Dos And Don’ts For The Modern South Indian Bride

By Carryl Fernandes .

A South Indian wedding is well known for its rustic decor, larger than life floral arrangement and traditional aesthetics. When we think of a modern South Indian bride, we think of a royal and pure silk Kanjivaram saree, traditional gold temple jewellery, heavily embroidered blouse and hair covered with fresh flowers and gold hair accessories. The complete look of a South Indian bride is absolutely heavenly and divine.

When it comes to your Dream Day – The Wedding, every detail whether big or small matters and should be given utmost importance. These days there is a sea of options available to choose from when it comes to sarees, jewellery, hairstyles, and makeup. However, do not get carried away and try to incorporate all of it in your bridal attire as it may get a little overwhelming. 

Hence, to ensure that you look and feel your best on the most awaited day of your life, we have listed a few dos and dont’s that you could consider before your dream day arrives.

One of the most distinctive features of a modern South Indian bride is kanjivaram silk saree. Brides can never go wrong when it comes to a traditional modern kanjivaram saree. Refer to this listicle of dos and don’ts and ace your saree look for your wedding day!

The dos checklist for Modern South Indian Bride before buying your wedding outfit are:

Consider the fabric 

While you go saree hunting, ensure to pick up a saree with really good quality fabric. Refrain from cheap quality fabrics and embroideries on the saree. A good quality fabric will stay intact for years together and also mold your whole bridal look. So brides, do not compromise on quality.

Imagine your final look and pick the right shade

The best part about sarees is that they flatter most women. Opting for the right shade makes a big difference. A shade too dark or too light can take away its entire aura and change the way you will look on your big day! A colour that isn’t referred to being timeless would go out of vogue in no time. Hence, choose something that you could use repeatedly without it getting boring and out of fashion at the same time.

Look out for a pure silk saree

If your plan is to splurge, consider buying only pure silk and nothing else. While pure silk sarees do cost a bomb but they are no less than an investment. It is often said that pure silk sarees outlives its owners.

The don’ts for a Modern South Indian Bride before buying your wedding outfit are:

Don’t go overboard

If you opt for a pure silk saree it will be light and luxurious. Try and match your accessories and colours well to ensure you do not look OTT and inordinate.

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Dyeing is a big NO-NO!

Certain designers may offer to dye the fabric to the colour of your choice. However, a saree loses its charm when dyed. It also makes the fabric weak and reduces its life span. Which is why we never suggest dyeing for bridal sarees. 

Don’t rush, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event

Your wedding saree is an investment and an asset for a lifetime. Take some time out and research over the design and colour that you want before you go hunting for it. Another tip from our side –  drape it on yourself and see how does it look on you and also do remember to check the colour of the saree in sunlight as the real colour would be visible. 

The bridal outfit is one of the most important elements of the bridal attire, but that’s not it as along with your gorgeous saree, what would light up your entire look is the accessories you wear along with it to enhance and complete your entire look.

The dos for Modern South Indian Brides before selecting her bridal accessories: 

Keep it traditional and classic

There is nothing more beautiful and elegant than traditional gold jewellery. Give your mother’s or grandmother’s jewellery chest a good check before you go out shopping for your wedding jewellery.

Strike a balance between your jewellery and hair accessories

We can’t imagine a south Indian bride without flowers and gold hair accessories tucked and braided into her locks. This is a must-do for a modern south Indian bride. Adorn your bridal hairstyle with fresh flowers and traditional hair accessories.


Go for a Kamarbandh

A Kamar bandh, when worn with a saree, adds a lot of aura to the final bridal look. It is also one of the most trending accessories among south Indian brides these days. 

The don’ts for a Modern South Indian Bride before selecting her bridal accessories: 

Avoid doing anything that is OTT

There is no such thing as too many accessories if you are the bride. We would always recommend not to experiment and try anything that may look gaudy. It is always better to opt for subtle and light jewellery.

Be mindful about following trends

Irrespective of what is trending, be it fancy chokers or heavy hair danglers or anything else, do not opt for it if you feel that you would not be comfortable in it. It is your big day with all your loved ones around you and on this day comfort definitely comes first. Opting for something uncomfortable will make you feel uneasy and fidgety throughout your wedding functions.

Along with your bridal saree and accessories, something that is also important is selecting the right blouse to match your saree and your bridal accessories. In South Indian weddings this also plays a very important role in the bridal ensemble.

The dos checklist for Modern South Indian Bride before selecting her bridal saree blouse.

Go in for a contrast colour blouse

Most of the times brides opt for a contrast colour blouse. It looks fabulous and we absolutely love the idea of doing that. When a contrast colour blouse is chosen, it brightens the entire look of the saree and also gives every detail more visibility.

We love how this bride chose to wear a different coloured blouse along with her bridal saree.


Personalise it!

It is your day and everyone’s eyes will be on you! Every little detail counts on this very day. With that being said, a personalized blouse is a big yes will be an absolute stunner. It has always been a trendsetter and also something that your better half would be thrilled to see. You will be showered with compliments as not all brides think of this or can carry it off. Was something like this on your list?

Experiment, but only to a limit

A modern blouse like this is not something that everyone would be able to carry and look good at the same time. Though it is different, it something that we are currently loving. This sequenced mid armed sleeve blouse with cute little ruffles at the end is a must-try if you are someone who wants to be at par with the current trend while opting to stay traditional at the same time. A peplum style has always been a big hit!

These below are a list of don’ts for a Modern South Indian Bride before selecting her bridal saree blouse.

Too much of something isn’t the best idea!

Try and keep it simple and chic. Go for something that is not overly jazzy and gaudy and it will always make the bride look more elegant. Opting for something like this will take away your whole charm as South Indian sarees already look so rich and then with all the hair accessories and jewellery, it will all start to look mismatched and overdone.

Incorporate trends wisely

Over detailing on a blouse definitely takes away its charm, leaving it looking very overwhelming. This happens to be something that surely should be avoided by all South Indian brides. 

Comfort comes first!

While the emphasis has always been around choosing something that is trendy but yet comfortable. Comfort on your wedding day is of utmost importance and cannot be ignored at any cost. On a day where you would have so many people to attend to you can’t go wrong with your comfort level. A blouse like this one can get uncomfortable and may feel stuffy which will result in irritation. You rather opt for something that doesn’t have too much happening.

Photo: Blouse Hub


Well, these were our top dos and don’ts for the Modern South Indian bride to slay on her big day. Always remember that it is always about comfort and how you feel on that day, as it is your day and it comes only once, so you should remember to make the most of it. 

Keep the above few things in mind as it is your big day and all eyes would always be on you and you definitely don’t want to go wrong on that day even when it comes to the smallest of smallest things.

Lastly, we would love to see you all dolled up on your big day so don’t forget to share some pictures. You could also write to us and let us know if these tips helped you with your wedding planning.


Edited & Published By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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