ANNA WANG: Your Go-To Wedding Planner For A Uniquely Styled Soiree

By Divya Arora .

“The beginning of the wedding when the bride and groom walk in to see our creations. Knowing that all our hard work has paid off and their dreams have come true is definitely an emotional one,” quotes the creative geniuses behind ANNA WANG, when asked about their favorite part of a wedding.

For a planner, what goes into making a wedding an unforgettable experience for the couple and the guests goes way beyond blending different elements in a way that they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It’s about diving right into the couple’s wedding vision and serving a concoction of their dreams brewed aesthetically with a sense of style and personalized touches.

And Australian wedding planners & event stylist, ANNA WANG, does exactly that—breathe life into those wedding visions weaving every soiree flawlessly both with vogue and emotions.

ANNA WANG, founded by the husband-wife duo Bailey Wang and Anna Wang, plans and designs a wedding like one masterpiece that boasts of a style that’s absolutely unique to it; quite literally setting some major exquisite trends. Be it their hearty tale with florals and foliage, their romance with candles, or how they flirt with those massive ceilings, their love affair with decor elements is extraordinarily beautiful and apparent in their work.

In fact, getting in touch with the planner duo gave us more insights about their work which explains their popularity amongst to-be-wed couples especially, amidst the South-Asian wedding scenes. And here’s what they revealed.

What is ANNA WANG and its guiding philosophy?

ANNA WANG is a bespoke wedding and event planning and styling service. Bailey and I have been working together to create unforgettable events for over 15 years. I started out in the wedding business a long time ago with a small one-stop-shop called O’My Gosh based in Liverpool. ANNA WANG was launched officially in 2015, after our first daughter, Katana, was just 1 year old. Rather than bring back the retail business and do everything related to weddings like we used to, we thought it best to start small again, and that way we’d get to balance work-life-kids.

Ultimately, we want to create beautiful experiences for all of our couples. Our overall philosophy is to always consider what dreams and visions the couple would love, rather than just imparting our own style to them. When stylists give too much of their own opinion, it becomes less about the couple and more for creating something just for the stylist’s portfolio, that’s what we avoid.

How many weddings have you done so far and in what countries?

We’ve done thousands of weddings, about 200+ per year. We don’t really go to any destination weddings, mostly in Sydney in Melbourne. There were some that were in the works this year but, unfortunately it’s been knocked back due to COVID.

How do you create a balance of contemporary and traditional in your themes and decor?

We generally mix traditional and contemporary through the different events at South and South-East Asian weddings. For example, a lot of Indian wedding clients will have the traditional Sangeet and then, a modernized reception which they try to have with no hint of tradition. Chinese and Vietnamese couples are the same with a tea ceremony where we incorporate red tones, and then a modern reception.

What goes into creating for your client, a wedding they’ve always desired?

We always recommend for brides and grooms to see us at our showroom for a one on one consultation. Once we meet them, we extract their vision from their mind and understand what they’re looking for. After we go through the finer details, we put our creative response into what they want to help turn the dream into a reality.

For how your creations majorly involve candles, how do you think they alter a ceremony's vibes?

I love creating with candles because it can give the most natural lighting in darkness. It definitely creates one of the biggest ambient atmospheres throughout the room. I also think it’s such a romantic piece a wedding can incorporate.

What makes Anna Wang shine with a distinctive edge from others in the same business?

What makes ANNA WANG different is that designing, planning, and executing is all done in-house. Whilst, most wedding stylists hand over the creation of events to other vendors, we offer full service wedding styling, including table centerpieces, ceiling and truss installations, chandeliers, church aisle pews, bridal table backdrops and many more.

Wedding decor trends you can foresee for the upcoming wedding season.

Greenery is dying as it’s been done too much this year and the last, so I suspect couples will be moving to other florals. Fuschia and different pinkish tones will be coming back with lots of brighter tones taking precedence. Traditional white weddings are also always going to be on trend.

As we pass winter, spring will bring lots of fresh bright colors. Yellow is a color that many won’t choose at first, but are blown away by the tones when they see it. There’s going to be a burst of yellows, oranges, and peaches for sure.

As a wedding planner, what all services does Anna Wang provide?

ANNA WANG provides full wedding planning, wedding styling, wedding coordination and engagement party services (planning and styling).

The top three wedding decor elements that should be paid the most attention to while planning & designing and why?

Centerpieces – a must, whether small or big. It ‘zooshes’ up the table and can turn any room into an elegant masterpiece.

Bridal table florals – Everyone is here for the bride and groom, so all eyes will be on the bridal table at the reception. Dressing up a bridal table with pretty florals and colors also make for great photo moments!

Bouquets – I’ve seen couples go down in stunning bright bouquets, neutral bouquets and even dried bouquets. The bouquet is a favorite because it’s with the bride (and her party) and adds so much element to the wedding dress.

What other kind of events and services does Anna Wang cater to apart from weddings?

Apart from weddings, ANNA WANG also works on event styling and commercial spaces. We recently went to Bangkok to design Feast Restaurant & Bar as well as the popular Social Hideout branches in Sydney and Silver Pearl in Cabramatta. I personally love designing and styling for non-wedding clients as it gives me an opportunity to think creatively outside the box and utilize my ‘wedding’ skills in another industry.

How has COVID-19 impacted your work (especially weddings) & how are you dealing with all the pre-bookings and rescheduling?

We’re keeping a positive mindset throughout COVID-19 and trying to be there for our couples the best we can. Of course, there have been a lot of cancellations and shifts to how we work but, in a way it was a silver lining because we got to step back and look at the company from a different perspective.

Normally, we’re so focused on weddings but, these few months we’ve been planning a lot for the future and where the company will go. We’ve also got to spend a lot more time with the kids so that is something we want to keep doing moving forward. All our couples have been very understanding. We help out as best we can with all their vendors and we work very closely with them to move dates.

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