Easy & Budget-Friendly DIY Decor Ideas for Your Home Mehndi Function

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Divya Arora

Divya Arora

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For as high spirited and vibrant a mehndi ceremony is, its decor deserves to be equally peppy and happening with quirky and unique elements accentuating the entire vibe. Be it an exuberant decor for a big fat affair or minimal decorations for an intimate and homely ceremony, your mehndi decorations need to be on point!

Now, if you’re planning for a rather private ceremony in the comfort of your home and don’t want to splurge much on decorations, we suggest you opt for a pocket friendly and fun way out—DIY decorations. They won’t only lend a personalized touch to your ceremony but would also make up for some fun family time if you do it along with your loved ones.

Hence, we’ve listed some adorable and pretty DIY mehndi decor ideas for you to get your hands on for your home mehndi ceremony. Go check out.

1. Old trunks to the rescue!

Use your mommy's old trunks or get new ones, paint them up howsoever you like, and set up a pretty corner that can also double up as a great photo op.

2. Some natural decor!

Decorate those trees in your garden space with simple marigold garlands. Wrap them around the trunks or hang them from the branches and you're done!

Post Image 1

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

3. Glass bottle decor is too hep to not do!

Use those old glass bottles uniquely to up your mehndi decoration at home. Paint them, cover them up with jute ropes or simply put flowers in them & use them as centrepieces or hang them.

Post Image 1

Decor: Luxe Events

4. A quirky corner with a chai kettle.

This cutesy little corner curated on a painted trunk with a painted kettle and huge glass jars filled with flowers is super easy to do!

Post Image 1

Decor: Altair Decor

5. Origami backdrop.

Bring those old times back and make such origami diamond cubes, string them along with a thread and hang them all together to make a peppy backdrop. Begin by making triangular pyramids and then stick two of them together to make a cube. Learn how to make these cubes here.

6. Ice cream cone for mehndi decor? Yass!

Simply put in a few flowers inside the mehndi cones, tie them with a thread and hang them up anywhere you want.

7. Wooden boxes for a boho photobooth.

Fish out some wooden boxes from your local fruit vendor and use them to create a photo booth. Decorate those boxes with flowers, candles ow whatever you want. You can also paint them up in vivid hues for a splash of colors.

Post Image 1

Decor: Baraati Inc

Post Image 1

Decor: F5 Weddings

8. Use those chai glasses too!

Use those chai glasses beautifully adorned with flowers as table centrepieces for an edgy mehndi decor.

9. Paper cranes for origami lovers.

Strings of elegantly made paper cranes in different colors is a common yet loved decor element in weddings. Learn how to make origami cranes here.

10. The easiest DIY wedding decoration.

One of the simplest table centrepiece is a water filled glass jar or vase with fresh flowers in it. You can use any flower and any kinda jar for that matter. You can also put in a few orange or lime slices for a unique centrepiece idea.

11. Mini painted buckets.

Bring home these easily available mini buckets and paint them in different colors and patterns and hang them anywhere around the venue. Adorn them with flowers or simply use them to serve chilled beers in an edgy way, the choice is yours!

12. Have a prominent tree at your place? Deck it up like this!

Purchase a good amount of pompom string or lace and wrap it around the tree trunk. Hang simplistic ribbon strings from the branches and quirky little hangings to complete the look. You can also have the ribbon ends tied to a single flower each.

Post Image 1

Decor: Altair Decor

13. A decent decorative corner.

For your indoor corner tablescapes, a setting like this a great option. To curate this, simply source a small monogram standee like 'Mr & Mrs' from a gift shop and pair it up with a pretty photo frame. Add a vase and a few books (if you want) and your table is all gorged up.

14. For the ones with a pool or a small water space at their homes!

Making up for one of the easiest and prettiest ways, source some artificial floating lotuses and let them amp up your pool beautifully.

Post Image 1

Decor: Atisuto

15. Prepare your own signages.

To incorporate signages in your home mehndi decor, you can either paint them up on your own or simply create its graphic design and get it printed. 

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