23+ Sparkling Engagement Ring Designs To Amp Up Your Bridal Bling

By Divya Arora .

The reason why that headline had you landing here with us is definitely because you are looking for some stunning engagement ring designs for yourself. Whether it’s because your engagement’s been fixed or you’re ready to drop discreet hints to your bae for that dream proposal, there’s no such thing as too much ring inspiration. Unless, of course, you’ve always known what resonates with your heart the most.

We understand how a wedding / engagement ring is not just a mere jewellery piece but, rather an investment that you’d love  to flaunt on your finger. And now that you’re here, we promise to have your inspiration kitties brimming with some tasteful wedding rings by the end of this design book.

So, hold your breaths and go get saving these exquisite engagement ring designs right away!

Image: Memoirz

1. Sparkling oval

This huge oval shaped engagement ring design in a classic halo setting is bound to grab all eyeballs all the time. For a bride with refined tastes, this design is perfect!

2. Stack 'em up!

A stackable ring set is one of the trendiest way to wear your wedding beauty and it always shines like a showstopper!

3. Delicate beauties

The three stone rings with a round diamond in the center and pear shaped ones on each side are yet another a favorite piece. In fact, our real bride Gurpreet even opted for a three marquise-shaped diamond wedding band alongwith arranged like leaves to complete the full set.

Image: Camcatches

4. Fancy an emerald shape?

For all the royal hearts out there, this emerald shaped beauty crafted in a pave setting is bound to get your hearts racing. If you want to step up the game a bit, how about suiting yourself with an emerald shaped sapphire in a similar setting?

5. Graceful trellis

Curated in a trellis and pave setting, this engagement ring design is what every millennial bride needs who’s a minimalist at heart but, doesn’t mind a tad bit of fancy. It’s a harmonious and a such a dainty blend of both the worlds.

6. All princessy

And for all the princesses out there, engagement rings in a princess cut is simply magnificent. Coupled with a super voguish setting, a princess cut ring undoubtedly oozes with a class that’s unmatched.

7. Striking oval shape

If sticking to classics is your thing but you also love going a slight bit modish, an oval shaped wedding ring is what you need. Whether you stack it up with one or more bands or have it crafted in a stylish setting like halo, pave, antique, channel etc.

Ring: Ornaz

8. Pear shaped designs

A pear shaped engagement ring is yet another design that is highly favored by brides. It makes up for an unparalleled unique pattern and is mostly crafted in a halo setting or a pave band.

9. Go Marquise

We’re so in love with this Marquise engagement ring that’s further stacked with wedding bands that make it stand out! If an edge defining piece is on your mind then this is it ladies!

10. A hint of royalty

This engagement ring stack comprising of a pave band and a solitaire crafted in halo and channel setting is literally all the regal vibes you would ever need! It’s such a royal piece tbh!

11. That dainty design

Solitaire rings made in an all diamond band and paired with a similar band makes up for a super graceful and fine engagement ring design. This pattern is simply apt for the brides who swear by simplicity with a twist.

Source: Pinterest

12. Like no other!

Our real bride Divya’s ring literally has us sold! A round solitaire set in a thin yellow pave gold band, her engagement ring is a classic piece. For her wedding band, she included petal-like marquise stones to fit around the solitaire ring in a similar band making it look like a flower.

13. The heart shaped stunners

Perfect for the die-hard romantics, a heart shaped ring makes for an amazing pick. Have it crafted in a pave band or a halo setting, it’s only going to look beautiful and nothing less.

14. Classic pave setting

Engagement rings fashioned in a pave setting are probably the most famous and favored ones and add a dimension to your rock making it stand out. Whether it’s your ring’s band or a stackable band along with, a pave setting is forever!

15. The charm of Rose Gold

This rose gold stack made in a halo setting with a pave band has literally struck a chord with our hearts! And since, rose gold has been so much in trend off late, you just can’t miss out on bookmarking this.

Source: Pinterest

16. Timelessly halo

A halo setting is yet another favorite that you can never ever go wrong with. Irrelevant of the shape of your rock, a halo setting will accentuate it with an unparalleled charm without a doubt.

17. An outshining pick

This engagement ring design has blown our minds away and would definitely make your eyes sparkle too! Screenshot RN!

18. The understated flamboyance

Simplistic solitaire rings are ideal for the brides who love all things subdued and want their engagement ring to be fuss-free yet a statement in itself!

19. Such a unique design

Elevating the focal stone’s charm a notch above, the thin leaf-inspired band is simply to die for. It adds umpteen to the engagement ring and makes it look like a complete set that’s beyond beautiful!

20. The enigmatic tension setting

Rings fashioned in tension setting look super gorgeous and makes up for a rather unconventional design that boasts of an unmatched style.

21. Cushion cuts are forever

Cushion cut engagement rings are a sure shot stunners that are highly adored and preferred by women out there. It’s an evermore pattern and looks absolutely breathtaking in a halo setting or a pave band.

22. What a stunner!

If halo setting wasn’t enough to satiate your wedding ring desires, we bet the double halo setting will definitely work its magic!

23. Go big!

Crowning your hands like a striking goddess, huge engagement rings popping out majestically is so meant for the OTT brides. If you love going extra, such big rings would surely awe you.

Image: Safarsaga


A symbol of love and a highly adored reminiscent of your marriage, your wedding / engagement ring deserves to stand out. It’s that piece of jewellery that you’re gonna wear for the rest of your life. So, make sure you pick what strikes a chord with your heart and choices the most!

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