#WomensDay | Leading Female Designers Promoting Banarasi Bridal Wear

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Neha Garg Ahuja

Neha Garg Ahuja

Director, Content & Marketing I The Crimson Bride

From the latest trends to the hottest styles, she pens all things viral and trending collateral to weddings, allowing you to cherry pick the best ones that will add a special touch to your big day. 

When she’s not scrolling through the wedding inspirations or chatting with the brides, she’s off to exploring exotic locales with her husband, Sufi Ahuja. 
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If you love Banarasi as much as we do, then you know the fondness and obsession for a banarasi lehenga has only grown upward, and why not? Being one of the finest qualities of silk, the Banarasi fabric has the magic to make any outfit look serene and regal.

Whether it’s your wedding day or pre-wedding ceremonies, you can never go wrong with this enduring piece of rich craftsmanship and sophistication, that’s not only super comfy, but also stylish!

Banarasi is contributing to a huge part of our heritage and is undoubtedly ruling the wedding trends for every style, taste and ceremony. You can pair a Banarasi dupatta with a plain outfit, go for a Banarasi lehenga, anarkali, suit or even contemporary dresses;  who knew this effortlessly classy fabric was so versatile? But one question that we are often asked is - where can I buy a good banarasi outfit?

So this Women's Day, we are presenting some of our favorite female Banarasi designers who inherit the elegance of the Banarasi weave to your most special occasion and makes sure you wear something that is weaved with heritage, culture, and pure love ❤ 

You can even contact these Pros via The Crimson Bride.


PS: Consider adding at least one piece made from Banarasi silk to your wedding trousseau.


1. Anika Gupta - Bageecha Banaras

Post Image 1

2. Anita Dongre - House of Anita Dongre

3. Palak Shah - Ekaya Banaras

4. Ritu Kumar - Label Ritu Kumar

Post Image 1

5. Mahima Gujral Wadhwa - Sue Mue

6. Bhumika Grover

Post Image 1

7. Asha Gautam - Asha Gautam Official

Post Image 1

8. Payal Khandwala

Post Image 1

9. Rimple and Harpreet Narula

Post Image 1

10. Jayanti Reddy - Jayanti Reddy Label

11. Gina Agarwal

Post Image 1

12. Sagrika Rai - Warp 'n' Weft

Post Image 1

13. Tisha Saksena - TISHA

Post Image 1

14. Roliana - The Benaras Splendour

Post Image 1

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