6 Easy Ways To Avoid Getting Yellow Stains On Your Haldi Ceremony

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Haldi ceremony is one of the most important and fun pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian weddings. In this, turmeric paste, also known as ubtan is applied to both - bride and groom on the morning of the wedding or a day before the wedding. 

This paste is made by mixing turmeric powder, oil, gram flour, sandalwood powder, milk, curd, water and then this mixture is applied to brighten the skin of the bride and groom-to-be. Apart from enhancing your beauty, and giving you a naturally glowing skin, it is also said to ward off the couple to be from the evil eyes, their well-being, and prosperous newly wedded life.

While haldi ceremony is extremely fun and has a lot of plus points, but nobody wants to look pale or yellowish on their most important day, right? Well, fret not, here are some easy ways to avoid getting these yellow stains in the first place. 


1. Use Organic Haldi

Make sure that you use organic turmeric (haldi) or freshly-ground turmeric, and not the ones you have in your kitchen for everyday use.

2. Mix Turmeric With Milk Instead of Water

If you mix the haldi with water, it will leave deeper haldi stains, making your skin look a lot yellow.

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Image: Delhi Velvet

3. Use Vicco Turmeric

Take some vicco turmeric cream and mix it with a little bit of haldi for the ceremony. This paste doesn't leave stains or make you looking yellow for the rest of the functions. 

4. Apply Olive Oil or Coconut Oil On Your Exposed Skin Before Hand

This will help you remove haldi from your body easily and without leaving any stains.

5. Use Sandalwood paste Instead of Haldi

This will be good for your bridal skin glow and not leave any stains too.

You can also add a pinch of haldi powder if you want a bright yellow color 'appropriate’ for the haldi ceremony.

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Image: Zohaib Ali

6. Mix it with curd or besan

As we all know besan and curd, both have proved to be great for glowing skin, and it doesn't even take much time to wash it off with water without leaving any stains. 

For the haldi ceremony, simply mix a pinch of haldi powder with a cup of yogurt and a little bit of besan to avoid getting the stains. 

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