19 Lush Green Decor Ideas For A Garden-Themed Wedding

By Divya Arora .

Owing to its refreshing aura, a delightful visual appeal, and aesthetics that coexist with nature, forest or garden theme mushroomed as a trend sometime back but, soon became one of the most coveted and adored wedding themes. Whether it’s decking up a naturally green space with additional elements or crafting an entire forest indoors, a natural green paradise is nothing less than an experience that sure enchants each and every heart.

Created with plants, extensive use of foliage and ferns, and further accentuated with blooms, lights, and other elemental pieces, a garden themed wedding decor is all about reveling in the beauty of nature and love. And of course, while being less harsh on the environment.

We are big time rooters of this timeless theme and if you are too, get ready to bookmark some of the most enchanting garden themed wedding decor ideas for your soiree right here.

An all green wedding entrance amped up with cascading bulbs and fairy lights, this decor idea would have your guests bewitched instantly!

For that aisle decor, deck up the chairs lining the walkway with bunched florals and flowy foliage bels exactly like this.

Decor: Aash Studio

A lit up heavy green ceiling, a floral stage, faux grass and potted plants along the aisle, the space couldn’t have looked any more natural and vivid!

A lush green mandap heavily laden with colorful and distinctive florals, taking pheras under such a picturesque setup would be nothing less than a dream!

Is this what a walkway into the green heaven looks like? Because walking under this exquisite tunnel-like entrance created with lush greens and fairy lights would be so surreal, innit?

Decor: Atisuto

Highlighted with branches and florals, this heavy monogrammed foliage backdrop won’t just add truckloads to the theme but, also double up as a pretty photo op!

Because those table centerpieces must scream gorgeousness, this huge piece done in Baby’s Breath flowers and pretty roses is perfect for that formal all green reception dinner.

Decor: Altair

Apt for an intimate and rustic wedding decor, this green mandap accentuated with white flowers, entwining branches, and stringed bulbs is exactly what you need for your fairytale pheras!

Create your own enchanted forest and transport your guests into an indoor wonderland built with custom trees, heavy use of greens and florals, and other elements like lights, candles, glassware etc.

An unconventional canopy that breathes green and is further enlivened with twigs and string lights, a seating area like this is bound to exude those authentic ‘dinner in a jungle’ vibes.

Opt for an outdoor space that boasts of real trees and greenery and simply deck it up using fresh flowers and abundant lighting to elevate the natural ambience! You can never go wrong with this.

An all foliage mandap bedecked with white florals and twinkling lights, if you plan on hosting a green and rustic ceremony, this is the mandap you should go for.

An eclectic garden entrance drenched in exuberant greens, cascading florals, and ceramic pots on wooden boxes, this setup makes up for such a classy garden themed decor idea.

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

Decorate the roof of your drape mandap with a foliage jaal that’s festooned with candle terrariums for that extra glow when the sun goes down!

A unique backdrop that’s perfect for taking photographs or exchanging jaimalas in front of.

For a rather formal themed garden wedding, having your entire green mandap and aisle heavily infused with white flowers is the perfect way!

Planner: Premini Events

Just the right pick for a summery beach wedding, an arched foliage entrance bedecked with oranges looks way to quirky and fresh. It’s gonna leave everybody amazed, believe us!

Go overboard with your tablescapes with a roof that’s heavily decked up with cascading florals, foliage garlands, candle baubles, or maybe even crystal strings or miniature bulbs.

Set amidst the natural environs, this setup has our hearts. Be it the greenery around, the earthy color palette or the checkered foliage roof, everything blends into each other so gorgeously!

Planner: DreamzKrraft

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