17 Spectacular Bridal Hairstyles For Your Intimate Home Wedding

By Divya Arora .

Are you one of those brides who is all set to tie the knot at her home in an intimate setup instead of postponing the wedding? Because, if you are, we know how you would be planning your bridal look thoughtfully—a look that’s a beautiful balance of your fancy bridal fantasies and elegant minimalism.

Right from choosing your bridal outfit and jewellery to planning your hair and makeup, we know how you’d be juggling between everything RN! Obviously, topped with the melancholy of not being able to live all your bridal desires because of the pandemic.

Well, to unburden your shoulders a bit and make planning easier for you, we decided to aid you with one of the most important yet, often sidelined aspect of a wedding look—your bridal hairstyle.

And hence, we chalked out some of the best bridal hairstyles for home wedding and collated them here for you. So scroll down below, have a look at these beauties and we bet you’d definitely find yourself a hairdo that resonates with you the most.

Hair & Makeup: Komal Gulati

1. Simplicity at its best

A neat simple bun is one of the best bridal hairstyles for home wedding. It is a perfect balance of simplicity and fancy in its appeal and will lend you a royal look for sure. Whether you’re wearing a saree or a lehenga for your wedding day, a low unornamented bun will look good with both of them. You can also accessorize them with a matha-patti or a maang-tikka.

Hair & Makeup: The Styles By Sha

2. Straight open hair

While open bridal hairstyles has been a thing for quite a long time now, they are a big hit now more than ever. If you’re planning to pull off a super effortless and comfy look for your home pheras, wear your hair down in a simple blow dried fashion. In fact, if you’re wearing an Anarkali or a sharara on your wedding, this hairstyle is what you should opt for.

3. Braided sophistication

Yet another simplistic hairstyle that’d make up for a gorgeous pick for your home wedding is a romantic tousled braid. Whether you decide to keep it sans accessories or plan to go minimal with dainty flowers like Baby’s Breath, a braid like this is even easy to DIY. And yes, of course, this hairdo would look amazing for that homely mehndi function of yours as well.

Hair & Makeup: Pratishtha Arora

4. Go retro

For the bride who wants to go a tad bit bold with her look on her day, this side-parted open hairstyle with hard curls is the one for you. You can choose to tuck your hair on one side either with a passa or with an elaborately bejewelled or floral hair accessory that’ll add an extra edge to your style.

5. Ponytails for the win

You can never go wrong with ponytails. Period. Especially a messy and fluffy one! Of course, wearing your hair in a wavy ponytail like this on your mehndi would look absolutely great. But it would also go well with your super minimalistic or unembellished bridal saree or Anarkali.

6. A low wrap

Coupled with a few wisps and earlocks to frame your face and make the entire look easy-going, this low wrapped chic bun is one trendy bridal hairstyle that’s perfect for your home wedding. It’s messy yet elegant at the same time and will lend a super contemporary vibe to your look. Accessorize it minimally with bejewelled hair pins or go plain and simple, the choice is yours!

7. Open waves & curls

Yet another way to wear your hair open for your home pheras is to have them structured in big curls or waves. This will also add dimension to your face underneath your dupatta whilst exuding a pretty whiff of chic.

8. A gajra bun

A timeless bridal hairstyle that’s an epitome of graceful and classy, a gajra bun is always going to be your savior. Irrelevant of what outfit you’d be wearing for your pheras, a stunning gajra bun is only going to elevate your look further, we bet!

9. The charm of roses

A plain neat bun accessorized minimally with roses on one side looks absolutely ethereal and would definitely take your bridal look a notch above. Just like a gajra bun, this bridal hairstyle too amps up every outfit uniquely.

10. A chic braid

A breathtaking hairstyle for brides with gorgeous long hair, a tousled braid like this would add umpteens to your look. For how it’s messy and exquisite at the same time and decently accentuated with white roses, you wouldn’t want to cover it with your dupatta for that matter.

11. Simple curls

If you want to keep your look absolutely muted and simple but also don’t want your hair to look limp, then simply curl your hair and leave them loose and open. Don’t pin them up or accessorize them and don’t wear them in structured curls. Simply let them revel in their subtlety.

12. A low bun

For brides who love getting drenched in the classic charm of a bridal bun, this low rolled up bun ornamented with roses should be your go-to. The vibe of such timeless bridal buns is unmatched.

13. Earrings for the style

A great way of wearing open wavy hair on your wedding is to have the front section lightly tucked at the back further accentuated with waterfall earrings. This half-tie hairdo makes up for a great style as it gives an illusion of your statement earrings accessorizing and tying your hair flamboyantly.

14. A light half tuck

A lightly tucked hairstyle done with thin side twists is yet another hairstyle that you can opt for your home wedding. Having them adorned with simple bejewelled hair clips would add just the right dash of bling to it that’ll be just enough!

15. Braided bun

A low crown-braided bun coupled with a few wisps is one chic yet fine bridal hairstyle that you can suit yourself with on your wedding day. It’s simplistic charm is sure to add truckloads to your entire look without making you look over the top yet, dolled up.

16. Of pretty parandis

A flamboyant bridal braid fashioned with a classic Punjabi parandi is perfect if you’re planning to wear a salwar suit or a sharara set for your homely pheras. It’ll add just the right tinch of upbeat to your look and up your pep quotient!

Hair & Makeup: Neetu Josh

17. Half-ties are forever

Whether you want to go all extra with thick braids, massive curls, and accessories, or want to go minimal like our bride Isha, a gorgeous half-open hairstyle would always look enchanting. And of course, would complement any ensemble that you’d wish to slip into for your home wedding.

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