How International Wedding Photography Works with Studio A by Amar Ramesh

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Simmi Singh

Simmi Singh

Founder & CEO at The Crimson Bride. As I planned my own wedding not long ago, I really enjoyed the creative process of putting together a wedding that would be true to who I am and our story. I loved discovering amazing designers and wedding professionals and found myself spending countless hours being inspired by their incredible work. I began sharing my musings on a humble blog titled called The Crimson Bride, and the rest is history. Well, actually you can read more about it here.

The Crimson Bride is also my creative outlet and an opportunity for me to share my love and admiration for all things Indian - art, craft, culture, film and fashion. I am also a bit of a film geek and may have a mild crush on Ryan Gosling. I love travelling, spending quality time with family and friends.

As you search for the perfect wedding photographer to capture your celebrations, ever thought about considering some amazing talent available overseas? Many creative photographers are willing to travel internationally for weddings, often to broaden their own portfolio. If you're worried about cost, it's actually pretty comparable to hiring a local wedding photographer. This means as a couple, you have a lot more choice in finding a photographer that suits your style or if you're looking for something different to what is available locally.


Based in Chennai, Amar Ramesh's Studio A is a leading wedding photography service that is continually innovating ways to document weddings. It's rare to find a studio that is able to beautifully capture candid moments but also has the eye to frame the perfect portrait and landscape shots. As you flick through their portfolio, it's hard not to get caught up in the couple's emotions from the celebrations and admire the classic shots you know will one day be hanging in their lounge room.

The great news is that Studio A's wedding photography services are now available to couples in Australia & NZ. During a recent trip for a Tamil wedding in Sydney, we had the opportunity to catchup with the Founder, Amar Ramesh who is excited about offering his services to couples in ANZ. He talks about Studio A, their style philosophy and the advantages of using an international wedding photographer like Studio A to capture your big day.


Tell us about yourself, what inspired you to become a wedding photographer and how Studio A was born?

Amar: From a Masters in Computer Science to working as a techie in the US, my early life mirrors that of most graduate Indians. But then life changed for me the day I picked up a camera and clicked my first few pictures. I’d say it opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Within a couple of years, I found myself evolving from a hobbyist to a part-time professional photographer, even going on to apprentice with a couple of award-winning photographers in Seattle. Since then, the decisions I have taken to forward my professional career has brought me a long way. 

In 2010, I shot my first wedding in India, I conceived the idea of a boutique contemporary photography studio and went about putting the idea in motion. Five years hence, the “Studio A” team—based in Chennai, India has now grown to 20 comprising passionate photographers, cinematographers, editors, and studio managers.  


What services does Studio A offer? 

Amar: As a modern photography studio, we make an effort to combine standard packages with customised services. The range starts with, but doesn’t limit to: 

  • Candid/artistic wedding photography
  • Cinematic wedding highlights
  • Conventional photography and video, which has been a long-standing tradition
  • Engagement or post-wedding couple shoots

When it comes to customised services, we often work with couples who welcome out-of-the-box ideas—to deliver something unique. Like a “Wedding Magazine” that we put together for a celebrity couple. That, I believe, is one of our unique selling propositions — going the extra mile to delight our customers and not stick to a standard set of deliverables. 

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Post Image 1

What locations are your services available?

Amar: Setting geographical boundaries means missing out on potentially rewarding opportunities. So, we don’t limit ourselves to one specific location or zone—we shoot all over the globe, even remote corners of the earth if the couple can fly us there. 


Tell us more about your recent trip to Australia and NZ. How was the experience? How did the wedding go? What was your favourite part of the trip?

Amar: I have had an incredible trip Down Under. New Zealand or Aotearoa, as they call the land of long white clouds, has been equally mesmerising. Witnessing extremities in lifestyle—the busy life in Sydney and Melbourne and the laid-back life in New Zealand—is quite an experience. I love the local food, and I must say I have been in constant food coma for the past one month here. 

I’m also going to be treasuring the memories from the wedding here, for a very long time. The couple was awesome, and we have a great friendship going. Meeting so many lovely people here in Australia, including the amazing Jerry Ghionis, is undoubtedly the high point of my trip. 

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What are the benefits of getting an international photographer to cover your wedding? How does it work? Who pays for flights / accommodation?

Amar: An international wedding photographer like me has two distinct segments to address. One is the ethnic Indian and Sri Lankan communities, whose weddings are my bread and butter. For them, hiring a photographer who knows and understands their traditional practices is always a better idea in comparison to hiring someone locally, who may not be completely in tune with the rituals and the ceremony. Because weddings are a personal affair, there is an inherent advantage in working with a photographer who shares their language, their culture, and can establish a far deeper connection.

At the same time, native couples who want a wholly new perspective in their wedding photographs can hire an international photographer, who would bring a fresh set of eyes and a fair amount of innovation to their wedding pictures. This is the second segment that, I believe, can benefit from hiring an International photographer. 

For international weddings, we take care of travel ourselves. But, we recommend that couples arrange for the accommodation—close to where they live or where friends and family are lodged. That makes handling the logistics more easily. 


What are the latest trends in wedding photography in India and globally?

Amar: Wedding photography in India and across the world has evolved. Nobody wants “boring” or “standard” anymore.

This essentially means traditional forms of wedding photography will be extinct in a few years. There will be no table shots, or staged shots, or conventional group shots—couples want pictures that reflect the mood of the event or their personalities.

Also, in a fast-paced world, nobody has the time to sit through a couple of hours of video. So, traditional videos will give way to 5-10 minute long cinematic films that are concise and lively.

In general, couples are open to new ideas. So, this is an exciting time for contemporary photographers.

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3 tips for couples planning their South Asian wedding?

1.    Don’t be caught up with the tiny details of your wedding planning. Hire an efficient, capable vendor who can take the load off your shoulders, so you focus only on looking good, and staying happy and energetic.

2.    Add an engagement photo session to your wedding photography package. It’s the best way to establish a good relationship with your photographer. Plus, as a couple, you’ll have some quiet, romantic time for yourselves with no friends or family around.

3.    Invest in a makeup and hair trial before your big day. That way, you’ll know what suits you best. Also, you can plan your makeup schedule better on the wedding day, with cues from the test run.  


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Find out more about Studio A including their latest work here.

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