11 Best Places For Budget Wedding Shopping In Kolkata

By Carryl Fernandes .

Kolkata is known as the ‘City of Joy’ and visiting Kolkata for your bridal shopping is going to be one hell of an exciting trip. It is every girl’s dream to look swoon-worthy on her D-day. The bridal outfit, bridal jewellery, and bridal accessories are considered the most quintessential element.

Your dream day is a once in a lifetime occasion that will unite you and the love of your life together. In India, a wedding doesn’t just unite two people but also their families. Hence, the occasion of a wedding is so special and a grand one. At the wedding, the bride is the centre of attraction when she is dressed in her bridal trousseau. A bride in her bridal ensemble is considered as an epitome of elegance and grace. 

For any bride, bridal shopping isn’t a necessity but an experience she would cherish forever.  Once your wedding date has been set the only thought that runs through every bride’s mind is her bridal shopping and her dream ensemble. Well, in Kolkata you would be surprised with the option available to choose from as there are some of the best places to shop in Kolkata and that too on a budget. You can explore the world of fashion in this city of joy – Kolkata, where you can find everything that you need in bazaars to exclusive designer wear in designer boutiques. 

So, without much thought take your bride squad along as you embark on one of the most exciting elements of your big day where you will look out for your bridal wear. 

To ease it out a little for all you brides-to-be out there, we have got you covered as we have handpicked and chosen all the right places that you cannot miss out on visiting when in Kolkata. Check these out! 

A list of 11 Best Budget Wedding shopping places in Kolkata.

1. Burra Bazaar

Burra Bazaar that is famously also known as Bara Bazaar and this place has to be one of the places that come to any locals minds when we think about wedding shopping. It stands to be one of the most fascinating places in Kolkata that is filled with the oldest and largest wholesale markets in the city. You would be blown away by the huge range of products over here along with it being available at unbelievable prices. This place has things to offer that is value for money and let’s not forget the variety that is available here.

Burra bazaar stands to be a one-stop destination for all wedding shopping hues. If you are looking for a typical Bengali lehenga or a North-Indian Ghagra you would be spoilt for choices over here in this market. 

Some of the famous places in Burra bazaar that you shouldn’t miss out on are Nav Durga, China Market, Avon collections Khengrapatti. 

If you are looking for embellished outfits with a high-end bead and lacework then visit Khengrapatti, for decor and giveaways consider visiting China market and for a wide range of bangles, do visit Avon collections.

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2. Gariahat

Gariahat is a go-to place for all to be brides. It literally has everything under the sky that a bride would need. From furniture and essentials for a new house to cosmetics, jewellery, handbags and so much more! This is another happening spot for bridal shopping as you get everything a bride would need without a struggle. 

Also, if you and your prince charming have decided to coordinate and match outfits then this place would be perfect as there are many options for grooms as well with shops selling sherwanis and suits.

Rash Behari Avenue is another interesting destination as it has multiple shops in one line which means a lot of options to explore and choose from. 

While Gariahat is best known for sarees, lehengas, gold jewellery and home decor, some of the must-visit places in the vicinity are Benarasi Kuthi and Adi Dhakeswari Bastralaya for bridal wear, Nnoni for gold jewellery.

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3. College Street

College street is yet another shopping paradise. It is also most famously known as ‘wedding shopping paradise’ especially if you are on a hunt for traditional Bengali bridal sarees. The hype about this place is for real as nothing can do justice to what college street has to offer for bridal outfits. 

Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal and Indian Silk House are places that you can definitely not miss out on when on your visit to college street. These shops are well known for bridal sarees, lehengas and traditional Bengali bridal outfits. Be sure to visit this place and pick something of your choice to flaunt on your big day.

4. New Market

New Market is known to be the Lehenga Hub in Kolkata. While venturing out in a new market you would many lehenga and saree shops and some as old as 1933. If you are a bride who is in quest of her dream bridal lehenga then a stop at the new market is a must. 

This market has such a wide variety to offer that you find anything from heavily embroidered lehengas to really elegant and minimalistic ones. The best part of this market is that along with gorgeous lehengas you can also find precious stone jewellery, cosmetics, and bridal footwear. 

Shopping can become a very tiresome affair and so New market also has some places that you could check out when you get a little hungry. Feast on some delicious cakes from Nahoum’s and also on the mouth-watering Kathi rolls from Nizams.

5. Bow Bazaar

Bow generally refers to a Bengali bride. If your bridal outfit has been purchased then bow bazaar is your next stop. Bow Bazaar has a wide range of exclusive bridal jewellery to offer. This market houses a number of goldsmiths that specialize in high-end bridal jewellery. A place like Ganguly street will help you find designer as well as budget-friendly jewellery in Kolkata. 

Some of the top names in this market that you cannot miss out on are Senco Gold, PC Chandra and Anjali Jewellers. Also, with jewellery shopping, you can also try out the famous Sondesh and Kora Pak at Naba Krishna Guin.

6. Mahatma Gandhi Road

If you are looking at something that is tailor-made and customized just for you then Mahatma Gandhi is the destination. If a perfect fit with personalizations is your thing then head to this place has it houses the finest of finest craftsmen who will stitch your bridal outfit as per the latest trend and style and of course your choice exclusively just for you.

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7.  Bagree Market

Bagree market is a paradise for brides looking for accessories. You would anything under the sky when it comes to accessories. Right from Maang tikkas to toe rings, necklaces, bangles and so much more. Bagree Market is a wholesale market which means it absolutely wedding shopper-friendly as you will find a lot of things at affordable prices. 

Let us tell you a fun fact about Bagree market. If you’ll are too tired holding onto your shopping bags while roaming the market then you can choose to hire a ‘mutia’ basically a porter who will carry your bags around with you for a few hundred rupees. Interesting isn’t it?

8. Chowringee Road

Are you on a hunt for something that is traditional or something that is funky? Well, both can be found here at Chowringee road. This place is popularly known for its decor items and terracotta jewellery items. Your bridal shopping would be incomplete if you missed on paying a visit to Chowringee road. 

9. Birsul Haat

Birsul Haat is the leather hub of Kolkata. For all you grooms out there Birsul Haat is a place for all your wedding leather shopping needs for yourself and your groomsmen. It is a wholesale market for all leather accessories like shoes, belts, wallets, man purses etc. Birsul Haat would satisfy the groom tribes’ accessory woes! 

10. Haatibagan

Haatibagan is another hot pick and also one of the best place to shop in Kolkata. This market is a go-to place for locals especially for the finest choice and variety in cotton and silk sarees. Take a tour of Haatibagan and you may find the saree that you have been looking out for a while. Brides draped in sarees are always a delight to the eyes as they display sheer elegance.

11. Park Street

Park street is popular for a variety of designer stores that it has to offer. You can find anything from designer lehengas to swoon-worthy jewellery to an extensive range of bridal accessories. It is a one-stop destination for all your bridal shopping needs. Go check’em out girls!


Explore a hundred stores before you finally pick on the bridal outfit and accessories for your dream day. Something that would really help the most is to start with researching over the look you have always dreamt of for your big day. Once you have researched well, find what you want would be much easier. 

We do understand that shopping for your D-day can get a little overwhelming, especially with all the wedding stress and emotions joined to the occasion you may a little confused. Shopping in Kolkata is an experience of its kind and make sure you make the most of it. Along with shopping do not forget to try out the range of lip-smacking food that Kolkata has to offer.

Don’t worry girls and just keep our shopping guide handy for all your wedding shopping in Kolkata and we assure you that you will find your dream outfit.

Enjoy every bit of your wedding shopping and remember to share your shopping experience with us! 


Edited & Published By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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