31 Gorgeous Bridal Poses To Save For A Tasteful Wedding Album

By Divya Arora .

As much as we can’t stop bragging about the undeniable charm of hearty candid wedding photos, the timelessness of posed for bridal portraits is worth everything. Capturing even the tiniest of details and the overall essence of a bride’s look in the most admirable and aesthetic manner, such bridal portraits are just unmissable. And while we understand that, we also know how nerve racking and anxious posing in front of the camera can get for so many brides out there.

No matter how many poses you end up memorizing and day dreaming about, when finally the day comes, it can all end up *poof* gone; leaving you clueless! Which is why pinning all the adorable bridal poses to your boards beforehand is a must! And that is exactly what we’d be helping you with this time.

We chalked out some of the prettiest and most exquisite bridal poses for you to stack up your inspiration kitties with. Right from the all time classics to absolutely quirky ones, we’ve got them all covered collating the best right here! Start saving them right away ladies!

1. Detailed mehndi close-ups

Now, who doesn’t love pretty mehndi portraits, right? But, those ravishing close up shots of you flaunting your mehndi laden hands are some of the top bridal poses. Just look at these pictures!

Image: Sam & Ekta

Image: Oragraphy

2. The shoe factor

Whether it your pair of heels, juttis, or bridal sneakers, bridal poses wherein you’re tying them up or simply slipping into them are one of the most popular bridal portraits. As much of a candid feel they exude, these photos are super easy to pose for and of course, you cannot miss showing off those bridal shoes anyway, can you?

3. For your bridal bun

For how your glorious bridal bun gets all hidden under the veil, it is only fitting that it’s framed at its flamboyant best. One of the bomb ways to do so is trying this trendy bridal pose—a top angle shot that focuses on your bun intricately while giving a glimpse of your sensuous blouse back!

4. That chiller mehndi time

For how sitting through hours of getting your bridal henna done gets taxing and hurts your back, having it done while you comfortably lie down is a savior. And while you do that make sure to get it captured because it is going to look so offbeat! Check out this trendy bridal pose for instance!

5. Sit & embrace your lehenga flare

Owing to being one of the most popular bridal poses, such shots where you’re sitting in the embrace of your lehenga’s flare look absolutely breathtaking. From whichever angle it is, it’s only going to look admirable and a pretty addition to your wedding album.

6. All up close

Bridal portraits that are all about your makeup or jewellery deets look super stunning. And all you gotta do is stare into the unknown or daydream about your man and let the photographer work his magic with his lens and art! You won’t have to worry about posing!

Image: Naman Verma

7. The classic lehenga shots

While your album would happily boast about the classic lehenga photos, this popular bridal pose is rather offbeat and a must try. All you got to do is sit and admire your lehenga. Your face would automatically lit up with its beauty and *click*, your photographer takes that perfect shot!

8. The enchanting fairy lights

Fairy lights automatically amp up everything where they’re used! Whether it’s the décor or your portraits, the magical vibes that they add are simply unparalleled. So while you’ve used them to deck up your wedding space, make sure to get clicked under their radiance. Even if it is as simple as holding the lights and smiling into the camera.

9. The poser furballs

Bridal photos with your doggos honestly need no specific bridal pose. Simply holding on to them or playing with them is enough to give you frames that are super adorable and are always bound to warm hearts.

10. Satiate your tummies

Whether you’re eating or you’re sipping on your favorite drink, do not forget to pose while doing so. Savour those delicacies in front of the camera while your photographer captures it in the best frames or go all out there and look into the lens and show-off your food, the choice is yours.

Image: Wedding Art

11. Flaunt sexy outfits

We just can’t stop obsessing over this trendy bridal pose. Drishti wore a hot Anu Jani Sandeep Khosla lehenga with the zipper slit skirt and she made sure to get it captured perfectly!

12. Damn that royalty!

This absolutely regal mid close-up bridal portrait has our hearts and quite evidently, for all the right reasons. For how the bride uses her hands and her dupatta for this shot, we’re floored!

13. Quirk it up

Posing against a backdrop or a photo booth setup always works wonders because it acts like a prop and a prop sure makes posing a lot easier and fun. For instance, Asma made sure to let the world know about her wedding when she posed against this personalized backdrop. She simply pointed at the monogram and voila, it’s done!

14. The ethereal veil shots

The veil shots are a classic charmer that manages to woo hearts every single time. They’re breathtaking and look absolutely surreal. Whether you hold the veil right above your head or completely drape it over, whether you look into the camera or give a plandid, and whether you choose to smile or not go, everything works. Literally everything!

Image: Safarsaga

Image: Oragraphy

15. Swagger much?

If you’re a bride with swag, we know how you’d know about umpteen trendy bridal poses that would give a whiff of exactly that. So how about pinning this along with?

16. That hearty gaze

We all know how our eyes are the windows to our soul and how our eyes are the most expressive. And this counts all the more while getting clicked. So while you make sure that your eyes speak of your happiness and love, a simple pose with your arms resting on the table and your head on your arms won’t be too difficult to do!

17. The swirl twirl

Twirl shots are literally everybody’s favorite. It’s like, “did you even wear a flared outfit if you didn’t do a twirl?” And hence, do not forget to get that bewitching twirl shot even if you’re too decked up and your outfit is heavy. Believe us, it’ll be worth it!

18. The henna time

Portraits of a bride getting her henna done are some of most loved of all the bridal portraits. While the candids sure steal hearts, even posed for photos look absolutely stunning!

19. The jewellery game

Bridal poses where you’re simply admiring your jewellery or flaunting it are some of the prettiest poses tbh. So if you’re wearing a piece that’s unique and deserves showing off a tad bit more than the others makes sure to use them for your portraits.

Image: Safarsaga

20. The flower shower

The haldi flower shower photos are just too beautiful to even miss out on. Being showered over with fresh flower petals automatically makes one happy which results in such soulful photos.

21. The dupatta art

While twirling shots and back shots are perfect to show off your gorgeous and unique second dupatta, this latest bridal pose has struck a chord with our hearts too. This top angle shot won’t just capture your veil but also you in all your bridal glory.

22. Play with your eyes

And yet again, we can’t stop stressing enough about how your eyes speak a million things. We can’t take our eyes off this adorable portrait and well, you have to bookmark this!!

Image: Fotowalle

23. Of natural greens

Whether it’s a low-rise tree, hedges, or some flowery bushes, getting yourself clicked amidst those natural greens look super artsy and distinctive. And sunlight furthermore adds those magical depths and shadows making the portrait look so surreal.

24. The trail game

If your outfit boasts of that flamboyant trail behind you, there’s no way you should miss getting it clicked, absolutely not! A classic turn around and pose portrait like this is a sure shot showstopper!

25. Pretty haldi photo

As much of a fun and boisterous affair a haldi ceremony is, haldi photos are equally spirited and joyous. Simply showing off your haldi stains with a cheery smile on your face would work wonders for your haldi portrait.

26. That sexy back

If your bridal dress or blouse is done in a super hot back, it deserves all the attention and being boasted about. And if you’re a camera conscious bride or simply end up going clueless in front of it, save this trendy bridal pose because it’s timeless!

27. All time classic

Bridal portraits drenched in elegant and splendor, the charm of the classic regal portraits in evermore. The ones that capture you and your bridal look in all its glory, these portraits are a must.

Image: Fotowalle

Image: Naman Verma

28. Think out of the box

This latest bridal pose has somehow tugged at our hearts for its sheer ‘feeling free & content’ vibes and its uniqueness. We are literally rooting for this portrait!

29. Be yourself

You don’t really have to worry a lot about how to pose and what to pose if you just be your usual fun self in front of the camera. The photos are always going to be super cheerful to look at and of course, they’re going to elevate the mood of your wedding album like no other.

30. The jewellery prop

Posing while holding your jewels as if you’re wearing them or fixing them is always a savior. Not just that but, such bridal photos look phenomenal because of how the photographer captures them in a detailed manner. Be it your nath, your earrings or neck jewellery, your bangles or payal etc, the variations are a lot!

31. Done already?

If you’re tired of posing already, then how about getting that clicked as well? A bridal pose like this looks fun and of course, feels so real because that’s how brides end up looking after frolicking about under such weight for hours.


While we’ve surely brimmed up with some of the most popular bridal poses with pictures and you would have saved them already, the essence still lies in being your real self on the D-day. Enjoy while it all lasts, don’t fret if some poses don’t end up working, and make the most of this best time of your life.

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