10 Things That Happen At Every Punjabi Wedding

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Neha Garg Ahuja

Neha Garg Ahuja

I am a pro-pink, wore a bubble-pink lehenga on my wedding and drove my own doli (happy to share the photos!)

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If you have ever been to a Punjabi wedding or get a chance to attend one, you are guaranteed two things - loads of dancing and gallons of drinking.

Punjabis know how to celebrate an event and make it a night to remember for everyone - whether it’s a roka ceremony or a big fat wedding.

Here are some of the things that happen at every Punjabi wedding.

*Get Ready For Some Laugh*

1) Rum Rum Rum Rum Rum Whiskey... Is Essential!


There could be a shortage of food, but whiskey….NEVER!

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2) The Pre-wedding Functions Start 2 Months Before The Wedding Date


Because Punjabiyaan di battery hmesha charge rehendi hai!

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3) You’ve Cousins Coming From All Over The World (even from Kaneeda)


Because *saade veere di wedding hai*

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4) The Cocktail Will Be Incomplete Without ‘Saadi Rail Gaddi Aayi’ Dance


This song will be repeated at least thrice at any Punjabi wedding.

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5) DJ Is Okay, But Where's The Dholwala?


No matter how much you enjoy dancing on the old and new songs, but the actual dancing happens at the dhol. *Chak De Boliyaann*

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6) The Shower Of Money While Dancing


The uncles throwing money not only on the bride or groom, but also on their friends, cousins, and aunties.  

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7) Larger Than Life Costumes


Expect to see the most gorgeous and expensive outfits at any Punjabi wedding as they ‘live life king size’.

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8) The Matchmaking Aunties


You’ll find them noticing the young boys and girls and fixing their rishtas. They are found at every Punjabi wedding. Beware of them!

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9. Maamaji And Chachiji Dancing With A Glass of Whisky On Their Head


*Do ghut peela de saathiya baaki mere te rodd de*

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10) Eat Everything On The Menu & Then Complain About The Same


"The paneer of the paneer tikka wasn’t fresh, I had only eaten 5”

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