13 Fun Games To Spice Up Your Bachelorette Party

By Sonali Vij .

Well, how can you and your girl gang not let your hair down before the most important day of your life – your wedding? Hence, a bridal shower or a bachelorette party is a must and equally imperative is to ensure that it is fun, sassy and full of love and laughter.

While the maid of honour with fellow bridesmaids gets into planning and organizing it, giving extra attention to the décor, menu, favours and so much more, but what really makes the party a hit are the games!

Without a doubt enough time needs to be kept for a whole lot of fun games as they serve as an excellent ice breaker for the group and make for the best memories! Most importantly, they get the bride smiling ear to ear or perhaps rolling over with laughter!

Now games must be planned to keep in mind the nature of the party, for instance, I had a bridal shower with my aunts and friends in attendance so we had a lot of speeches with everyone talking about their memories with me(the bride) as well as games such as, “who knows the bride the best” and so on! In case you decide on having a wild night with your girls, then the nature of games must be different. So, here I am sharing a mixed bag of games to ensure the best bachelorette for you and your gang!

1. Porn or Polish

It’s a hilarious game and not a routine one!!! Pull out a card and read the name, the guest has to guess whether it’s the name of an adult film or a nail polish colour! And the icing on the cake is that the right answer shall gift the guest a nail polish. For instance,

“Wild for you” is the name of a nail paint shade!

2. Prosecco Pong

We all know the rules of beer pong, don’t we? Then let’s just take up the glam quotient a little bit and play Prosecco Pong! Use Prosecco glasses and replace the beer with Prosecco obviously! However, while aiming-change your strategy as you hit into shallower glasses!

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3. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This game as the name suggests shall require some toilet paper and paper clips. Divide the group into groups of three or more and hand each team three rolls of toilet paper, about five clips and have them select a model from their group. Then tell everyone that in ten minutes they have to create a wedding dress on their model using the toilet paper. To notch up the excitement, have the models walk one after the other like a fashion show of sorts and let the bride decide on the best wedding dress!

4. How Well Do You Know The Bride?

Well, this is a classic game that never really disappoints and makes for one of the best bachelorette games! The maid of honour can prepare a fun questionnaire on the bride and hand over the printed versions to the guests! The guest with the maximum number of correct answers wins. To give you an idea, you could include questions like- which school did the bride go to? Or where did the groom and bride meet?

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5. Ring Hunt

Get ready for your house to be raided well as your guests shall be seen moving around and looking for rings that would have been hidden before their arrival. The guest with the most rings in the limited time span wins a prize! 

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6. What's In Your Mobile?

Each bridesmaid scores points for what she has in her cell phone, ranging from the most contacts to pictures and the like! A sheet listing the items and points to be distributed before the start of the game!

7. Wishes For The Couple

This one is one of my favourites as it makes for excellent keepsakes for the bride. You can either place a huge chart/ guest book for guests to fill in their wishes or give away cards for guests to write down and put in a jar. 

8. Smell and Taste

Well, if a drinking scene is on, then your friends are absolutely going to love this! Get a huge range of shot glasses filled with different liquors then have everyone smell and guess the liquor. And in case they are not able to guess it, then they down the entire shot! In no time, you shall have all your friends downing shots!

9. The “Drink if” Game

A little twist to the very popular “Never have I ever” game. You have a healthy list of “drink ifs” written down which gets passed around. Each guest reads off a line and if the line is applicable to the guest, then she drinks and the card gets passed. Some examples of “drink ifs” could be – If you’ve known the bride from the school days or if your boyfriend shares the same name as the groom!

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10. Bachelorette Bingo

This game is essential for the bride but the bridesmaids can help her get a bingo by performing these fun tasks while partying hard at a club or bar!

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11. Stud or Dud

Keep lots of celebrity pictures ready and have the guests decide whether they are studs or duds!

12. Loose Lips

Super fun and exciting game! Choose on a few taboo words for the party and if one of the guests slips and says it, then they’ll be asked to perform a dare decided by the group or you could make use of some dare cards!

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13. 21 Questions

Well, you can’t forget the groom completely so pre-record his answers to 21 questions and have the bride answer them at the party which will eventually be a good test of how well she knows her man!


Edited & Published By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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