idea of the wedding is about two people who love coming together, not an event that’s going to define
    your personality. So keep sane with your fiance and family. Go with the flow and have a good dam time !
  • Try your level best to not hurt the environment for your big day and instead, be the one to make that difference.

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