Can’t Take that Bachelorette Trip? Here’s How to Host it in your Hometown or City!

By Divya Arora .

For being one of the most awaited pre-wedding bashes for any bride-to-be, her bachelorette deserves to be one bomb of a party to cherish and reminisce for a lifetime. It’s got to be that boisterous and fancy in all terms, sans anything lowkey.

While so many Bridechillas are taking off to an exotic or a happening location for their bachelorettes with their gangs, it isn’t the only way to celebrate your bachelorette. You can host your bachelorette party in your own hometown or city with equal zest and fun times. All it needs is the right planning and the perfect bachelorette essentials to make it not seem like your any other basic hangout scene!

And well, we’ve got you covered with some basic tips that would aid you in planning that perfect bachelorette without having to go places. Start taking notes!

1. Prepare your budget and guest list

This is the most basic yet the most essential first step towards planning your bachelorette party. Set an approximate budget and decide on who all you’re going to celebrate the last moments of your singlehood with.

2. What’s your theme?

Centering your bachelorette around a particular theme is only going to make it more fun ladies. Be it planning a pyjama party, theming it around your favorite movie or series, opting for something unconventional or simply having a dress or color code, choose your theme and plan your entire bash around it.

3. Where do you want to party?

Now that you’ve decided how your bachelorette should be, it’s time to finalize a place according to that. Right from picking up a friend’s place or terrace to booking a happening party place in your town or opting for a stay at a farmhouse or a resort, the choices are endless.

4. Send out personalized or DIY invites

For all the love & support they’ve always shown you and for all the times they put up with your drama and tantrums, your bffs deserve to be spoiled with as much love. Send out personalized invites or make them yourself along with a cute little bff goodie hamper to make things extra special.

5. Pay attention to the decor

Believe it or not, but a bachelorette deserves that specific right kind of decor. If it is a themed bachelorette then make sure your decor sticks to that theme. And if not, then the classic bridal shower decor consisting huge ‘Bride-to-be’ balloons, flowers, normal balloons, glittery elements etc., are all there for the perfect bachelorette party vibes.

6. Don’t forget that naughty AF cake!

Now, what’s a party without a cake and in fact, what’s a bachelorette without an explicit cake, right? Make sure your friends know the right kind of cake (read:naughty) to get for you!

7. Props matter!

Basic props like, stashes, fur hats and boas, placards and signages are a must. But, don’t forget to include some notorious and raunchy props for it’s your bachelorette after all. It’s got to be playful, right?

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8. Include notorious games

Spice things up by including fun drinking games and of course, the adult ones too. Games like Bra Pong, Never have I Ever, How Well Do You Know the Bride, Scavenger Hunt etc. are must really. You can’t do a bachelorette party without such games.

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