Bridal Eye Makeup Guide Every Bride Needs Before Her Big Day

By Divya Arora .

Right from having your eyes flutter in the timelessness of smokey extravagance to having them painted in colorful hues or topped with shimmer, bridal eye makeup is all about letting those dolled up beauties crown your bridal look at their expressive & beautiful best. In fact, we believe that bridal makeup is so essentially about a pretty eye make binding that flushed or highlighted base and pale or bold lips together to curate a look that’s charming enough & of course, ‘so you’!

Whether you go all bold and vivid with the shades & glitter or go absolutely neutral for that matter, it’s amusing how even a single coat of mascara on your lashes ends up amplifying your eyes by multi-fold!

The zest of a bridal eye makeup is a strong ‘make or break your look’ kinds which is why it is so important to choose the right one for your day & ever so thoughtfully. And being your guide & allies for everything weddings, bridal eye makeup tips is what we’d decode with this blog especially, if you fancy doing your own makeup at your wedding.

While the Internet is flooded with truckloads of bridal eye makeup tips & hacks, we’d be specifically unfolding a few aspects of the same—natural bridal eye makeup, eye makeup tips if you have small eyes, and things to keep in mind before doing your bridal eyes.

So get ready to take down some notes and start scrolling!

Natural Bridal Eye Makeup

Honestly, gone are the days when bridal makeup only meant dark and bold eyes, flushed cheeks, and a bold lip. This is an era of millennial and minimalist brides who swear by a subtle and natural makeup way too much. Be it going all subdued and subtle on the eyes and pale on the lips, a natural bridal makeup is a hot and an in-thing!

Coupled with a subtly dewy or matte base and nude lips, a natural eye makeup looks absolutely surreal. And if you’re planning to wear it on your wedding day or any other ceremony, follow these simple natural bridal eye makeup tips to ace a charming look.

Image: Zohaib Ali

1. Follow an eye beauty regimen

The first and the foremost thing you must do is include proper eye pampering in your daily skincare regimen at least three months before the wedding. Eat right, drink lots of water, practice natural remedies to treat puffiness and dark circles and sleep well. The key to acing a gorgeous eye makeup is to first make sure that they are healthy.

2. Conceal & set

While you’d obviously be using a concealer around your eyes, do not forget to set it with a loose translucent powder. Concealer tends to crack and that is something that your natural bridal makeup just cannot afford!

3. Eyebrows on fleek

Keep your eyebrows as neat and defined as possible but, do not go too overboard with it. Instead, simply fill in the gaps and the empty areas and then use a tad bit of highlighter below your brow and over the arch to give them a lift and a defined edge.

4. Dress up your eyelids

When it comes to a natural eye makeup, dolling up your eyelids is all about using soft neutral shades that simply enhance your eyes’ natural depths and contours without looking like you used an eye shadow. Therefore, use a subtle amount of highlighter or a light shadow color on your eyelids and use your bronzer or a light to medium nude brown color to ever-so-lightly enhance the creases. And because it’s a bridal eye makeup you can add a little bit more of that eye shadow and use it in the corner to add some extra drama.
You can also use just a wee bit of that bronzer or brown along your lower lash line and smudge it with a small brush but, of course, go super light.

5. The liner charm

One of the most important things to take care of while doing a natural bridal eye makeup is the use of the eyeliner or kohl. You can either choose to simply tightline the inside of your upper lash line or use a soft brown pencil exactly on your upper lash line and not go OTT with it.

6. Work those lashes

Use an eyelash curler to curl up your lashes and coat them with some mascara. Don’t go too overboard or use falsies ‘cuz, we’re talking natural here! And of course, don’t missing out on your lower lashes too because coating them up with a mascara makes your eyes pop.

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Bridal Eye Makeup For A Small Eye

Small eyes have an undeniable beauty of their own and glamming them up in the right way can add truckloads to your look. And making them look bigger and more awake is not a tough nut to crack. Basically, a few makeup tips and tricks is all it takes to achieve a look that boasts of bigger looking eyes.

If you have small adorable eyes there are some specific things that you can keep in mind while doing your makeup, certain dos and don’ts that would work wonders. Follow through these tips and voila, you’re all sorted!!

1. Treat that puffiness

Puffed up eyes is always a no-no and will always make your eyes look much smaller than they actually are. Pampering your eyes is essential much like your face and skin and keeping puffiness at bay is the first step to achieving a gorgeous eye makeup no matter what your eye shape and size is!

2. Concealer for your dark circles

While incorporating natural remedies to treat dark circles in your regimen is a must, concealing them while beginning with your eye makeup is a must. Opt for a shade lighter than your foundation as it’ll help enhance and lift the look and the eye area.

3. Ace the brow game

Neatly defined brows are a game changer to be honest. So keep them neat and tweezed, have them shaped as bold & bushy but with a tad bit of arch, and fill them in while doing your makeup. Doing your eyebrows is one of the best bridal eye makeup tips to begin with.

4. How to make the most of your highlighter?

Just like it makes your T-zone and your cheek bones pop, your highlighter works magic for your eye makeup too. First, give your brows a lift by highlighting just above the the highest point of your brow and of course, below the brow. Use a teensy bit of it in the inner corner of your eyes to make them look brighter and fresh.

5. The game of eye shadows

If you have small eyes, avoid darker eye shadows like black and grey and instead opt for lighter and shimmery ones. Dark hues tend to make your eyelids closed and heavy whereas, the lighter ones will reflect the light and make your eyes pop. Use the lighter and nude palette in the centre while you use a light brown shade to define the crease.

6. Brighten up that waterline

One of the best ways to make your small eyes look more awake and naturally fresh is to line your waterline with a white or a nude pencil instead of black. It’ll make your eyes look more open and brighter.

7. Know the liner effect

Avoid going overboard with your liners! Period. Heavily lined eyes would make your eyes look smaller than they actually are. One of the best eye makeup tips is to tightline your upper lash line as it will make your eyes look awake and young and your lash base fuller. While doing your liner, instead of going all in, only line the outer two-thirds of your eyelid and then wing it out. Winged eyeliner is perfect for small eyes as it gives an illusion of longer eyes.

8. Perk up the lashes

And lastly, long curled up lashes instantly makes your eye pop looking super bright and large. So, for that final touch, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and coat them up with a good lengthening and volume enhancing mascara. Opting for falsies is also a good option.

Step By Step Guide To Bridal Eye Makeup

As much of an anxious and frightening the thought of doing your own makeup at your wedding can sound, believe us when we say, so many brides out there actually choose to do so. And it all turns out beautiful. Just a certain things and hacks that you ought to keep in mind and you’re good to go!

While doing their own makeup, what ends up being the trickiest part for most of the brides out there is the eye makeup. And hence, to make it easier for you, we’ve curated this quick guide that lists all that you need to take care of before actually sitting down to do your own bridal eye makeup. Whether you’d be dolling yourself up on your D-day or some pre or post wedding ceremony, this guide will be your ally through it. Start taking notes!

1. Pick your look

First things first, choose the look that you’d like to pull off. Research and research enough until you find the best look for you. Take help from friends or a professional if you want and finalize your look weeks before your wedding.

2. Plan and prep

Once you’ve finalized your look, start researching for its tutorials online. Be it a bold and glamorous eye, a brown or black smokey eye, a shimmer affair or a natural look, the Internet is flooded with truckloads of bridal eye makeup tutorials. These tutorials would lay out the process and would of course, help you prep up your makeup kit accordingly.

3. Practice & practice some more

Just like how it is advised to take makeup trials before your big day, we suggest practicing the look you’ve chosen beforehand instead of doing it directly on the day of your wedding. While it’ll only make it easier for you to etch out the look flawlessly on your wedding, the trial will also help you firmly decide if you’ve chosen the right look. You can still change your mind and opt for a different look at this stage and this flexibility is exactly what makes this the best bridal eye makeup tip!

4. Pamper your skin

Keep up with your skincare throughout your wedding planning journey so that when it’s time for your wedding you have a healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin to boast of. A naturally glowing skin is anyway the best makeup a girl can wear. Start taking care of what you eat and drink, take adequate sleep, and drink lots of water. Follow natural and home remedies to treat puffy eyes and dark circles so that doing your eye makeup ends up relatively easy on the big day!


With these distinctive bridal eye makeup tips we believe, that doing your own eyes wouldn’t have gotten much easier than this. Now that you know all the dos and don’ts that you must take care of, go try your hands on doing your own eye makeup and get set slay!

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