11 Adorable Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day While In Quarantine

By Divya Arora .

While our mums deserve to be celebrated every single day, the magic of doing that especially on Mother’s Day is unparalleled. And every year when the 10th of May nears, everybody goes berserk trying to figure out a way to make the day absolutely special for her.

However, this year it’s going to be quite different because of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. So many of us won’t even be able to visit her, let alone going out to celebrate or get her a gift.

But as they say, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, we figured out some ways in which you can still make this quarantined Mother’s Day a memorable one for her!

You’re blessed if you’re in a lockdown with her but, even if you’re not, we’ve got ideas for you as well. Start taking notes!

1. If you're quarantining with your mum

Believe us when we say that there’s literally so much you can do to make her feel special if you’re with her these days.

Give her a day off

While we should be always helping her out with the daily household chores, given our busy lives, we know it gets a bit difficult for all of us. But hey, it’s a Sunday and maybe this Mother’s Day we can actually make it feel like a free day for her?

So, get up early, spoil her with a breakfast in bed, take on all the duties like washing, cleaning, doing the dishes, and cooking and treat her like a Queen that she is!

Time to pamper her

While you can’t gift her a special spa date this time because of the lockdown restrictions, how about you get those self care kits and essential oils out and pamper her at home itself?!

Give her a relaxing massage or a facial, treat her with a manicure and pedicure session, and give her an oil head massage. And don’t forget to use scented candles and play some soothing music to elevate the vibes.

Plan a picnic at home

Because you can’t step out to celebrate this day with her, arrange for a picnic at your home if you have a verandah, a terrace, or a backyard. Create a comfy setup using a bed sheet / rug, cushions, pots & planters around, and even fairy lights or candles if it’s an evening setup. Make a typical picnic basket to keep the food and drinks in it and dress up in pretty outfits for a more authentic touch. Use that time to sit and chill around, talk, take photos, play board games, or dance to some happening music and have loads of fun! It’ll be one helluva breather from all that quarantine grimness!

Cook her favorite meal

For all the years she’s been satiating our tummies with delectable food, the least she deserves is a scrumptious platter of her favorite delicacies. Prepare her that perfect brunch date or a candle light dinner date at home, use the fanciest of tableware, doll up in your pretty outfits and makeup, and have a blast!

Get. Set. Bake

Bake her a special Mother’s Day cake or get experimenting with cupcakes, Banana breads, or whatever dessert she’d love to savor. While you can obviously get it all delivered to your doorstep, making her favorite sweets all by yourself is bound to make her happier.

Time for binge-watch

Watch her favorite movies and shows with her because binge watching isn’t just meant for couples or squads. You can also create a cute and comfy setup with mattresses and cushions and additional elements. Get her favorite food delivered and enjoy this wine and dine session with her.

Recreate old photos

This is a rather fun activity to do with your mommy darling and probably the best way to cherish and relive the old days. It’s going to be one laughter ride down the memory lane that’s going to leave you all nostalgic reminiscing those good old days.

Write a heartfelt letter

A heartfelt letter expressing about your love and admiration for her will always work. Such is the charm of hand written letters!! For a tad bit of surprise factor, slip that letter beside her pillow at night so that when she wakes up in the morning, she wakes up with nothing but a huge ear-to-ear smile on her face!

2. If you're quarantining away from your mum

While video calls are the best option at this moment because even getting gifts delivered isn’t possible in most of the areas, trying stepping up in the following ways. And go spoil your mommy darling later when all this is over!

Party virtually

While you’d obviously be video calling her to wish her and talk to her how about you take it a notch above? Have your near and dear ones join in on a conference video call and a raise a toast to your and other mums present on the call. Chit chat the night away or party virtually from the comfort of your homes, the choice is yours.

Make her an adorable video

Chalk out all those pictures and videos from your phone and drive’s galleries and make a super special video for her. And also, don’t forget to add yours and your siblings’ bytes expressing your love for her in the video. It’s really going to make her feel special, believe us!

Have a cake delivered

If you aren’t able to celebrate this day with her then what’s better than having her favorite cake or any dessert delivered to her doorstep?! And then you can even cut the cake together over video call.

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