30+ Chandan Bindi Art Designs For Bengali Brides

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

One look at a bride wearing choora and kaleera, and you know she is a Punjabi bride. Similarly, the charm and beauty of a Bengali bride wearing a traditional mukut, aalta laden hands & feet, and the significant red bindi along with trendy chandan bindi art designs make her look distinctive and surreal.

But have you ever wondered why Bengali brides have that white and red bindi design on the forehead and what is it called?

That bindi design is known as Chandan bindi, also known as Chondon bindi or Chondon Fota. With the help of a fine brush, the chandan paste is used to make intricate and chandan bindi art designs. It is painted around a big, bold red bindi placed at the center of her forehead and spread until the end of her brows each side, rooted in both traditional and scientific practices.

The application of chandan (sandalwood) dots is known to bring in good fortune to the bride and has a cooling effect to help her stay calm and composed during the wedding ceremony.

From the real wedding of Bipasha Basu to the reel life of Paro in Devdas (Aishwarya Rai), we have listed some of the latest Chandan bindi art designs ranging from floral, to thick, elongated up to the chin, and simple encircling lines or dots for Bengali brides that are a true depiction of their rich culture and sheer beauty.

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