A Summer-Inspired Engagement Shoot of Paven & Gopi In Vancouver

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

COVID-19 might have spoiled several proposal plans but one thing is for sure: The pandemic hasn’t stopped anyone from popping the question and getting engaged to the love of their lives, starting a new, happy life together. During the pandemic, the couples have got more creative with the proposal plans, finding exquisite locations for pre-wedding shoot and even getting married in an intimate ceremony, but in style – stepping up the expectations bar.

The same happened for Paven and Gopi who got engaged in an intimate ceremony in Vancouver, followed by a muted, summer-inspired engagement shoot done by Amrit Photography.

From their multicolored outfits to shoot location and OTT jewellery, everything was a celebration of their love and admiration of beauty around them. The shoot is perfection and every bit of an inspiration for the couples getting married this year.

How did they meet?

Paven and Gopi’s meet-cute was something out of a rom-com. They were high school sweethearts and met at the age of 16. Paven shares ‘Gopi had asked one of our mutual friends if she knew a girl who watched hockey in his grade—and apparently, I was the only girl she could think of. A couple of days later, he messaged me on Facebook. I realized we were really young but my gut told me this was something special. I went to watch his hockey game with my best friend, and a few weeks after that we went on the classic movie date after school.’

Ten years later, after graduating high school, going to university together, and having full-fledged careers, here they are, getting married this summer.

In Paven’s words, ‘We grew from being dorky teenage kids into somewhat mature adults lol, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!’

Paven's Outfit Inspiration

We truly loved Paven’s multicolored outfit that was inspired by her sharara she got from Rimple and Harpreet. She wanted to create a vintage Pakistani look, so she decided to wear a multi-layered Kundan mathapathi with hints of green throughout and long earrings with beautiful pearls at the bottom. She also decided to wear delicate handpieces to give it an antique flair. We also loved her old school braid with embellishments that multiplied her look a hundred folds.

Gopi's Outfit Inspiration

Gopi wore a neutral cool-tone one colour kurta pajama paired with a washed-out blue grey velvet shawl to complement and balance Paven’s multicolored outfit,

How did the couple find this beautiful location?

They collaborated with the photographer, Amrit Photography to find a location that featured a muted summer-inspired color palette and an emphasis on dried grass to give retro vibes for the shoot. Since the shoot was a last-minute thing, the couple believes, ‘sometimes the best things are those which are not meticulously planned!’ and looking at their gorgeous pictures, and we couldn’t agree more to this!

Tips for Brides

Paven happily shares some words of wisdom for brides to be, ‘Do not lose yourself in trends. Be true to who you are and your style and you will not only be comfortable in your skin. You want these pictures to be a reflection of your love and in essence your style as a couple and as an individual. Also, always have a contingency plan! Even pre-covid I had asked myself what 3 things about my wedding could I not do without if something were to go wrong. Thankfully, because I had asked myself these questions beforehand, rescheduling our wedding during covid/changing select items did not prove to be as difficult for us as expected, and I was still able to ensure I would still have the wedding that I wanted.’


Photographer: Amrit Photography

Outfit: Rimple and Harpreet Narula

Styling/Concept: Pashion Ltd

Makeup: Denise ( Thủy ) Đinh

Jewelry: Jiji Studio

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