31 Fancy Chair Seating Decor Ideas To Amp Up Your Wedding Decor

By Divya Arora .

Amidst those comfy couch seating lounges, the casual cabanas, and the heavily bedecked couple seating, the charm of gorgeously bedecked chair seating still remains a classic that’s unmatched! Be it the distinctively decorated couple chairs or flamboyantly done guest seating areas, chair seating holds a special place especially, for how uniquely and in truckloads of ways they can be decked up.

And that is exactly what we’re going to ideate you with right here! Collated below are some of the best chair seating decor ideas that we’re sure will leave everybody impressed! And of course, if incorporated, they are without a doubt taking your revelries a notch above with all that class & chicness.

Best Chair Seating Decor Ideas

To begin with, there are loads of elements that can be used to deck up your chair seating. Be it varied fabric, flowers, and bejwelled strings or ribbons, tassles, monograms etc., the options and choices are endless. And how to use them creatively to breathe in a wedding decor of your dreams is exactly what we have here for you!

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1. Side floral tie

Draped finely and tied up even more elegantly with bunched florals, this decoration makes up for one of the best chair seating decor ideas ever! And of course, a pretty one!

Image: CineLove

2. Marigold affair

Having those chairs decked up with marigold garlands in one or two-tier looks so graceful and traditional. Perfect for the haldi or mehndi ceremony decor, this should definitely make it to your saved lists.

Decor: Altair

3. The charm of foliage

We absolutely heart this gorgeous couple chair decoration! What makes this a great pick for a nature or Boho themed ceremony is how foliage and Baby’s Breath flowers bedeck these couple chairs along with the cliché monograms.

Decor: Aash Studio

4. Triple tie

Going monotone, having three separate pieces of fabric tied up simplistically makes this such a unique and trendy chair seating wedding decor idea that we’re rooting for.

5. Seal it with a tassel

Amp up those basic tied drapes with a huge golden thread tassel and make your chair seating decor go from a one to hundred in an instant!

Decor: Altair

6. Timelessness of Mogras

One of the most classic flowers to incorporate in your wedding is always going to be Mogras. And what better way to infuse it than to have it decorate your chairs while you host a traditional themed ceremony?!

7. A quaint tie

While this popular chair seating decor idea can be followed and done in bright hues too, we believe, the charm of this decoration lies in pastel hues only. If you don’t wanna go peach then colors like mint green, ice blue, pastel pink, lilac or even white would look equally surreal.

8. All entwined

Choose separate pieces of a single fabric and all you have to do is drape it alternatively through the back of those tiffany chairs leaving the rest of the fabric hang loosely. They look absolutely in sync and absolutely delightful.

9. The broad drape side tie

Unlike the previous side tie, the fabric is rather draped completely on the top of the chair instead of just half. Tying the fabric into a stunning flower knot on the side requires no extra embellishments and yet looks fancy AF! However, this trendy chair seating wedding decor idea is more apt for chair with straight and tall backs.

10. Minimal yet chic

Making up for one of the top chair seating decor ideas, this one is just perfect for that rustic ceremony or a formal wedding. It’s a striking blend of raw and elegant and would amazingly complement the classic gold tiffany chair seating for the guests.

Decor: Atisuto

11. One side floral bouquet

Heavily bunched florals decorating one top of the chair would make all those lined up chairs look absolutely breathtaking. And while we think that this chair & flower color combination is so apt for a day wedding, the choice of colors is endless.

Planner: To The Aisle

12. Go a little beachy

Great for that beach or seaside ceremony, this is unquestionably one of the top chair seating decor ideas. For how one side of the chair is wrapped up in a fabric and further embellished with a cutesy cloth starfish, we can’t stop adoring this one!

13. The crisscross

A simply done yet fancy drape style, this adds the perfect flamboyance to the chairs which further elevates the overall look and appeal of those tablescapes. It’s surely unique and absolutely modish.

14. All about the upper halves

A rather popular chair seating decor idea that can be done in a single color throughout of multiple hues on mehndi, tying a small piece of fabric on just the upper half of the chair is a great option. Tie the knot on the sides or in the centre at the back, you can never go wrong with this decor style.

15. The charming white & gold

This couple chair decoration is undoubtedly one of the best out there and looks so contemporary. Beautifully entwined in the top of the chair, the fabric is further accentuated with the classic bride and groom monogram and a little green. So stunning!

Decor: Aash Studio

16. Alternate cloth rolls

While you alternate that fabric through the chair bars, make sure to not leave the fabric loose and instead roll them simultaneously. This will not cover the chair back entirely but would in fact make the drape look clean. And while, you can do this in two different colors, going monotone or multi-colored would also look good!

17. Rolling in the half

Roll ‘em drapes horizontally on the top half of the chair to create a design that’s distinctive and defining. This is the perfect way to go minimal on those chair decorations and yet make it look striking!

18. Minimal with a twist

With a little turquoise cloth and colorful florals, the way these chairs are decked up is so different and modern.

Decor: Atisuto

19. The cushion game

Whether you decorate your chair or not, simply accessorizing them with cushions that go with the theme of the ceremony is a great way!

Decor: Atisuto

20. Cover them up

You don’t always need to drape the chairs in fabric or decorate them with flowers. For a fine-cum-casual dining or chiller a welcome brunch simply having them halfway covered works too. It’s obviously different from the classic chair seating decor ideas yet fuss free.

21. Simple falling drape

Fabric simply put through the back bars without any twists and rolls is yet another distinctive and a trendy chair seating wedding decor idea that is sure to outshine.

Planner: To The Aisle

22. Boho couple chairs

You needn’t have your couple chairs all flamboyantly decked up! Simplistic decor like this using florals and monogram placards looks beauteous too. However, coupling it up with other elements around surely elevates the entire setup making it the highlight of the entire decor!

23. The cover drapes

This isn’t just a simple velvet fabric draped stylishly. If you look closely you’ll see that each chair is adorned with two separate velvet drape-style covers that go across each other. The exquisiteness they add to the entire formal dining setup is unmatched!

24. Go eco-friendly

This idea surely makes up for one of the best couple chair decor ideas done in an eco-friendly manner. The couple simply painted the jute cloth with their wedding hahstag names and tied it to their chairs. Zero waste and so edgy!

25. Bow-tie

Tying up the fabric on one side in the bow knot literally requires no other form of embellishments to fancy up the chair. You can of course further amp it up with floral or bejewelled garlands but this particular chair seating decor idea looks pretty appealing as it is!

26. The cane game

For your rustic and nature themed ceremony, curate a raw seating corner like this. And all it takes is a cane backdrop, rug, moodha, two chairs, a white basket and foliage coupled with oranges and a few flowers.

Decor: KV Decor

27. The colored tiffany

Chiavari chairs, commonly called tiffany chairs are as it is a fancy element to incorporate in your wedding decor. If you don’t want to decorate them up, simply having them in unique colors would enhance the decor by multifolds.

28. Dolled up ties

A bewitching take on the chair covers, when you tie the fabric at the back, make sure to further bedeck it with florals or some fancy element that would bring about that distinctive edge to it.

29. That diagonal elegance

While we can’t get over the classic side ties, this edgy decor idea with the cloth being tied on the opposite sides is literally class galore.

30. Ribbons that cascade

Different hued ribbons adorning the chairs prettily which are further amped up with dainty Baby’s Breath flowers, this top chair seating decor idea has tugged at our hearts.

31. Transparent beauty

Ghost chairs, also known as transparent or crystal chairs are one striking decorative element on their own and technically needs nothing else to further decorate it. Opting for such chairs is one of best ways to go stylish and classy on your chair decor without actually having to deck them up!

Chair seating areas have always been an in-thing when it comes to weddings and we believe its always going to be. So you might as well bookmark your favorite ones from the list RN! 😉

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