20+ Most Beautiful & Trending Jaimala Designs For 2019

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Neha Garg Ahuja

Neha Garg Ahuja

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Jaimala (also known as Varmala) is one of the most important rituals of a traditional Hindu wedding, it signifies the beginning of a new journey for the bride and the groom.

It's one of the most fun-filled event, and heavily photographed too. 

While we pay so much attention to our outfits, jewellery and decor, but little we know that it’s the Jaimala that make or break your look. And interestingly, jaimalas have evolved over the years and are available in various designs, patterns and colors - whether you want to match it with your outfits, contrast with your decor or just pick what’s in trend.

Here are a few Jaimala options for your 2019 wedding. Don’t forget to bookmark it. 

1. This Pretty Pink Jaimala Looks Beautiful Against An Ivory, Silver Or Beige Outfit.

2. This Pretty Peach Tuberose Jaimala Against A Pastel Blue Lehenga Has Our Heart.

3. Go For White Carnations Coordinating With Your Outfit.

4. A Purple Orchid Jaimala Against This Gold-Shimmery Lehenga Looks So Good *Especially In Photos*


Post Image 1

5.  This Bright Yellow Rose Jaimala Has Taken All Our Attention.

6. Could This Open-End Long Botanical Jaimala Be The New Trend?

7. We're Already Crushing On This Ferns & Foliage Jaimala For Your Wedding Day. 

8. Marigold Jaimalas May Look Traditional, But Looks Great In Photos. 

9. These Artificial Jaimalas Look As Good As Real Flower Jaimalas. 

10.  These Twisted Thai Modish Jaimala Adds A Unique Touch To Your Overall Look. 

11. Thai Jaimala Gives You A Traditional, Yet Modern Look. 

12. We Kind Of Love These Super Light-Weighted Jaimalas Made Of Jewels. 

13. These Pastel Floral Jaimalas Are Our Favorites Since The #Virushka Wedding 

Post Image 1

Image Credits: Stories By Joseph Radhik

14. The Combination of Baby Pink & White Roses Are Just Love broken heartheart

Post Image 1

Image: Ivy Weddings

15. An All-White Rose Jaimala Has Its Own Charm

16. The Prettiest Mogra Jaimalas Are Here!

17. All The Romantic Feels At One Place!

18. These Baby's Breath Jaimalas Are Our Favorite heart

19. Red Roses With Baby's Breath?  Looks Classy!

20. Dry Flower Jaimala's Are Making It's Way To Our Heart!


21.  A Combination Of White Roses, Baby's Breaths and Hydrangeas Looks Perfect For A Day Wedding. 

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