What To Consider When Finding The Perfect DJ For Your Wedding

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Sonia Bhuta

Sonia Bhuta

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Thanks to cinema and pop culture, music has established itself as an integral component of any South Asian wedding. Our culture is synonymous with all forms of 'song and dance', especially so when it comes to our elaborate weddings. Whether it is a sangeet night, mehendi party, wedding ceremony or reception; music always plays an important role at your events. Not only does the music at your wedding set the right tone and create the atmosphere you desire, but will also help maintain the fluidity and smoothness of the event - whether it's in between speeches and performances or playing softly in the background as the wedding ceremony takes place. 

Melbourne's Enigmatic Entertainment know exactly how to balance the high octance, exhilierating tunes with the soft melodies during those emotional moments - all while playing tracks that reflect your own personal choice. With a passion for music and extensive experience, Anmol and Aman know how to make sure your wedding is a musical treat for you and your guests. 


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Aman and Anmol live and breath music. 

Aman: I have loved music ever since I can remember. I grew up listening to bhangra, hip-hop and R’n’B. Percussion was my first love, from banging on pots and pans in the kitchen to learning how to play the tabla from the age of six. I also taught myself to play the dhol and dholkie. DJ’ing was just a natural progression from percussion for me as it combined my love of drums and music. I started to teach myself how to DJ at the age of sixteen. My parents bought me my first pair of decks when I was eighteen. My father was quite a prominent figure in the Sikh Community in Melbourne and it was through him that I had my first gig – a local Diwali dinner dance in 2005. This kicked off my career as a DJ and I have been regularly DJ’ing at weddings, dinner dances ever since. 

Anmol: I have always had a strong passion for music. From the age of ten I've been the playing the tabla, dhol which then progressed to turntables in my teenage years. Since 2007, I've built a great reputation for my skills and service, with in depth knowledge in audio visual technology. DJ'ing for many private functions and concerts, supporting some big names in the music industry around Australia has been a great learning experience, but what I enjoy the most are weddings; they are so much more personal personal. I love putting smiles on the faces of all the guests - whether it is a two year old boy or the bride's grandmother and see them rocking the dancefloor. 

Enigmatic Entertainment provides an extensive range of services that are not just exclusive to the realm of DJ and Sound. 

Enigmatic Entertainment was founded just over two years ago. After we met at industry events, we got to know one another and discovered each others strengths. We realised that based on our skills, knowledge, expertise and passion; we had the desire and potential to offer much more to the South Asian wedding industry. That is when we decided to work together exclusively and begin our journey as Enigmatic Entertainment. It took us six months to set ourselves up; from coming up with a company name that would resonate with the public, to designing our logo. 

We are perfectionists with our craft as we want to grow the standards in the South Asian wedding industry. This can only be done by offering top of the line products and services and an exceptional customer experience. We have got so many amazing products ready to be released in the next few months which will be a first in the Australian wedding market. 

Apart from DJ and sound, we also offer services for your master of ceremonies, dhol players, audio visual support and even your event management. We take it upon ourselves to coordinate the logistics of the event in questions and recommend our approved vendors for any other needs. 


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These DJ's like to mix it up by thinking outside the box. 

We love working with clients who love music as much, or if possible, more than we do. At Enigmatic Entertainment we provide a fun, energetic atmosphere by providing services that are out of the box. The 'entertainment' factor in weddings have evolved tremendously over the last few years. Each client is always looking to do something that is out of the box, that will challenge the general status quo. This can be done through various ways like special guest performances with impactful songs, mixing traditional and western music forms in order to engage the crowd or setting the ambience with effective lighting. 

The evolution and scale of weddings has resulted with a stronger focus on the overall visual experience. When guests walk into your venue, their jaws should drop. Everyone needs to have that wow factor. With a combination of great music, sound effects and lighting you have to have an amazing visual show. This not only looks good in photos but your guests will have something more to remember from your wedding.


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According to Enigmatic Entertainment the more you ask, the more likely you are to find someone who ticks all the right boxes for your wedding. 

Experience is the most important factor you need to consider when booking your DJ. The investment in a good quality DJ will make it worth your while. A seasoned professional will know the nuances of the craft to ensure the event runs smoothly on the music and sound front. From understanding the need to fill silences appropriately to playing the right music to set the mood - and that too, according to the relevant cultural setting; these are things that only experience can teach you. 

In your first consultation with the DJ, ask them how long they have been in the wedding industry, the kinds of wedding they have been a part of and what music they generally play.

We also recommend reading reviews of their services, or if you know somebody who has worked with them to ask them what their experience was like. In the past, we have also asked our clients to come and see us live in action so they get a sense of a capabilities and working style. A combination of these elements will only help you to come to a well researched and informed decision. 


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Explain your wedding vision thoroughly and meet face to face. This will create a personalised experience and help your DJ understand your needs. 

One of the first things we do when a client approaches us to get them to explain the vision that they have for their special day. Based on this discussion, Enigmatic Entertainment comes up with ways that we can help bring this couples vision to life; using our our skills, knowledge and expertise. We offer advice based on our past experiences and also make suggestions accordingly.  However, no matter how much you discuss these requirements, it's always important to meet with the prospective vendor face to face for a more personalised experience. This helps both parties develop a certain understanding and comfort level which will then reflect on the day. 

We always ask the couple to send us a small list of their must haves or favourite songs in order for us to better understand their musical style and preferences. Along with this, we also request additional information about the crowd; from the ratio between adults and children and a breakdown of their ages and backgrounds. This then influences our playlist and the overall ambience we would create for the evening. 


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Enigmatic Entertainment have some vital tips for brides to be. 

  1. Be organised. Book well in advance. You don't want to miss out because you left things till the last minute. 
  2. Communicate your thoughts. Provide as much information about your vision for the wedding as possible. It will ensure that you and your vendors are on the same wavelength. 
  3. Ask for advice. Be open to the professionals suggestions and take advantage of their experience in the industry. 
  4. Keep the formalities short and simple. Reduce the time allocated for speeches so people have more time to mingle. 


Book Enigmatic Entertainment for your wedding today! Visit their profile to view their work and send your enquiry! 


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