13 Latest Ideas To Glam Up The Decor For Your Cocktail Party

By Divya Arora .

We know how, for all the to-be-wed couples, there is no such thing as too much wedding inspiration; be it the outfits, the jewellery and accessories, or the decor in fact, especially the wedding decor. Whether you’re looking for trending wedding themes to ideate your ceremonies around, the decor according to those themes, or specific elemental decor ideas, there will always be some space available in your inspiration boards for new choices. And that’s exactly why we love satiating your need for freshest and latest of decor ideas for your soiree.

For this time, we decided to brim you up with some decor inspiration for your cocktail party. Those happening and jazzed up cocktail nights are a celebration in themselves and hence, their decor needs to be equally effervescent and bang on glam! And to help you prep up the mood boards for the decor for your cocktail party, we created this quick idea book jacketing the best of cocktail decor ideas for you.

These ideas are absolutely enchanting and perfect for your night of partying. And you wouldn’t be able to resist yourselves from incorporating these into your decor. We bet!

1. A glimmering bar

This ‘Drunk In Love’ bar festooned with fairy lights is just the perfect bar decor for your cocktail party. It’s an adorable blend of romantic and glamorous making up for a pretty pick.

Decor: Atisuto

2. That LED entrance

Welcome your guests in a technically modern style to your cocktail with an LED lit entrance that’s rather edgy and well, trippy! A cocktail is all about partying like there’s no tomorrow and we all know what lights are to a party!

3. A hep ceiling

This mirror ceiling adorned with disco balls is all you need to elevate your cocktail party decor by multi-folds. It’s literally all the zest that a happening cocktail party demands and this decor setup is sure to have your guests jump right into the party mode.

Decor: Aash Studio

4. Lit-up canopies

For an outdoor cocktail, lit up canopy seating lounges and even couple seating would look absolutely amazing. They exude the perfect cozy vibes while the pretty lights add to the entire party ambience.

Decor: Atisuto

5. A foliage bar

For your forest themed cocktail party, a floral and foliage glass bar amped up with chandeliers and lights is something that you just can’t miss out on. The elegance of this showstopper setup is simply unmissable.

6. Of heavenly installations

This all lit installation done in mirror boxes coupled with gladiolus and lots of candles simply has our heart! Perfect elemental decor for your cocktail party, having a pretty corner like this infused in the decor won’t just add to the vibe but, also make for a captivating photo op!

Decor: Altair

7. Quirk & grace

This entire setup, we believe, is absolutely amazing for your sundowner outdoor cocktail party. It’s a perfect blend of the cocktail jazz and dining elegance with that checkered dance floor amidst the exquisite tablescapes. It’s glamorous yet happening at the same time and the entire decor will have your guests hooked to its edginess.

8. The metallic mantra

This whole metallic extravaganza is one helluva bomb decor for your cocktail party. It’s a super refreshing setup and you can choose to go as heavy or as light as you want. For instance, if you don’t want to go all extra, such metallic on metallic table settings amidst your seating lounges would look absolutely flamboyant and would bedazzle up the entire decor for that matter.

Decor: Rani Pink

9. Engagement-cocktail setup

So many couples out there prefer hosting an engagement-cum-cocktail ceremony and this stage is everything for such a soiree! Drenched in an unmatched elegance, this glimmering structured stage done in drapes, florals, chandeliers, and miniature bulbs is surely going to grab all eyeballs.

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

10. The chair factor

The kind of chairs you incorporate in your cocktail decor or any ceremony for that matter also makes a huge difference. For a glam cocktail night using metallic or ghost Tiffany chairs would unquestionably add truckloads to your decor’s opulence.

11. Shimmer it up

The decor for your cocktail party deserves to be shimmery coupled with appropriate lighting and edgy elemental pieces. And hence, a ceiling with cascading shimmery strings would look absolutely remarkable. Whether it’s over the dance floor, the couple seating, the bar or the entire venue, you can never go wrong with shimmer and glitter.

12. Fairy lights galore

Fairy lights literally have a prowess to elevate any kinda decor and make it all look absolutely whimsical. This setup would look truly resplendent for your beachy sundowner party leaving your guests reveling in the surrealism of lights while they party their hearts out!

Decor: Aash Studio

13. The centerpiece charm

Exquisite and huge floral centerpieces festooned with crystal strings would make up for one of the best elements of a fancy decor for your cocktail party. The luxe they add to the entire ambience is unparalleled and would amp your table settings phenomenally!


While you can obviously tweak, downsize, or upscale these decor ideas according to the theme of your cocktail party, their charm isn’t going to dwindle down for sure! All of these ideas are sure to keep up with the glamour and zest quotient of your cocktail and will leave your guests in complete awe of the decor!

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