21 Charming Bridal Bun Hairstyles To Flaunt At Your Wedding

By Divya Arora .

Making up for the quintessential and timeless bridal hairstyles ever, hair buns are undoubtedly the most coveted and traditional style of bridal hairdos. In fact, gorgeously bedecked bun hairstyles are quite synonymous of a classic bridal look.

Whether you wear a saree or a lehenga, slip into a flamboyant gown or a rather casual dress, there’s a bridal bun for all kind of outfits and all kind of ceremonies. Right from simplistic gajra buns to the modernly accessorized ones, the realm of bridal bun hairstyles is far too wide.

If you’d fancy frolicking about in the effervescence of a bridal bun for your wedding look or any other pre and post wedding ceremony, then this hair book is for you. Boasting of loads of pin-worthy bridal bun hairstyles, this hair book will leave you spoilt for choices.

1. Embellished buns

If your outfit is sans dupatta or boasts of a see through one, then such embellished bridal buns are a great choice. Having them ornamented with stunning hair accessories or even jewellery like a passa or an earring would look so fancy.

2. Layered curls

For how those wavy tresses form a super chic and layered style hair bun, we’re absolutely bowled over and would definitely root for this.

3. Floral extravagance

If you’re a fan of having your hair accessorized in eclectic blooms then go high on flowers and make your bridal bun hairstyle all about them. Pick unique colors, distinctive varieties or even a whimsical mix and go all extra!

Makeup: Nabila Salon

4. Simple wrapped bun

This simplistic yet tasteful knot wrapped charmer is perfect for the brides who believe in minimalism that stands out!

5. Neat buns

A neat or slick back unaccessorized bun is an epitome of elegance and finesse that adds umpteen to your look. Nothing beats the class of these buns that complements all ethnic and Indo-western looks.

6. All rose affair

Breathe in the freshness and fragrance of roses on your big day by opting for an all rose bridal bun. It’s a classic hairstyle with an undying charm.

7. Braided beauties

Done in distinctive ways and styles, braided bun hairstyles are perfect when you want to don a classic yet chic look. They’re that perfect blend of both worlds and look absolutely pretty!

Hair: Reba Khan

8. A fancy hairdo

With side swept tiara accentuated hair coupled with an all-curls hair bun, this bridal hairstyle makes for a great pick for Christian vows or when you’re wearing a gown.

9. Classic donut buns

Whether neat or messy, whether simplistic or accessorized, donut buns are a cult. And their charisma is simply unbeatable.

Source: Pinterest

Hair: Pinterest

10. Rose & Baby's Breath medley

Have your entire bridal bun ornamented with sorbet-hued flowers and Baby’s Breath that would aptly complement your pastel bridal look.

11. Timelessness of Gajras

Gajra buns are a fail safe bridal hairstyle and always look magnificent. Whether you wrap your bun minimally with garlands or cover it entirely, these are unmatched.

12. Of swirls & twists

Curated with a lot of twists and waves and accentuated with flowers only halfway, this spectacular bridal hairstyle is definitely worth adding to your pin boards.

13. The twists bun

Curled hair tied in an updo done with twists are a highly favored bridal hairstyle type. Further beautified with flowers or bejewelled hairclips, these hairdos look super stylish both with Indian wear and a gown.

14. A high updo

A high hair bun ornamented with dainty hair accessories is a great pick when wearing Indo-western gowns that are laden with embroideries and embellishments. High buns are rather offbeat and highlight your look like no other.

15. Add that dimension

If you don’t want to opt for a neat bridal bun, these hairdos with twisted strands are perfect and lend a distinctive feel.

16. Minimally accessorized

If minimalism strikes a chord with your heart, such subtly accessorized hair buns are what you need!

17. Messy gorgeousness

Messy bridal buns are a big hit in the bridal world and look super stunning when teamed up with gowns, dresses, or Indo-western wear.

18. Structured waves

This structured bridal bun hairstyle crafted in waves, twists, and further adorned with floral hair clip is vivaciousness at its best. It’s fancy yet subtle at the same time.

19. Regal side buns

Side buns look truly royal and suave while making up for a great bridal pick for all kinds of bridal outfits. Right from the modernity of a gown to the traditionalism of a lehenga, low side buns complement all.

Makeup: Shahid Naar

20. The Chignon stunner

Rolled Chignon buns gorgeously adorned with fresh flowers or hair accessories are yet another classic stunners that rule the bridal world. Perfect for your big day, these hair buns are simply spectacular.

21. Rose twisted hair buns

Go make a flamboyant statement in these rose-style twisted hair buns that definitely deserve to be flaunted. And so, choose these hairdos with a saree or a lehenga with a see-through dupatta and show them off.

Hair: Reba Khan


Bridal buns are literally eternal and they never go out of fashion. They speak of a class and grace that’s simply royal and elevate a bride’s look undoubtedly.

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