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By Divya Arora .

Home to a myriad of South Asian Weddings, the vast Californian lands play a beautiful canvas to the colorful extravagance that these celebrations are. The skies are often reveling in their vibrance all the while exuding hearty vibes and a whiff of sweetness that love is!

As much as we love cherishing those moments, we also love being the harbinger of some pin-worthy inspiration for our South Asian community in California. And hence, to aid them with one of the most important aspects of a wedding—the photographer, we’ve chalked out the best wedding photographers in California for you to check out for your soiree.

It’s a wedding photographer’s lens and his art that crafts the memories of your big day into a digital mould for you to cherish for a lifetime. And so, finding a photographer that suits your needs and requirements is an ultimate requisite. So, if you’re getting married in California and looking to hire a local wedding photographer, skim through this list of our favorites right away!

Best Wedding Photographers In California

Apart from enlisting the wedding photographers in California, like always, we’ve also devised a few handy guides that you can go through while choosing your photographer. Centered around the most important aspects of choosing a professional like things to consider before finalizing one and questions to ask them, these tips & hacks are going to make the process so easy for you.

1. Duke Images

Founded by Duke Khodaverdian, Los Angeles based Duke Images is one of the best wedding photographers in California that has been capturing weddings for over twenty years now. With a blend of technical expertise, artistic aesthetics, and a keen eye for detail, Duke has been consistently raising the bar high. With a photojournalistic approach that results in the finest and the most quintessential frames, the team of Duke Images is renowned for their work globally. And not just that but, the team would ensure a seamless and positive ambience throughout your wedding while making sure that you and your entourage are at your comfy best.

2. Shan Photography

One of the top photographers in California, Shan Photography was established over 15 years ago by Shan because of his passion for photography. The team is known for serving the South Asian wedding industry worldwide with their impactful work. Capturing the most special day of a couple’s life with the world’s experience, skill, and passion for the art, the team is loved for how they frame every wedding in its truest essence. While their studios are located in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, and New York, they also travel worldwide.

3. Michael Anthony Photography

Established in 2011 by Michael & Jennifer Loizzi, Michael Anthony is a Los Angeles-based photography studio that’s famous for its contemporary and cinematic style of portraiture. They have been capturing weddings around the globe with their artsy skills and passion for their craft that’s undoubtedly evident in their work. They believe in providing the best client experience to all their couples along with of course, the finest frames that they would cherish for a lifetime. Their style of photography resonates with every heart that swears by all things unconventional and one look at their gram will have you hooked!

4. Lin & Jirsa

One of the best wedding photographers & cinematographers in California, Lin & Jirsa was founded in 2008 and has only been steadily growing ever since. They take pride in a unique photography style that’s a blend of fine art and fashion photography further enhanced with creative lighting, unique perspectives, and artistic post-production. Styles like light & airy, dramatic, photojournalistic, editorial, romantic, and signature vibrant & crisp defines them and sets them apart. Be it capturing the dreamiest frames, creating a comfortable and positive ambience throughout the process, or providing unbeatable customer support, they always strive to give their clients the best.

5. Dmitry Shumanev Production

Specializing in wedding photography and videography, Dmitry Shumanev is a Los Angeles-based production company that’s been serving clients globally. They believe not just in capturing the most special day of a couple’s life in quintessential frames but also in making that process the most memorable ever. With a keen eye to detail and the couple’s vision, they approach every wedding with a creativity and style that’s unique and stands out. Their technical expertise and equipment is at par which further takes their work and photography style a notch above.

6. Matthew David Studio

Headed by the traveler duo Christina & Matthew capturing wedding celebrations for years now, Matthew David Studio is renowned for their contemporary style. With a refreshing approach towards framing events in their truest and real essence instead of taking the traditional route, this team is perfect for every couple whose vision screams unique and modern. They should be your go-to for all your candid wedding photography needs ‘cuz their photos will be truly reflective of you as a couple and your chemistry and relationship. They are storytellers who always believe that every couple’s story is different and needs to told uniquely.

7. Vic Studios

Specializing in wedding, engagement, pre-wedding, and fine art photography, Vic Studios is a California-based photography and cinematography studio. Having captured couples nationwide with artistic skills and a great sense of aesthetics, this team is a couple favorite and their Instagram feed shows why. Be it the photos or the cinematic, their frames are reflective of the love and happiness that a wedding is all about!

8. De Joy Photography

Brain child of Amber Amelingmeier, De Joy Photography is one of the best wedding photographers in California that you can pin to your mood boards to check out. With a belief that photos should move hearts even for those who couldn’t be present to experience the event themselves, De Joy captures a ceremony in the best way. Taking pride in a style that’s timeless, full of life, and all things beautiful, they make sure to frame your soiree in a way that reflects it in the truest way possible. Telling your tale to the world through their lens is their aim and boy are they winning at it!!

9. Alain Martinez Studio

A boutique-style studio that specializes in capturing the important occasions of people’s lives, Alain Martinez Studio was founded more than a decade ago in 2005. With lead artists Alain and Melannie heading a small team, the duo has been providing their artistic services throughout the world. Be it boudoir, maternity, newborn, weddings, or any other celebration, they cater to all kinds of photography and cinematic needs. With an aim to create memories that manage to move hearts even after years, their love for the craft shows in their work.

10. JSK Photography

Founded in 2010 by a husband-wife duo, JSK Photography is based in Central California and serves the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Coast, the rest of California, and even out of state destinations. They are one of the most renowned wedding photographers in California for their documentary & creative portraiture style. While for the most of the ceremony they would be busy capturing real moments and people being themselves unobtrusively, they love creative portraits too! They offer one BASIC package which can be customized as per a couple’s needs in regards to the length of coverage, additional photographers, number of events, and kind of deliverables.

11. Wedding Documentary

SF Bay Area-based photography and cinematic company, Wedding Documentary has been capturing weddings since 2004 and has photographed & filmed over 700 weddings ever since. With an expertise in all kinds of South Asian Wedding rituals, they have a knack for capturing every ceremony in a way that complements it the most. Telling stories through their craft, capturing raw emotions, and curating attention-grabbing frames is their style and couples love it to bits. They offer packages like Select, Signature, Premium, and Epic and all of them can be customized as per your needs and requirements.

12. Braja Mandala

Yet another popular wedding photographer in California, Braja Mandala specializes in Indian and fusion weddings. Headed by lead artists Braja Mandala and Gene Higa, they have been capturing Indian weddings for years now. Braja’s understanding of Indian rituals and celebrations combined with Gene’s contagious extroverted personality and experience has taken this team of talented and skilled artists to greater heights over the past decade. A blend of lightly airy and candid, their photography style epitomizes ‘best of both worlds’.

13. Jasmine Lee Photography

Founded in 2012, Jasmine Lee Photography stands out for its frames breathing in elegance and an unmatched finesse. With a belief in getting to know each couple and then using a blend of their vision with her aesthetics to create stunning wedding imagery, Jasmine’s work looks a class apart. She drafts a photography timeline exclusively for every wedding so that every single thing and aspect of the ceremony is captured. A lifestyle and destination wedding photographer based in San Francisco, California, Jasmine Lee must make it to your mood boards.

14. Colorblast Weddings

With a blend of photojournalistic style and fine art portraiture, Colorblast Weddings is a renowned wedding photography service that’s been capturing celebrations worldwide. Backed by a team of professional artists, the duo of Amit and Kanchan have been serving the wedding industry with their artistic craft for a long time now. While they would be documenting your entire ceremony modestly & unobtrusively, they would also help you get posed-for portraits captured in an effortless and non-traditional way.

15. Ksway Films

California-based wedding photography and videography studio Ksway Films is yet another addition to this list that just couldn’t be missed! While their fine art portraiture style photography is worth swooning over, their Instagram feed is a riot of colors and royal vibes that’ll have you hooked. Capturing a ceremony in all its glory and timelessness describes them perfectly and if that’s what you’re looking for, you know whom to bookmark right away!

16. Visual Artistry

Capturing weddings with the world’s charm, aesthetics, and artsy skills, Visual Artistry is one of the best wedding photographers in California to check out for your soiree. While they capture weddings of different faiths, they boast of a long experience in Muslim weddings the most. This team of talented professionals aim at providing the best quality out there, be it in terms of their work or client support. Striving to concoct a blend their photography style with the couple’s vision, they always end up curating magic that’s unique to each wedding. Apart from their packages like Gold, Silver, and Bronze, they offer additional services as well.

17. Aperina Studios

One of the best wedding photographers in California, the Sacramento-based award winning photographers and videographers Aperina Studios simply had to be on this list. The team is available worldwide for weddings, events, and corporate events and hence, has been making a mark globally. This brother-duo has an experience in shooting weddings of different kinds of cultures which is one of the many reasons they are so sought after. They have a diverse range of packages to offer along with loads of add-ons that a couple can choose from as per their needs.

18. Tiya Studios

Orange County-based photography and videography team, Tiya Studios specializes in Persian and desi weddings, elopements, and even family & lifestyle photo sessions. Founded and owned by Atiyeh, the team is always striving to give each of their clients the best experience possible. Their Instagram is a virtual treat to the eyes and one scroll through it will have you bookmarking this studio to your inspiration boards. Every photo they capture has a story to tell which is exactly what the team aims for.

19. Kanda Productions

Kanda Productions is a California-based wedding photography company that’s also available worldwide to shoot the most special day of your life. They specialize in South Asian weddings and have been winning hearts with their quality work and artsy aesthetics. Be it a traditional style, candid, or fine art portraiture, this team does it all and oh-so-beautifully. Their wedding imagery is absolutely vibrant and boasts of a life of its own which makes this studio stand out from the rest.

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Wedding Photographers In California

To make it easier for you to shortlist a wedding photographer for your big day, here are the five most important things that you must consider before.

1. Set a fixed or an approximate budget for your wedding photography and try finding one within that set limit.

2. Consider if their style of work and aesthetics align with your requirements and needs or not. It’s essential that you finalize a wedding photographer whose style matches with your vision so that there aren’t any confusions later.

3. If you’re getting married in California, hire a local to avoid bearing the extra travel and logistics cost.

4. Always do your own research before, check the photographers’ online portfolios, and their reviews.

5. Always ask questions before finalizing one, as much as you want. Enlisting some questions that you must ask down below.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring Photographers In California

Yes, you read that right! No matter what wedding professional you’re hiring for your soiree, it’s essential to ask and get clarity on the innumerable important aspects before hand. In fact, it helps you finalizing your dream team and avoids any kind of confusions later. Here are some questions to ask before hiring a photographer.

1. Can we see some of your full galleries?

2. Would you be available on our dates? How many other weddings are you shooting on that weekend?

3. Who will be shooting our wedding? If it’s not you, can we meet the photographer who will be doing it? How many people from your team will be on site?

4. For how long have you been photographing weddings? How many weddings do you usually shoot in a year?

5. What’s your forte and the signature photography style? How would you describe it?

6. Are you open to photographing specific shots that we’ve saved to our mood boards?

7. What type of equipment do you use? Do you have backups for them?

8. What are your various packages? What all do they include and how many hours of coverage do they include? What are the charges for extra hours?

9. Will you customize the packages as per our needs and requirements?

10. How long will the deliverables take and in what way will our photos and videos be delivered?

11. Will the photos be re-touched and color-balanced or will it cost extra?

12. Does the package include wedding albums? If not, what would be the additional charges?

13. What do you do in case of an emergency or if the photographer gets sick on the day of the wedding?

14. How will the team be dressed up during the event?

15. What are your refund and cancellation policies?

16. Will a final written contract be provided?

17. What is your payment procedure and would there be any extra costs that we should expect?



Now that you’re equipped with the ABC of choosing a wedding photographer and have even went through the list, we’re sure its going to be a cakewalk from here. So, go ahead, start researching, bookmarking your favorites, finalizing the one that’s best for your soiree and unload yourself from yet another aspect of wedding planning.

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