15 FAB Wedding Photographers In Melbourne, Australia To Check Out

By Divya Arora .

If that headline caught your attention and had you landing here, chances are that you’re planning to get married in Melbourne, Australia and looking to hire a local wedding photographer. While it takes the world’s thoughtfulness, attention, ideas, and inspiration to bring your dream wedding to life, what adds a distinguished and romantic charm to it all is a wedding photographer.

Capturing the entirety of the celebration & its gorgeousness in time and quintessential frames, a photographer is to a wedding, what an icing is to a cupcake! And hence, finding a photographer that’s perfect for your wedding is imperative. While they should be in sync with your wedding style and your requirements, you should have a complete understanding of their style and whether or not they befit your wedding photography needs. But, of course, the first step to choosing a photographer that’s best for your wedding is to make a list and that’s where we come into play.

Best Wedding Photographers In Melbourne, Australia

While we have a few wedding photographers in Melbourne enlisted here, we’ve also curated two quick guides for you. While one gives you a little insight into the cost and pricing details of photographers in Melbourne, the other aids you in finding the one that’s best for you and your soiree. So, if you’ve been seeking some great professionals for your wedding, scroll ahead and start taking notes.

Shevan J Photography

Located in Mount Waverly, Shevan J is one of the most renowned wedding photographers in Melbourne who also shoots globally. Been in this line for years now, Shevan’s passion for photography shows in his work ‘cuz boy, the photos are a virtual treat to the eyes. With an aim to capture every ounce of magic that the world has to offer, he once set out with his camera and hasn’t looked back ever since.

T-One Image

Situated in both Melbourne and Sydney, T-One Image is one of the best photographers and videographers in Australia. Capturing all the wedding glory in aesthetic frames, this team has been crafting memories for couples for years now. In fact, they don’t just frame each and every moment of your celebration but are also the allies a to-be-wed needs since, their “wedding tips” page on their website is full of knowledge and wisdom. Details about their wedding packages are also mentioned on their website and they’re always more than ready to answer all your queries.

Sanat Photography

Sanat Photography by Silda is known for varied kinds of photography services in Melbourne and Brisbane like weddings, engagements, maternity and family shoots, events, and brand shoots. With a keen eye for detail and capturing photos in a distinguished manner, Sanat Photography’s work literally speaks for itself. While their bridal portraits are worth crushing over, the couple photos drenched in love makes everyone go weak in the knees.

It's Beautiful Here

It’s Beautiful Here is the baby of two Melbourne-based photographers Kat Soutar and Scout Kozakiewicz with a background in media and visual arts. What started as a casual student side project of capturing weddings of friends and family later blossomed into a full-time photography service that’s been stealing hearts for their wholesome work. Their unique packages like Retro 70s Style Wedding Photography makes them stand out and if you’re looking for candid photography for your soiree, Kat & Scout should be your go-to.

On Three Wedding

Your one-stop destination for gorgeous photos and dreamy cinematic videos, On Three Wedding is one of the top wedding photographers in Melbourne. This award-winning boutique studio has been capturing couples’ memories in timeless frames throughout Australia and are known for their professionalism and post-production facilities. While their work is nothing less than art itself, they also aim to make the entire shooting experience memorable and joyous for all their couples. Their website enlists all their wedding packages to make it easier for the to-be-weds to choose which one suits them the best.

Wedding Stories By Sundus

Creating magic in Melbourne, Wedding Stories By Sundus is the photographer you should run to if awe-inspiring wedding memorabilia are what you want. Apart from weddings, their expertise also lies in events, family and maternity shoots, and newborn portraitures. While their team Chamak & More has been also reigning in Karachi, this Australia-based photographer must be considered while your research.

Desfura Weddings

A part of the multi-service creative agency Desfura founded by Caitlin O’Grady & Hayden O’Neill, Desfura Weddings is a renowned photography and film service. They’ve been capturing weddings both locally and globally and are loved for their documentary style shoots that epitomize love and happiness that a wedding is in its truest form. Whether it’s the photographs or the cinematic, every deliverable of theirs is timeless and sheer delight to look at!

Bhargav Boppa Photography

A wedding, engagement, and elopement photographer, Bhargav Boppa Photography is one of the most famous wedding photographers in Melbourne, Australia. With his love for capturing the truest emotions in dreamy frames, Bhargav ventured into wedding photography years ago. His forte lies in journalistic style wherein, he pays specific attention to snapping candid moments rather than doing things in the traditional style. It is the real moments that he love capturing through his lens and if this style resonates with your heart then, this is it!

Rolling Canvas Presentations

This team of ace photographers has been ruling the South-Asian wedding industry not only in Australia but also worldwide and while they’re based in Sydney, their major presence in Melbourne brings them on this list. Rolling Canvas is a boutique studio that is undoubtedly one of the best out there whether for its photography or the videography services. Right from traditional style and candids to portraiture, this team does it all whilst capturing a wedding aesthetically and in its truest essence. They are known to shoot a lot of Indian weddings and must be considered for your list.

DUÜET Weddings

If candids make your heart go gaga, then this team of ace photographers and videographers based in Melbourne, Australia should top your list. With a documentary style approach that focuses on capturing raw & real moments, DUÜET is a couple favorite. With their photo-journalistic essence, creative direction, and years of experience, your wedding mementos are just bound to turn out dreamy. To top it off, the “wedding tips” section on their website is literally the savior a to-be-wed needs. It’s a pool of wedding knowledge tbh!

Shaadi Capture

Founded in 2013, Shaadi Capture is a wedding photography and videography service in Melbourne that’s a hit amongst the couples. While the team takes pride in getting most of their clientele through referrals, their work speaks for itself. Scroll through their gram and you’d only see bright and chirpy wedding photos and films that are framed aesthetically to capture the celebration quintessentially. With an understanding of how each wedding is different from the others and what a couple wants, they create memories for them with utmost love, care, and a keen eye for detail. With a strong focus on candid photography, their team makes it absolutely fuss-free for you to enjoy the wedding without having to pose a lot or re-create moments.


Ferndara, apart from covering western weddings, also take pride in being Australia’s leading South-Asian wedding photographer & videographer and hence, this team had to be on the list! With an experience spanning over a decade, the team has a worldwide presence and is one of the best wedding photographers in Melbourne. With an understanding of how weddings are culturally diverse and deserve to be captured in their truest and most authentic essence, the wedding keepsakes of Ferndara are simply timeless.

Nik Photography

Founded in 2011, Nik Photography by Nikhil Tribhuvan is a Melbourne-based wedding photography service that aims at delivering happiness, satisfaction, and surreal wedding keepsakes. Capturing weddings in time and in aesthetic frames, Nikhil also aims at making the entire shooting experience joyous for the couple and their loved ones rather than making it all about posing. If you’re a camera conscious couple or tend to get awkward in front of the lens, Nikhil and his team is where you should head towards ‘cuz they’d make it all super comfortable for you!

Alen Kontra Photography

Alen Kontra Photography is one of the highly recommended wedding photographers in Melbourne that also shoots Victoria wide. Inspired by real people and real stories, Alen Kontra’s passion for photography is quite reflective in his work. A blend of surreal candids and artistic shots, his style is rather natural and fresh that results in wedding keepsakes that are true to the couple. He is super easy and warm to work with because he makes sure that the couple and their loved ones are at their relaxed and comfortable best throughout.

ATEIA Photography & Video

With over 10 years of experience to boast of, ATEIA is your one-stop shop for all things wedding photography & videography in Melbourne, Australia. Right from the classic and traditional style to candids and cinematic, you are going to find all kinds of services under their roof. With a wide portfolio drenched in exquisiteness and creativity, this team of experts understand how each wedding is a distinguished one in its own unique way and hence, captures it all accordingly.

Things To Consider Before Hiring Wedding Photographers In Melbourne

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions that a couple makes while planning their wedding. And hence, your judgement has to be carefully thought of. There are a few factors one needs to consider before hiring the best photographer for their wedding and these are-


The first and foremost of every aspect of your wedding is unquestionably the budget. If not a fixed one, have an approximate budget for the photography and videography services before setting out on your hunt for the best one.

Services you want

From traditional, candid, and editorial to photojournalistic, documentary, and cinematic, there are different kinds of photography and videography services that vendors offers. Understanding the different styles and syncing them with your needs is important because it’ll help determining your budget, your album style, and the expert that best befits your required style.

Local or destination photographer

If yours is a local wedding (in the Melbourne area itself), hiring a local wedding photographer would be a great idea since, they’d be aware of all the famous areas and even hidden gems that are perfect for the shoot.


Whether you’re searching for wedding photographers online or through references, shortlist the portfolios according to the budget, styles, and reviews. Try downsizing your list to your top ten.

Availability of dates

Check with your shortlisted choices whether they’re available on the dates you’re getting married on. That would further make it easier for you to shorten your favorites.

Ask questions

It’s your wedding and you deserve the right to be specific and ask detailed questions from the photographer without hesitation. Questions about their experience, the number of people who’d be shooting your event, their preparedness for weather conditions, additional costs, time for deliverables etc., are some of the important ones. Make notes of all that you’d like to know before hiring them and ask away.

The bonding

It is super important for you and your wedding photographer to bond and communicate well to be on the same page while making the shooting experience fun for both of you. While meeting your shortlisted vendors, pay attention to who’re you communicating well with and who’re you the most comfortable with.

Cost Of Wedding Photographers In Melbourne

Since, setting up a budget for your wedding photographer primarily is a must, we found it imperative to give you a little insight into the cost and pricing aspects beforehand. On an average, the price of a wedding photography package is $1699 and goes up to $3800.

The starting price point ranges from $1499 to $5499 as per different photographers while the starting costs of cinematic ranges from $2699 to $6699. Some photographers have separate packages for pre-wedding and engagement as well which starts around $1499.


For how your wedding album and films would be the only tangible memories from the best time of your life, investing in a good photographer and videographer is essential. So, go ahead get scouting the one that resonates with you the most!

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