20 Thoughts You Have When Your Best Friend Is Getting Married

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Neha Garg Ahuja

Neha Garg Ahuja

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You just do not know how to react when your favorite person is getting married (and going away from you). You’re flooded with too many emotions and you absolutely have no idea about what’s going to happen and how it’ll all turn out to be!

Here are a few thoughts that cross your mind during this time.  


1. Woohoooo! My bestie is getting married!

2. Pinch me! Is this really happening?

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3. But hey wait, will I not see her often now? What will happen to our movie dates and Sunday brunches?

4. Will we still have girls’ night outs?

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5. Is she always going to come with her husband wherever we decide to go out shopping?

6. I hope everything remains the same between us. Fingers crossed!

7. What do I wear to her wedding? OH GOD... I got to look gorgeous and why not, I am the bridesmaid.

8. But… what is she going to wear at her wedding? I better coordinating with her, right?

9. I am sure she will make the Prettiest. Bride. Ever. Touchwood *nazar na lage*

10. I will have happy tears when I see her walking down the aisle looking absolutely gorgeous. 

11. And she will be Mrs. xxxxxx


12. But what will be her new FB name? Will it be Maansi Ahuja Sharma or only Maansi Sharma? Or she won’t change it at all?

13. I hope I get along with her husband and we go for dinner dates together (and I will be the third wheel)

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14. How will she manage in a joint family?

15. She doesn’t even know how to cook anything except maggi and sandwiches.

16. I just hope her husband knows at least some basic cooking if he doesn't want to die of hunger cheeky

17. We can no longer crash each other’s place whenever we want :(

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18. I’ll have to think twice or maybe thrice before calling my own friend at 3 AM

19. Why did we grow up so early!

20. I’ll miss her...TERRIBLY :(

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