5 FAB Bridal Shower Ideas To Pamper Your BFF Amidst The Pandemic

By Divya Arora .

For how they used to be all about finally taking that girls’ trip to an exotic destination or partying your heart out, Bridal Showers have hugely flipped into an “is it even possible?” affair. Just like the wedding shenanigans have gone intimate, our bridal shower scenes too have either been confined to what government guidelines allow or have simply dwindled down.

But, owing to our ritual right of being the support systems throughout everybody’s wedding journey, there’s no way we would let the pandemic affect anyone’s bachelorette. And so, if you desire to pamper your bridey best friend with a super fun and adorable bridal shower, stick along!

We’ve enlisted five ways to make sure that your soul sister gets a fabulous bridal shower even amidst the pandemic! So, get your planner ready and start taking notes!

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Outdoor Backyard Picnic

While keeping it as intimate as possible with just her closest BFFs around, throw your darling a backyard party. Whether it’s a popcorn & movie night, a barbeque evening, a champagne brunch or an evening tea party, the options and themes are a lot! Deck up the backyard accordingly, dress up, and party your heart out together.

If the guest list goes up a bit on the number, you can also opt for spaced out table settings for an absolutely socially-distanced affair. Incorporate speeches, fun games, quizzes, and even boxed meals.

P.S. Don’t forget a raunchy cake, good music, and of course, sanitizers and masks!

Go Virtual

The most feasible and safe way of attending and hosting celebrations these days is going virtual and should be considered for that bachelorette as well. And obviously, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

Here are some tips and ideas to spice up the virtual bridal shower and make the most of this new normal.

1. Send fun e-invites prior to the event so that everybody is ready with their bag of surprises & joyous shenanigans.

2. Finalize a theme for the bridal shower and dress up accordingly. Have your bridey’s room decked up according to the theme by a planner which is going to be her seating during the call.

3. Send her bridal shower presents beforehand so that she can do her gifts opening ceremony on the day of the virtual party over the video call together with all her bridesmaids.

4. Play virtual games like ‘bridal bingo’, ‘how well do you know the bride’, ‘never have I ever’ etc., to add oodles of fun. Send across the customized templates for these games digitally to all the bridesmaids.

5. You can also have the groom himself join in as a surprise but, make sure it isn’t for the entire time ‘cuz it’s a bachelorette after all. 😉

6. And finally, speeches are a must and of course, so is booze to raise her a toast and well, get sloshed!

Get Pampering

Nothing spells relaxing better than a calming spa or self care sesh! And you can host one for your bestie’s bridal shower too! Curate separate self care kits that include towels, at home mani-pedi kits, face masks, sugar scrubs, and aromatic candles. Get together and simply let loose and unwind with some good music, wine, and boxed meals while treating yourselves and of course, gossiping your day away like your good old teen selves!

Also, keep your guest list as small as possible.

Online Hobby / Activity Class

Right from painting and fluid art to cake decoration, baking, mixology, and cooking, a lot of such classes are being held online these days. And for your bridey’s bridal shower all of you together can attend one such private class.

Decide on an activity that you all would love doing, have your kits ready beforehand as per the guidelines of the class, and spend your day having fun in a totally cool and distinctive way.

A Staycation

Hotels and resorts have started opening their doors for everybody and of course, with a strong hold on the safety and sanitization procedures as laid by the government. So while you can’t take that long planned holiday to some place dreamy, how about a laid-back stay at a plush property in your own city?

You can even have your room decorated with the classic bridal shower elements like balloons, glittery curtains, flowers, etc. Whether it’s a lowkey pyjama party or a glam night, dress as per your theme and wine and munch your stay away!

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