35+ Most Thoughtful Gifts For Husband That’ll Make Him Super Happy

By Divya Arora .

Even though we all know our partners inside out—what they like and what they don’t—finding that perfect gift for them is surely ain’t a cakewalk. And especially, when it comes to seeking gifts for husband. Whether it’s their anniversary, his birthday, valentine’s day, or just like that, we know how women love to surprise & pamper their man. The reasons are endless and the ways and options are relatively lesser; or so you thought so!

From fun experiences to gifts that are thoughtful or essential or simply romantic, believe us when we say, there’s literally a huge pool of surprises for you to choose from. And since, you’ve landed here finding the best gifts for husband, know that you’re in for a treat. Promise.

Enlisted below are our favorite gifting ideas for men that they’re surely going to love and also adore you for. In fact, we’ve also curated quick guides on how to choose the perfect gift for your man and where exactly you should shop from! So, go get scrolling already?

Best Gifts For Husband

Your gifts and surprises needn’t always be grand or luxurious or extravagant. Quite literally, it’s the thought and the gesture that counts and makes him feel special and loved. Sometimes even a love letter is heart melting enough while other times, a foosball table would make him go berserk like a kid! 😉

Designer pocket square & tie combo

Perfect for the man who understands how accessories are a game changer, an elegant and aesthetic pocket square & tie set like this is a great choice. While these pieces are available separately and can be bought like that, buying the two together and gifting it as a combo would make for one of the best gifts.

Spotify Music Plaques

A recent hit trend on the block that’s swooning people everywhere, spotify music plaques are a great way to hold onto your special song forever. Available in the form of a keychain and a plaque with a wooden stand, these customized pieces are one of the best gifts your special someone. While purchasing, simply upload the picture you want along with the Spotify song link that’s special to him / your relationship.

And all your man has to do is simply scan the code on the plaque through Spotify app’s scanner to get the song playing whenever he wants!

A charcoal grooming kit

Comprising of a body wash, shampoo, face scrub, face wash, cleansing gel, and a soap, this grooming kit for men is a great pick. Made with an activated charcoal base, ‘The Charcoal Gang’ combo is perfect for an over all skin detox and makes up for quite a useful gift for husband.

Customized Royal Enfield helmet for the biker guy

Is your husband a motorcycle enthusiast? Does bike gear and merchandise makes him happy? If yes, then a customized helmet (and even a t-shirt) by Royal Enfield would be an amazing gift idea for him.

The next pair of shoes he's eyeing

There ain’t a better gift than a pair of latest shoes for a sneaker head! And if your man is one, then buying him the freshest launch from his favorite brand definitely counts as one of the best gifts for husband. Honestly, there’s no such thing as too many shoes.

Source: VegNonVeg

Accessory storage organizer

Perfect for the guy who loves storing his accessories and watches neatly as much as he loves wearing them, a classy organizer is a great bet. Whether it’s for his ties or bow-ties, his watches or sunnies, or his jewels and cuff links, a storage organizer is quite literally a necessity!

Jewellery is for men too!

Jewellery would undoubtedly make up for one of the top gifts for husband if he embraces its beauty and charm. Right from bracelets and necklaces to statement rings and bands, the options to gift your man are way too many.

BUY: Amyr

Healthy snacks

For the husband who’s diet conscious but also loves snacking and eating, healthy and nutritious snacks are a great option. Offering a wide variety of seeds, peanuts, granola bars, chips, and dips made from alternate healthy ingredients, this brand will cater to all his munching cravings.

Quirky socks drawer

For any man who goes berserk for fun and peppy socks, there’s honestly nothing better than a box full of socks fashioned in different hues and prints. What sets this gift apart from others is that these 15 pairs of socks comes in a faux leather box divided in 15 compartments catering to your storage needs as well.

BUY: Balenzia

Themed LEGO

Ranging from Harry Potter, Star Wars, F.R.I.E.N.D.S etc., to sports cars, bikes, Batmobile etc., the variety of LEGO is too vast. And if he is a LEGO fan, then surprising him with one that he’s been eyeing for a long time would be absolutely perfect.

Source: LEGO

A Kashmiri shawl

If your boo loves the elegance and royal vibes that a shawl exudes, then you know what to gift him! Men can style shawls with their outfits in innumerable ways and hence, an authentic Kashmiri shawl is obviously one of the best gifts for husband that you can get your hands on.

BUY: Dusala

A bar in a box

Perfect for anyone who goes gaga over drinking and even making cocktails, this Box Bar Kit is just apt! Comprising different cocktail making essentials like a peg measurer, tongs, bar blade, shaker, corkscrew, hip flask, and six whiskey glasses, this quilted leather case would surely make him happy.

It’s a win-win situation for you too btw!😉

BUY: Mensxp

A travelling kit

A travelling kit always makes up for one of the most thoughtful gifts for husband and more so, if it’s customized. And this ‘Jetsetter’ kit is simply perfect. Consisting of a travel wallet, two luggage tags, and a travel pouch this kit will surely win his heart. What makes this kit stand out however, is the fact that each and every piece is customized with the name and a charm. All you have to do is fill in the details at the time of placing your order and box it!


Okay honestly, who doesn’t love owning a pair of good headphones, right? If your husband loves listening to music and especially, when he’s on the go, a pair of headphones would be absolutely perfect!

Source: boAt

Gym equipment

If your husband is a fitness enthusiast or amidst his workout journey, gym equipment would probably make him the happiest. You can also couple the equipment up with some gym gear like gloves, clothes, bag or protein shake.

Cuff links a class apart

One of the most common and stylish men accessory is a pair of cuff links and it’s obviously a wardrobe essential. With experimentation at its peak in the men fashion industry, the styles and varieties are endless. So, don’t stick to basics and opt for something edgy maybe?

An embellished brooch & pocket squares kit

If there’s one thing that’s going to complement your man’s millennial vibe and choices, it is this Independence Kit from Shantanu & Nikhil. This set offers two pocket squares- a twill silk navy and an off-white one, along with a faux leather brooch boasting of antique embroideries and metallic chains.

Beard care & styling kit

A man’s beard means as much to him as much our hair means to us and hence, his beard deserves to be equally pampered. Making up for one of the best gifts for husband, this kit includes a beard oil, a beard softener, one face & beard wash, and a pocket-size beard comb. Sounds like a plan, right?

A photo lamp

Move over the classic photo frames and gift your hubby this adorable photo lamp that’ll not just light up your room but also your hearts. It’s a super quirky way to reminisce over your memories.

A memory map

One of the recent fads that’s having everybody going gaga over are these frames that have your special memory mapped over. To create your own memory map, simply enter the date and the place that’s special to you two or you have fond memories about (along with a short note). And what you’d get back is that special memory framed on a map in the design of your choice. Such a unique way of holding onto memories (apart from photographs), right?

Customized poker set

Want to know what’s better than having a poker set? Owning a customized poker set! It would make up for one of the best gifts for husband if he loves playing poker. He wouldn’t stop flaunting this set at any chance he gets, believe us!

Fun bow-ties

If your man loves bow-ties, then there ain’t no doubt about what to gift him. Whether it’s the simplistic designs and styles that he adores or rather quirky shapes and prints that he fancies, if bow-ties make him happy, give him loads!

A messenger / laptop bag

Nappa Dori is loved for its products and especially, its range of bags. If your husband has a thing for timeless pieces that are attention-grabbing, then splurging on this piece would be worth it. Crafted in genuine harness leather with antique hardware details, this backpack-cum-messenger bag is pure class!

A designer belt

Does splurging or belts and flaunting them resonates with your man? Because if it does, then how about gifting him a designer / branded belt that he would love showing off? We know a lot of people out there who are a sucker for belts and if he is too, then a belt would be your best bet!

Wooden brooches

Take his brooch game a notch above by gifting him these stunning wood ones available in different varieties of birds and animals shapes. These are perfect for both formal and casual wear and would surely get everybody’s attention!

A horse-riding session

How about buying him an experience that he’s going to cherish for a lifetime rather than a gift? There are a lot of clubs that let you indulge in horse-riding sessions whether it’s for just a few hours or an entire month / year as a proper learning course.

A watch / smart watch

One of the best gifts for husband that you can buy is a watch or a smart watch. It’s something that you would never go wrong with and is a gifting option that has been a savior since forever!

A day at Chokhi Dhani Sonipat

If you’re based in or around Delhi-NCR, then a day out at the mini Chokhi Dhani in Sonipat would be a fun experience. Breathing in a Rajasthani vibe and culture, the place offers a day full of various activities that you two can indulge in. On one hand there are a lot of cultural performances to revel in like dances, puppet shows, pottery making, ethnic costume photography etc. And on the other, there are activities like different rides, games, and adventures sports for that adrenaline rush. Oh, and the food is to die for!

A Philips beard trimmer

One of the best trimmers from their range, the Philips QT4001/15 Cordless Beard Trimmer would make up for one of the most thoughtful and essential gifts for husband. The product boasts of a long battery life, 10 lock-in length settings, and skin friendly blades making this trimmer ideal for any man out there.

BUY: Philips

His favorite superhero hoodie

How about gifting your hubby a warm and fuzzy hoodie of his favorite superhero? Because honestly, if someone is into superheroes and comics, there’s no way themed merchandise wouldn’t make them happy!

A coffee maker

Okay, honestly, this gift would be oh-so-beneficial for you too! If coffee is what gets the two of you going then a coffee maker would be the best. And ladies, it’s going to be relatively easy for your man to get you coffee in bed every morning!

A photo scrapbook

Scrapbooks make up for the one of the most romantic gifts for husband or in fact anybody. So, go ahead and make him a photo book of all the memories you’ve made till date and leave pages ahead to keep adding more together.

Source: Etsy

A desk bundle

Super apt in the recent “work from home” times, this trio desk bundle would surely make working look much more classier. The bundle includes a turf desk mat that protects your desk and essentials, a tray to store all your things in one place, and a mouse pad, all handcrafted from vegan leather.

Beer Bottle Carrier

Make carrying and storing beer classier and fun for your man by gifting him this Beer Bottle Carrier. This miniature Russian tank-shaped crate can hold up to six pints and is definitely a statement addition to a home bar.

Turtle Wax car care kit

If he loves his car as much as he loves you, then a self-doing car care kit would definitely make him jump with joy. The kit includes six products that would make it easier for your husband to pamper his car inside out.

A grooming session

Your man deserves to be pampered and hence, booking him a good spa and grooming session would make for a great choice. Be it a spa sesh, a face and head massage hour, or pedicure and manicure sessions, book him a day of grooming and care.

P.S. Maybe you can book it for the two of you and indulge in such a therapeutic day together?

Source: Pinterest

A jar of notes

Make him a jar of ‘thank you’ notes or ‘reasons why I love you’ notes or ‘open when feeling blue’ notes to add an extra pinch of surprise into his life everyday. It’s undoubtedly one of the best gifts for husband and he’d surely love it!

Source: Pinterest

How To Choose Best Gift For Husband

Choosing best gifts and surprises for men is as challenging as exciting it is. While it’s fun planning a surprise for him, it also gets a tad bit edgy sometimes while wondering if he’s going to like it or not.

But, finding the best gifts for husband can really be an easy-peasy job if you understand what he likes and what he doesn’t, his taste, what he wants or needs, and if there’s something he’s been eyeing! Here are a few things that you can keep in mind while buying a present for him-

His taste

Understanding his taste is literally the key to finding him the perfect gift that he’s going to adore for his life. Is he more into classy and luxurious stuff or does he have a thing for quirky products? Does he love experiences like going on an adventure or indulging in an activity or he loves owning things? Figure out what makes him happy!

His love language

Every person has a different love language and understanding that is key to a healthy relationship. And in finding the best gifts for husband as well. Figuring out weather he adores getting materialistic gifts or spending time with you or with himself can help you a lot.

His hobbies

If your man has a hobby that he loves indulging in, then how about gifting him something related to it? Does he love music or does he paint? Is he a fitness enthusiast or too much into automobiles or games? What is it that he enjoys doing the most?

His favorites

Everyone has a list of their favorites and any related merchandise gets them excited no matter whether they’re kids or adults. So, what is your man’s favorite? Is he into superheroes and comics? Does he have a favorite football or basketball team? What’s his favorite TV series or movie? Find out what he really loves and gift him themed merchandise like apparel, bags, mobile cases, planners & journals, mugs, collectibles, etc.

Where To Buy Best Gifts For Husband- From Physical Store Or Online

Honestly, there’s no rule to where you can buy best gifts for husband. There are a lot of gifts (especially customized ones) that you’re only going to find online. And then, there are other things that are better off being bought from the store.

If you’re a pro at shopping online, then there are literally so many gifts you can buy and so many surprises you can plan from the ease of your home. And if, visiting a store and then purchasing things is what you’re comfortable with, then that is what you should aim for.


Now that you’ve gone through our list of favorite gifts for husband and even know how to choose one and from where, we bet you’re going to surprise him in the best possible way.

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