Creative DIY Waterfront Engagement

Vasu & Vipul


This chic engagement party in Sydney is full of DIY treats and décor details. From the cake and desserts made by the talented bride-to-be to the charming ‘Mint-to-Be’ party favors, every aspect of Vasu and Vipul’s engagement party is thoughtful, creative and a beautiful celebration of their love.

It was especially heartwarming to see the effort that close friends and family of the couple went to (a skit, song and dance performances and even a DIY photo booth, to name a few) in making Vasu & Vipul’s evening one that will be cherished forever. The atmosphere of fun and celebration is beautifully depicted by Chris A James Photography in the full gallery below. Meanwhile, bride-to-be, Vasu lets us in on all the details, as well as just how this beautiful love story began.

About The Couple

How did we meet?

Vipul and I met in a very ‘DDLJ-esque’ way (referring to the 90s classic film, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge). We both live 20 minutes away from each other in Sydney but only met when we went on a group trip to India.

We had both taken part in a volunteer road trip from Bangalore to Chandigarh with mutual friends. Our personalities are quite different; he’s more like the class clown and instantly gets along with everyone, whereas I am a lot more reserved when I’m around people I don’t know well. Despite this, we found ourselves talking for hours without getting bored.

Once we were both back in Sydney, it was only a matter of days before we started dating.

How we are as a couple?

Vipul and I have been together for the last four and a half years. We have a lot of similar interests – particularly eating and cooking. We enjoy being outdoors, love to plan events and parties. We are at our happiest when we are amongst family and close friends.

How he proposed?

Our proposal ended up being quite a funny story. It was an extremely hot day in January and we had planned to go to Coogee for a picnic (Coogee is a very special place for us – back when we had been dating in our uni days, I took Vipul for a walk up to the cliff at Coogee because the view from there is amazing and we had etched our names in a rock there).

Vipul had very sweetly packed pani puris for us – knowing that they are my favorite. We were sitting in a nice spot under the shade when Vipul had this ‘wonderful’ idea of walking up to the cliff in the scorching heat to go and find the etched rock. Unfortunately for him, I am very stubborn and was not keen on walking. Eventually (and after lots of convincing) we walked up to the cliff.

After getting to the top, Vipul pointed to a rock and there I saw etched on it: ‘Vasu, marry me?’. I turned around and saw him on one knee. What he said after that is a blur because all I remember doing is crying and feeling so amazingly overwhelmed. His friends and our sisters were hiding nearby and captured the moment for us.

The Details


VISION & THEME: We knew that all of our wedding events would be Indian, so we decided to make this particular event a little different – with a more DIY and modern feel to it.

VENUE: We used the hall at the Dobroyd Acquatic Club as it is right next to the bay and has amazing views.

CATERING: We decided to have a canapé style arrangement catered by Kumars Taj. We had lots of Indian tikkas, followed by a light dinner which included biryani.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Chris A James Photography.

INVITATIONS: These were done by Hearts and Craft, a close friend of ours.


Our sisters had organized a game that was essentially a battle between the Groom’s side and the Bride’s side – to see who knew us better. The game was inspired by the characters from the TV show, Friends. Neither side held back and what followed was a hilarious shut down (by the girls of course).

Our amazing friends also planned a few performances. They did a little skit to show how we met – with some hilarious (tweaked) details – followed by a dance performance! The night ended with everyone breaking it down on the dance floor. We went home with sore legs and beaming faces!

Engagement Look

VASU’S OUTFIT: I wore a pink floor-length dress was by Australian Designer, Eileen Kirby. It was a formal dress, but at the same time very light and comfortable. It was a very easy choice for me.


VASU’S SHOES: Heels from Wanted Shoes.

HAIR & MAKEUP: Hair and Makeup by Sana.

VIPUL’S OUTFIT: Blue suit from Ron Bennett.

VIPUL’S SHOES: Windsor Smith.

Decor & Unique Details

Both of us are very ‘hands-on’ people and love to be creative. We decided to make the whole set up a DIY affair. From the ceiling drapes to the photo booth and room set up – it was all done by us (with some help from friends). Some of our favorite details included:

  • Home-made dessert table – I make cakes as a hobby, so I went all out and made a dessert table for the guests.
  • Candle jars – I raided my Mum’s kitchen to find all the glass jars that I could and decorated them with glitter and lace to create candle jars.
  • Beer crates – Vipul transformed wooden barrels that he had at home into beer crates.
  • Photo booth – This was a DIY Photo Booth that was set up by our sisters and friends. It was a big hit with all of our guests!
  • Favors – We made little mint boxes and labeled them with ‘Mint to be’. We purchased the boxes from eBay and the mints from a local candy warehouse called The Professors Lolly Shop. These were given to our guests as favors.

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