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A wedding is the most special decision of one’s life, and if executed well, it becomes memorable. Years back, our parents used to plan our weddings but now, with the generations progressing, a trend of wedding planning has started. It is imperative to organize weddings with the support of a planner. With this, you can enjoy your wedding peacefully as there is an assigned person to take all the stress.

Sydney is a beautiful place that has a significant population of Asians. Some Asians moved there to settle. Subsequently, their children get married there. They want the traditional vibes that they can get from the wedding planner, who has experience organizing weddings that are of cultural significance.

Best Wedding Planners in Sydney

Based on some of the ideas, we have come up with a list of 13 Wedding Planners in Sydney, which you should consider if you are getting married around that neighborhood. We have made this list by keeping in mind simple criteria like the budget. We have also researched other factors such as Instagram’s popularity, portfolio, and recent business activity.

1. Symphony Events

Jack Fernandez is the founder of Symphony Events. He works with a friendly team, who take the requirements of their clients their only word. They are associated with some vendors who are detail-oriented and give quality work. Jack got various recognition and awards. Even after getting so much, he never fails to give it back to society. He is associated with a group where he serves as the Justice of Peace NSW.

2. The Maharani Diaries

Poonam Gururajan is the proud owner of The Maharani Diaries. It is a South Asian Wedding Planning service. They have a beautiful where they help you match with the right vendor. You can call it a matchmaking service where the bride and groom find the best quality vendors for their wedding. Not only this, they have a beautiful blog, where they feature couples and also provide suggestions on stuff related to marriage.

3. DK Weddings and Events

Diana Khoury started DK Weddings and Events and later formed her team. She specializes in flowers, decorations, and styling the wedding. Her USP is, she makes weddings into masterpieces. She is known for her exceptional work in this industry, where she organizes weddings and has excellent connections with the vendors.

4. Ruby Events

Ruby Events are Sydney based wedding planning agency that deals in planning, styling, and decorating Indian weddings. They are passionate about their work and try to give the best memories to the couples. Their vision is to add creativity to their work and make it stand out. They do everything from planning, taking quotes, budget management to executing all of it. They organize all the traditional functions like Pre-Wedding, Mehendi, Sangeet, Engagement, Wedding, and Reception.

5. Eventolog Wedding Planner

They are Sydney-based wedding planners who specialize in South Asian Weddings. Eventolog organizes destination weddings, event planning, and many more activities related to the wedding. Aurang Gahoi is the founder of this Gahoi Group, and his vision is to think out of the box. Aurang’s team strives to provide hospitality to their customers.

6. Shagun Events

Shagun Events is the brainchild of Dee, who has an artistic mind. The team at Shagun believes in creating magical memories for the clients. They provide Bridal Shower, Engagement, Mehandi, Sangeet Ceremony, Religious Events, and many more. They develop innovative ideas to make the event mind-boggling.

7. The Epping Club Events Collection

The Epping Club is the hub of event management as they conduct functions from school, corporate, weddings, parties, galas, and the list is never-ending. They are diverse, and when it comes to Indian weddings, they provide the best traditional service. They know that people are away from home, giving the homely conventional atmosphere to the couples.

8. Lashkara Weddings Sydney

Lashkara is a wedding planning service that provides planning, consulting, designing, execution, and coordination of wedding festivities from the start till the end. They render all the services starting from pre-wedding getaways to Sagan, Haldi, Mehandi, Sangeet, Wedding, and Honeymoon destinations. They cover it all very well.

9. Decor A Shaan

A service provided to depict the Indian culture in a foreign land. The creative team is bringing your desire by bringing innovative event planning ideas that would impact your life.

10. Bollywood Live

Bollywood Live is a company that has a team of enthusiastic creatives who provide complete wedding planning, event management, and services of DJ. It also includes Tabla or Sitar players star, players.

11. Wedding Destinations

Wedding Destination is a team of specialists who design and plan different weddings. They organize weddings all over the globe. These days, they are focussing on Punjabi and Hindu weddings. They are cultural and bring you close to your community.

12. A Royaale Event

A Royaale Event is a team of young, dynamic enthusiasts who thrive on giving the client the best. They organize events using their contacts and expertise. They are experts and can design your event artistically and make the best day of your life. They not only style but also provide you consultancy services.

13. Doltone House

Doltone House has a team of specialists who understand the needs of the customer. They are significant in arranging parties and corporate events and fantastic in planning, wedding, and decoration. Their website has a list of all the vendors, which will surely help you. Furthermore, they provide catering boxes and also keep the Genuity of the company.

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Planner in Sydney

As we all know, it is not easy to plan a wedding; Henceforth, there are certain steps that you should consider in mind while hiring any Sydney wedding planner. These steps work like mantras:

1. Background Check: It is essential to conduct a thorough background check before hiring any wedding planner. Your whole wedding depends on this decision, so it has to be the best. There is a saying, “big promises always fail.” So, try to get these claims checked.

2. Verification: You should verify with their past clients about their work ethic, their attitude, deliverability, time, the authenticity of their words and their creativity, their quotes, risk management plan, etc.

3. Arrange personal or virtual meetings: You should meet the client personally to understand the wedding planner. But due to the pandemic, it is advised to conduct a zoom meeting to make both of them feel comfortable.

4. Mention portfolio as your prime condition: Portfolio is the wedding planner’s past work experience, and you should always ask for it when hiring anyone. You get to know who is faking out and who is professional as some newbies claim to be the best without knowing the knack of creating their portfolio. A portfolio saves you from fraud.

5. Check the google reviews: Reading online reviews is the most significant step of hiring a wedding planner. How do you check online reviews before going to any restaurant? How can you miss reading for the most critical occasion of your life?

6. Ask the forums, groups, and even the other areas where their reviews are available so that you are super sure about hiring nothing but the best.

Cost of Wedding Planners in Sydney

Are you confused about the wedding planner’s cost? Well, we have got you covered. Before even hiring the planner, you need to consider the budget for them. To know about the price, you should do your in-depth research and make sure you consult a wedding consultant as well before hiring the wedding planner.

So, the costs start from AUD 700 upwards for the wedding planner.

If you want an extravagant affair and want everything picture-perfect with crisp detailing, it would cost you between AUD 5,000 and AUD 7,000. It would include arranging wedding vendors to book your honeymoon suite.

Apart from these, other wedding planners charge hourly for their services and don’t take a flat fee. Also, some charge percentage of the real wedding can go up to AUD 10,000 in Sydney.

The average acceptance rate for the wedding planner ranges between AUD 2,000-AUD 3,000. The actual cost with detailing can be given to you by the person who availed of these types of services. The clients of these wedding planners can provide a better insight into the cost.


We hope that these ideas and suggestions might have given you some insights about wedding planning in Sydney!

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