19 Stellar Gajra Bangle Designs To Add To Your Jewellery Troves

By Divya Arora .

Adorning a bride’s wrists spectacularly with precious gemstones, metals, and sheer craftsmanship blending together into surreal designs, bangles or kadas have a charisma of their own. Much like the unmatched quintessence they add to a bride’s look, the bangle designs and styles to choose from are also endless. One such style stemming from the royal Rajasthani culture while being an ode to the most aromatic flower Jasmine, is the ‘Gajra Bangle’ style.

As the name indicates quite literally, gajra bangles, crafted with pearls and gemstones, are a bejewelled take on gajras / jasmine hair garlands. Embracing the beauty of gajras in all their glory, such bangles elevate your entire look just like these fragrant blooms can take any setting and any ambience a notch above! From pieces breathing in timeless aesthetics to the ones that are a modish rendition of the style, the ocean of gajra bangle designs to choose from is far too wide and extravagant.

If you desire owning exceptional pieces for your treasure chests, then scroll through some of our favorite gajra bangle designs and bookmark what strikes a chord with your heart the most!

1. Can’t get over these pink enameled beauties encrusted with kundan and pearls! So perfect for your mehendi look!

Jewellery: TAD Accessories

2. This unique gajra bangle design boasting of elephant motifs all over has us sold! Period.

Jewellery: Mortantra

3. A super contemporary take on the traditional gajra bangle designs, this polki encrusted piece is a stunner.

4. Crafted in 22kt gold, this kundan & gold-pearl floral gajra bangle design is the perfect wedding accessory one could wear.

Jewellery: Giriraj Jewellers

5. A stunning ode to the royal Rajasthani culture, this is one of the best gajra bangle designs that we’ve laid our eyes on!

Jewellery: Goenka India

6. If going all aesthetically traditional resonates with you, then these Rajwadi Kundan Bangles are so meant for you.

Jewellery: Navrathan

7. This pista-hued gold plated kundan gajra bangle design is the perfect piece of jewellery to amp up your wedding or ocassion wear.

8. Designed in 22kt gold, these polki encrusted turquoise bangles are one of the trendiest gajra bangle designs that you can bookmark.

Jewellery: Hazoorilal Legacy

9. And how about these meenakari jadau bangles that are worth adding to your treasure troves?

Jewellery: Jaipur Gems

10. Set in 18kt gold, this all polki & ruby gajra bangle design is the perfect example of what opulence looks like!

11. Whether it’s the intricacy of the design or the hearty mix of gold plating with enameling & kundan, this pair makes up for such a timeless piece of jewellery.

Jewellery: Zevar by Geeta

12. Go chic and regal in this eclectic piece that’s bound to get all them heads turning.

13. Embedded with polkis and emeralds and lined with tiny pearls, if this gold gajra bangle design doesn’t tug at your heart, we don’t know what will!

Jewellery: Tyaani

14. Complete with rubies, emeralds, polkis, and gold beads, this is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetic gajra bangle designs out there!

Jewellery: Giriraj Jewellers

15. Reveling in aqua & gold enameling, glass filled rubies, and uncut polkis, this floral kada must make it to your trousseau!

Jewellery: House Of Aynat

16. And what’s better than a combination of diamonds and jadau entwined together to create a magnificent piece of jewellery?!

Jewellery: Rose

17. Encasing polki diamonds and emeralds in an intricate gold frame, these gajra bangles have sure left us awestruck!

18. If going traditional yet unique is what defines you, then this gold beaded gajra bangle must adorn your wrist!

Jewellery: Jaipur Jewels

19. Pearl bunch bangles look exactly like you’re wearing gajras on your wrists; gajras that can be stored forever! 😉

Jewellery: Mortantra

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