What Type Of Bride Are You?

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Neha Garg Ahuja

Neha Garg Ahuja

I am a pro-pink, wore a bubble-pink lehenga on my wedding and drove my own doli (happy to share the photos!)

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You are all set to get married and we are sure you would love to know what type of bride you’ll become. A chilled-out bride who doesn’t take stress about anything, an emotional one who starts crying every minute or a fashionable bride who only wants to wear trendy jewellery and designer lehenga.

Every bride is different from the other; let’s read on to find which one are you?

1) The Self-Obsessed Bride


She doesn’t care what’s in the menu, who is coming for the wedding, and what the traditions are. She is only concerned about her outfits, makeup, hairdo and spends half of her day researching how to get great photos.


Image Credits: Hitched & Clicked

Makeup Credits: Shahid Naar

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2) The Fashion-Forward Bride


"Main shaadi karungi toh sirf kareena wala designer lehenga pehan k karungi varna dulhe ko tata-bye bye kar dungi!"

She only wants to wear the best designer and in-trend outfits, hire the best makeup artist in town, and wear only ‘Jimmy choo’ shoes for her wedding day.


Image Credits: Meher Photography

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3) The Emotional Bride


She will start crying at any moment, any day. She will cry when someone says ‘bas kuch din or’, or just by looking at her parents, her house. She has cried 12341 times ever since her wedding date is decided. 


Image Credits: Gautam Khullar Photography

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4) The Dancing Bride


She doesn’t care about ‘what people will say’, and just finds a reason to dance.

She will be dancing at her own sangeet, at her bridal entrance and who knows at her vidaai too.


Image Credits: Girl In Pink Photography

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5) The Perfectionist Bride


She needs everything to be JUST PERFECT - from the decor to hairdo, outfits, and festivities.


Image Credits: Josevilla Photography

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6) The Excited Bride


She is too excited about everything related to her wedding. Whether it’s her bachelorette, wedding festivities, her bridesmaids, or ‘shaadi ke baad wali life’.


Image Credits: Vows & Tales

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7) The Patti-Parmeshwar Bride


The day she first met her husband-to-be, she devoted her whole life to the parmeshar right then and there. She believes ‘Pati hi sansaar hai


Image Credits: Epic Stories

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8) The Filmy Bride


She is too inspired by films and dreams of having a happily-ever-after with her Raj. She can even go against her baau ji just to marry the Raj of her dreams just like Simran in the movie 'DDLJ'. 


Image Credits: Zero Gravity Photography

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9) The Materialistic Bride


The only reason she is getting married is outfits, jewellery and loads of gifts.


Image Credits: Artfoto Studios

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10) The Romantic Bride


She is obsessed with romance - whether it’s her outfits, decor, or the songs she chose for her first dance, all has to be aligned with romance.


Image Credits: Shutterdown Photography

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