The Top 7 Fitness Tips For 2019 Brides

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Neha Garg Ahuja

Neha Garg Ahuja

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Whether you're having a destination wedding at the Lake Como, a cherry blossom wedding at the Gurudwara or a DIY garden wedding at your grandma's house with just a bunch of people who matter the most, one thing that's common - every bride wants to look the best on their wedding day!

Ready to be the center of attraction and have all eyes on you? But first, let's start with getting in shape with these super easy and effective fitness tips for your big day. 


1. Start Early 

Give your fitness equal importance as your wedding planning. The sooner, the better. 

Ideally, you should start with your fitness routine 12 weeks before the wedding day. If you start a month in advance, you will just be stressing yourself too much. 

Working out also improves your mental health, starting with it early will ensure you keep away from wedding stress and also make sure that you look perfect on your wedding day. 


2. Set Realistic Goals

What better goal than to fit into your wedding dress? Set a goal of how you want to see yourself on the wedding day and go one by one to achieve the goals you've set. For example - 30 minutes running, doing push-ups for 15 minutes, etcetera. The goal you are setting should be realistic and not too high that would lead you to frustration.

3. Follow A Healthy Routine

Add whole grains, fruits, green vegetables, protein, calcium to your everyday diet and avoid taking sweets and products that contain fat. Eating healthy and nutritious helps you to maintain the metabolic rate and burns more calories. 

Also, try to eat in frequent breaks rather than eating a lot at one time.

4. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

To look gorgeous on your wedding day, make sure you avoid taking caffeine and alcohol before your wedding as it adds to your calories and makes you fat.  

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5. Weigh Yourself

Weigh yourself every week to remember the goals you set for your big day. 

6. Maintain Yourself Post Wedding

Getting into your wedding dress shouldn't be your ultimate fitness goal. You should try and maintain this healthy lifestyle even once you are married. 

If you can't take out one hour for your workout, try for at least 30 minutes to maintain your shape.  


7. Get Enough Sleep

With proper diet and workout, make sure to also get enough beauty sleep to keep yourself fit and glowing on your special day.

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