15 Best Mehndi Artists In Vancouver To Pin To Your Mood Boards

By Divya Arora .

For how so much of our fan base stems from the vast Canadian lands where the skies are always reflecting happy Indian wedding colors, consistently curating inspiration for them has become more of our ritual. From ideating them with the best makeup artists and top wedding photographers to A-one planners, bridal styling inspiration etc., we’ve put together so much and we’ve got a lot more left.

Fetching some super essential mehndi inspiration with this wedding vendors edit for your soiree in Canada, we’ve chalked out the best mehndi artists in Vancouver and enlisted them here for you to bookmark. A mehndi design is the life of a bridal look and choosing a mehndi artist that’s best for you and your needs is an absolute prerequisite for that.

These mehndi artists have been applauded and loved for their work, their henna designs stand out for their beauty, and oh boy, the dark stains are such eye pleasers! Dive right into the blog, brideys!

Best Mehndi Artists In Vancouver

From blossoming floral patterns and classic geometric designs to portraits and personalized motifs, such mehndi designs are a forte of these artists! And their work will have you swooning. To top off your mehndi artist search, we’ve also designed a quick guide enlisting some essential aspects you must consider before hiring one! So, get set scrolling.

1. Sonika's Henna Art

Based in Surrey, Metro Vancouver Area in British Columbia, Sonika’s Henna Art is the top mehndi artist in Vancouver that’s a bridal favorite. Be it artistic patterns, floral designs or the finest of portraits, there’s nothing that this award-winning artist won’t curate for you. The finesse of her art is top notch!

2. Maharani Mehendi

Yet another bridal mehndi artist swooning the bridal world with their artistic finery, beauteous designs, and eye-catching dark stains is Maharani Mehendi. Housing different bridal and non-bridal packages, they boasts of a huge clientele and we know you’d love to join their bandwagon too. Their art of henna speaks for itself and varies from classic traditional designs to new-age portrait and cartoon caricature ones. Bold leaves, roses, and intricate scallops are some of their signature designs that feature in most of their patterns.

3. Munira's Mehndi

One of the best mehndi artists in Vancouver that’s winning accolades and bridal hearts alike, Munira’s Mehndi is a super versatile henna designer that you must check out. Her range of mehndi designs varies from absolute traditional patterns to contemporary ones and even a blend of both. Be it huge floral motifs, personalized elements, portraits, or patterns like scallops, hearts, or paisely, their mehndi patterns usually feature such designs highlighted to a tee.

4. Henna By Jas

Fulfilling all your bridal henna, makeup, and hair needs in one place is this award-winning henna artist that’s been glamming up brides and their hands equally beautifully for a long time. Henna By Jas is adored for her designs that are a hearty concoction of contemporary aesthetics and traditional patterns. Be it a minimal mehndi or an intricately done full bridal design, this artist does it all with beauty reflecting in every design.

5. Henna Art By Faiza

Etching contemporary patterns blending in with traditional motifs and classic florals, the award-winning artist Henna Art By Faiza is renowned for her attention-grabbing designs. With a whopping fan following of over 12k, the Instagram account features brides flaunting their stunning henna designs that are sure to leave your eyes twinkling!

6. Farhath 604 Mehndi

Multi-award winning henna designer Farhath 604 Mehndi is one of the best mehndi artists in Vancouver to book for your soiree. She has been working for nearly two decades and her craft of henna designing speaks of a charm and detail that’s unmatched. She always strives to create the long process of getting bridal henna done a positive and comfortable experience for her brides which makes her the most sought after artist in British Columbia.

7. Fatma Mehendi

Apart from offering a lot of beauty services like hair & makeup, facials, manicure & pedicure etc., what Fatma Mehendi is renowned for are her henna services. Satiating all your bridal and non-bridal henna needs, this artist’s craft of henna is absolutely timeless. From new-age and contemporary designs to traditional portraits drenched in finesse, she does it all and with the world’s beauty reflecting in them. So, if you’re looking for all services under one roof, Fatma Studio is where you should head to.

8. Jasmine's Henna

With her gram brimming with the stunning work she’s been doing over the years, Jasmine’s Henna is one bridal mehndi artist that’s one of the most popular ones. Loved for her keen eye for detail and intricate designs breathing in beauty and art, there’s nothing that this artist can’t etch on you. From timeless designs to one including eye-catching motifs, portraits, and personalized elements, every bridal henna desire of yours will be fulfilled here. Leafy designs, blooming flowers, and mandala-style designs are some of her signatures.

9. Sangita Maisuria

For her pretty craft of henna that she’s been doing for thirty years now, self taught artist Sangita Maisuria had to be on this list of best mehndi artists in Vancouver. From full blown bridal designs to minimal non-bridal patterns, she does it all and creates a unique art each time. The intricacy of her designs are worth crushing over and so are the dark stains!

10. Mehndi By Iti

Serving in Vancouver since 1998, Iti Kalsi is one of the most popular mehndi artists in Vancouver and afar. For how she finds mehndi therapeutic and a fulfilling experience, the life in her designs is quite apparent which is exactly what sets her apart. Her expertise lies in all kinds of designs varying from absolute classic ones to voguish art that guarantee loads of gasps and “oh my gods”!

11. Henna By Arneet

Leaving women transfixed to her art across Vancouver, Surrey, Vancouver Islands, and Okanagen Valley, Henna By Arneet has been fulfilling bridal henna needs for a long time now. Her designs reflect a vibe that resonates with every millennial bride out there with their traditional and aesthetic charm that’s crafted with geometric lines, florals, jaals, bels, scallops, etc.

12. Mehendi By Nuha

If you’re looking for a henna designer whose craft is all about contemporary designs, a refreshing vibe, and highlighting motifs that take it all up a notch above, then Mehendi By Nuha should be your go-to. Be it for bridal or non-bridal henna, one look at her Instagram feed will leave you awestruck and making appointments. A blend of classic and modish motifs etched in a distinctive manner is what defines her style.

13. Mehndi By Ruby

Serving in both Vancouver and Surrey, Mehndi By Ruby is your place to go for both bridal and non-bridal henna needs. From minimal and spaced-out designs to full-fledged intricate patterns, this mehndi artist excels at both. She caters to all kinds of events like weddings, festivities, corporate and community events, and birthdays. Hence, no matter what occasion you’re looking to hire a mehndi artist for, Ruby does it all.

14. Henna By Moona

Looking for a mehndi artist that etches the most unique designs out there that are drenched in an unparalleled charm? Because if you are, then Henna By Moona is who you should be bookmarking right away. Intricately done floral designs in bold and light strokes is her signature style and boy, how wonderful do they look! Don’t believe us? Check out her gram right now and we bet, you’d be left all smitten at the gorgeousness that this artist brings to life.

15. Henna By Rajni

Available for all kinds of occasions, Henna By Rajni is both bridal and non-bridal mehndi artist that creates swoon-worthy designs for her clients. Complemented with exceptionally dark stains, her designs are super pleasing to look at and a marvelous treat to flaunt on your hands and feet. Whether you desire a full hand, a minimal design, a mandala-style pattern or an Arabic gorgeousness, she can curate all kinds of designs with ease.

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Mehndi Artists In Vancouver

Right from a planner and photographer to HMUAs and mehndi artists, choosing any of your wedding vendors need thoughtful planning. There are always a certain factors that you must take into consideration before finalizing them. And hence, we’ve listed here the five most important things to keep in mind before choosing a mehndi artist for ceremony. Read on!

Research and research a bit more

Keeping abreast of the latest mehndi designs for both hands and feet is essential. Along with, it is also necessary that you figure out your style and aesthetics. Are you one for full bridal designs or are you a minimalist at heart? Would you want your henna design to be done in intricate floral motifs or include personalized elements (and what elements for that matter)? Skim and skim through the vast mehndi design inspiration online while keeping your preferences in mind.

Apart from the mehndi designs, research the profiles of various mehndi artists as well. And while you’re doing it online, also consider doing your research offline as well. Delve into your family and social circles and online networks and ask the previous brides for their recommendations. That’ll be some first hand feedback!

Ask them questions

Asking questions before hiring the vendors is absolutely okay and in fact essential because it is your big day! So, go ahead and clear all your queries with your bridal mehndi artists before finalizing them to avoid confusion later. Questions about the experience they hold in this field, their design portfolio, the ingredients they use in their henna, the number of artists that would come on the day, the application time, their charges for guests henna etc., are some of the important ones. And of course, just cannot be missed.

Finalizing the design

Once you’ve figured out the kind of mehndi design you’d want, show them to your artists. Every artist has their own signature style and it’ll be great if what you want matches with their way and aesthetics. Be open to their suggestions and ideas as well and steer clear from asking them to copy someone else’s design ‘cuz it’s disrespectful to their creative genius. You can also request the artist for a trial beforehand. Sure it might cost you some extra bucks but hey, nothing compares to the certainty of the gorgeousness that’s going to adorn your bridal hands on the day!


Try sticking to your budget just like you would for other aspects of your wedding. Also, try hiring a local mehndi artist if you want to avoid the cost of logistics involved in hiring someone from other part of the world.

Book the artist in advance

It’s always recommended to book your mehndi artists way in advance since, the slots of most of the popular ones fill up quickly. If there’s an artist you’re absolutely sure of hiring for your ceremony, don’t wait and book them right away!


If you’re getting married in Vancouver or a nearby city, we bet this ‘mehndi artists’ list is all you’d need to get your dream vendor on board. And of course, that guide to choosing one is all the icing on the cake you’d want.

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