Large reception venues in Melbourne

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Asika Pelenda

Asika Pelenda

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Still having trouble with this one because of our large guest numbers! We're looking at 350-400 people for the reception and keep going back and forth with venues. We're not looking for your typical ballroom, so would love some suggestions on any unique (but large) venues in Melbourne!


  • Shivani Manoharan
    Shivani Manoharan

    I had this issue also, we weren't planning to go with a typical ballroom but we couldn't find anything within Melbourne for our size that was a bit more unique! We are now going with a ballroom afterall (San Remo), but I went to a wedding reception at The Pavillion earlier in the year which was a really cool space. I hear NGV, Mural Hall and Zinc (Fed Square) all hold large numbers but I haven't been to any of those for weddings. Good luck!